Hi, it’s your favorite girl Angie 🙂
So, I have kept you waiting for a few days with my big announcement… Hope you don’t mind. But this is kind of a big deal for me! So please take time to read it.

On my website it says I am a part-time go go dancer. Well, I used to be. Quite a long time ago. Not any more. I just never had a chance to update my website in this area, will do that very soon.

It was fun doing it, but it’s not something I wanted to do for a long time. I met nicer people here, through Glampanties, then I used to in my club.

My website also says I am a part-time teacher. Well, I used to be. Quite a long time ago. Not any more. It was fun, but required me to be someone I am really not.

So what am I doing now, other than this? I recently started working in an office. I work in a mid-size company and I even have a few people for whom I am responsible. Kind of like a manager.

So I am now Angie the office lady/manager, and I certainly love it! I get to dress in mini skirts, satin blouses, heels and pantyhose. Check out my pictures at the end. What’s not to like 🙂

But what does it mean for Glampanties? A few things will change and others will stay the same.

What will NOT change
First, I am still going to sell my used panties. Why wouldn’t I? I wear panties to work every day, and I work hard, so the panties get all the scent. They are just perfectly made after the end of the day.

For example, yesterday I wore my gorgeous new blue luxury satin panties with fancy ribbons. You haven’t seen them yet. But you will see them soon if I still have them. This model is VERY popular.


Second, I am still going to make custom videos. I love making them, so why not doing it? I will have some new office outfits if that’s what you’re into!

Third, I will continue to expand my GlamClub. There will be some exciting changes here too. More about them in a separate message.
OK, so what WILL change?
So far, it seems that nothing really will change. Well, here is what will change.

First, I will stop uploading free videos (even the short ones) and photos with explicit content. Sorry!

There still may be stuff on the Internet, but there won’t be any new free explicit content. Why? Well, it just doesn’t suit my new profile.

We all change, constantly evolve. I used to be fine with posting short previews of my full length clips for everyone to enjoy. But that’s not something I will do any more.

From now on, all my explicit content will be available exclusively in my GlamClub. If you are now thinking about joining, well, just wait for a few more days. I will send another message about GlamClub soon.

What you will, instead, see a lot of is me showcasing my beautiful panties. I know you love watching how I wear those sexy thongs and satin fullbacks!

Second, In addition to panties, I will put much more emphasis on pantyhose. I wear them to work every day, and I will be offering some of the pairs for you to buy, if you like pantyhose.

OK, so that’s the quick summary of what I wanted to say. Stay tuned for some more messages about GlamClub, and some lovely videos of my new used panties.

And here is what I wore to work this week!