I often get asked how long I wear my used knickers before shipping. 24 hours is my basic option, included in the price of the panties. But what if you like them to smell extra strong? Here is my answer: I can wear them as long as you like!

Typically guys would ask me to wear my used knickers for 2, 3 or sometimes even 7 extra days – it’s always fun to do that. If you have a look at my extras, you will see that extra days wear is really inexpensive. So if you like panties to smell more intensely, you can get them that way.

But that’s not all. You can see that I have even more extra options. First, I can wear your used knickers as long as you wish. Every additional day will make them absorb even more of my juices. Typically, I change my underwear every day, but I can wear your panties longer of course.

You should also know that there is lots of stuff I do every day, and my used knickers are there with me at all time. They are touching my pussy when I sleep, when I shop, when I work, when I do housework or when I met up with my girlfriends. What makes it extra fun for me is that no one knows about my little secret.

Other extras for my used knickers

But what if you want to smell my orgasm juices? No problem, I can masturbate in them which is another one of my extra options. It’s a good deal for the both of us: you get my extra juices and I get to masturbate and cum thanks to you. How do I do it? Typically I lay in my big bed, get comfortable, dress sexy and get one of my toys. I have several dildos, but my favourite is the magic wand.

Playing with my finger is fun as well, especially rubbing my clitoris. I even like to imagine that it is your hand and finger touching me down there, which gives me extra strong sensations. I also watch porn to spice things up. The end result is that all that hotness stays on my used knickers.

Stuffing, working out, ass-flossing, peeing

Here is something else I offer: stuffing the used knickers in my pussy. I insert your panties deep inside myself. I sometimes like to imagine that the panties is your hard cock. How about that? It turns me on. When I stuff the knickers inside my pussy, you can be sure that all of my juices will be on them. The panties are literally soaked with everything what’s inside my vagina.

One of my hobbies is working out. It keeps me fit and healthy. When I work out I’m dressed in sports underwear but when you pick up the workout extra option I’m then wearing your panties. After my workout, I’m wet and your knickers are too. If you want to smell my panties after one of my working out session, you can take the work out extra and my used knickers will be wet as me.

Are an ass-lover? Then I also have something for you: I can floss my ass with the used knickers of your choice. It’s very pleasant for me to do that, something different. It’s a nice extra option if you are ready to get something more, to move to the next level if you like!

Another more advanced option is my golden nectar: would you like to taste it? There is an extra option for that: I can pee in the used knickers, package them and ship them to you so you get all the liquid. Angie’s golden nectar – how does that sound? As you know, in the urine there is a lot of hormones so you can smell all of them.

And more!

Are you curious what my favourite perfume is? I have my number one, but I keep it a secret. That is unless you get my ‘perfumed in’ extra option! I think it is really nice because in addition to my juices and the scent of my pussy (or ass), you also get to smell my favourite perfume. It makes it more personal, I think. Would you agree? Let me know if you like it and I will gently spray the used knickers of your choice with my perfume.

So there you go. As you can see, there is plenty to choose from. It’s always your choice depending on your preferences and desires. You can pick up one of the extras or you can combine them together. Of course you can order more than one of my used knickers and get extras on each of them. And last but not least: if there is something you have in mind which is not mentioned – please let me know and we will see what we can do!


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