The GORGEOUS,SEXY,SEXY Mistress Angie has set her Slave, ScarfenMask a task requesting me to write a piece for her blog about my love of her worn, used panties and thongs and how I combine panty worship of them and her beauty.

I will also be describing how her wonderful feminine power and dominance over me influences my sexual urges induced by my intense worship of her and her panties culminating in relief in honour and to give thanks to My SEXY,SEXY Mistress.

My panty worship fetish

I fit into the fetish clothing side of the services that My Mistress provides for Transvestite Slaves who want to worship and devote themselves to her by being provided with beautiful clothes and items that she has used or worn.

To My Mistress I am known as Slave ScarfenMask and am a transvestite who likes to wear clothes, previously  worn by My Beautiful Mistress and also have a passion for the clothing and use of it that goes together to form My Slave name of ScarfenMask.

I just love feminine scarves and use them tied over my face as masks, thus my name. I am a relatively new member to the lovely Slave family controlled by Mistress Angie. Having been accepted into this world the past few months has been a getting to know process of Slave and Mistress. Finding the things that in my case have been quite minor to tweak, adjust and improve.

With the help of My Mistress I am now being pushed and encouraged to get the best from my feminine self through being dominated and submitting myself to the fact that My Mistress is allowing me to be feminine in order so that I worship her with the intensity that she requires and deserves.

So having set the scene and  given a brief outline of the key elements of my duties as a  Slave, my Slave name, interests and how I fit into the wonderful world of being a Slave I now can move onto the task I have been set. “Masked Panty Worship”

Not long after the New Year had started contained within one of the regular mails that I receive from My Mistress was a lovely request regarding panties.

Mistress Angie has a unique style when asking a request of her Slave. It is all done with elegance, sophistication and glamour. This technique of getting me the Slave to respond to the request is an example of how her female dominance and beauty can get the result that she requires. This is how the request was worded.

“It will soon be time for My Slave to purchase some more sexy panties from Your Mistress.”

Follow up mails passed between us regarding when the panties had been sourced, pictures to choose from and extras required. Excitement prevailed with the anticipation of their arrival. This was not only because of the panties but also My Mistress had  told me that she was sending  a very special gift as well.

Arriving home from work one day not to long after Mistress Angie had dispatched the parcel I found it waiting for me. My heart started to pound and thoughts turned to My Mistress and the divine contents that were contained in her ever so neat discreet packet.

I managed to control myself and very carefully opened the parcel. Inside were 3 sealed air tight bags containing panties, thongs, plus one other surprise one, and indeed what a surprise too. The extra bag contained the gift that I had been sent. This gift was an absolutely gorgeous black scarf.

By return of post so to speak I quickly sent off a mail of thanks for the GORGEOUS,DIVINE contents to My Mistress, saying how delighted I was with the thongs/panties and the surprise scarf gift. I quickly received a mail from a delighted Mistress who was very pleased  that I liked the panties and scarf so much. I was ready to take my panty worship to the next level.

I shall quickly explain the panty/thong and scarf connection. Firstly the lingerie part is the gentle pushing of me by my sexy Mistress to make my  “Girlie” side more dominant by wearing  her very sexy worn underwear. I am then submitting my male persona to My Mistress, her domination and her female power by worshipping her, including her panty worship.

The panty worship is in thanks for the honour of being her Slave. The scarf is something that is very meaningful to me as a transvestite who has a great passion/fetish for scarves and the masking fetish that I have. Mistress Angie knows that scarves makeup a large part of my female dressing and to have been given one by her is wonderful. It is again an item of hers that just sends out her wonderful female dominance and feminine power.

To give those of you who are not Slaves an insight into this divine power and dominance over me. Every day I wear panties for My Mistress, under tights and I always take her scarf with me whether I wear it in a girlie fashion which is per the norm or just put it in my pocket or on the seat in my car.

Being A Slave For Mistress Angie is such a WONDERFUL thing.

Further to the package arriving Mistress Angie asked me would I take some pictures of myself wearing the scarf to show my love for it and in worship of it. Mistress Angie also asked me in her lovely way that she hoped that the items would make me produce a nice lot of SEXY MESS for her too. I replied to her to say that I would be only to pleased to carry out this task for her and so she left the task with me to complete.

Knowing the very special place in my transvestite life I have for scarves and the effort and thought that My Mistress had gone to in choosing the scarf for me I knew I had to produce some extra special panty worship pictures for My Mistress in thanks for the wonderful items I had received.

I knew immediately what I was going to do with the scarf but the thongs and panties offered me with a bit more of a challenge as to how to show intense panty worship to My Mistress. Now as I said early I have a fetish for and love of masking and use scarves to mask with.

I am also good at improvising with other pieces of female attire to use as masks, the classic example being with stockings and tights. Having had a look at the panties and thongs I decided they too could be used over my mouth and nose as masks. The following describes my masked panty worship with the thongs and scarf.

A mask was made from the red and the blue thong as shown in the pictures that accompany this piece. The same method of using the thongs as a mask applies to both. I took a thong and opened it out as if I was going to put it on normally. I then brought the lovely front piece of the thong up to my mouth and nose so  the inside that had been closest to My Mistress was covering my lower face.

I then looped the dainty elastic parts that you step through over my ears which held the thong fairly tightly against my face. To get extra tightness of the thong against my face I used one of my own scarves tied over my head. I crossed the ends of the scarf under my chin also catching the thong as well which pulled it under my chin, making it tighter against my face which I of course wanted for the feel of the fabric against my face and also for worshipping.

My Mistress had requested that she wanted to see me wearing the scarf. I added the scarf to my already thong  masked face. At  first I tied it over my mouth on top of the thong as shown in the pictures and then totally over the thong and my headscarf.

By this time my drive for intense panty worship was reaching its peak with all the above preparation producing extremely good sexual needs and desires to produce a good quantity of Sexy Mess For My Mistress Angie.

It was all I could do to take the pictures and not to start sexual relief. My Mistress likes me to have self control when wearing her clothes and I hang on as long as possible so I produce a decent amount of thanks during panty worship.

Having taken the pictures, I then put on a pair of tights and heels. I didn’t wear panties underneath as I love to feel the nylon against my aroused sex and the feeling of nylon against my legs.

By this time things were highly charged my breathing was heavy through the two wonderful layers of mask .I was inhaling deep long, breaths savouring the scent and smells of my Mistress as they mixed with one another like a cocktail ,the perfume attached to the scarf mingling with the scent of my Mistress on the thong.

The scarf mask tied tightly over the thong sealed it tight against my face. As my breathing quickened the air drawn through the scarf which was cooler than the warm air captured straight from my mouth and nose, caught by the thong caused the thong to dampen and then to delightfully and delicately stick to my face.

This caused me to breathe through my mouth, my breaths quickening, further, almost to steam train proportions, causing my lips to stick to the wonderful thong as I poured my hot thanks out into my waiting tights which were already partly damp. I watched them dampen more, then become, WET, WET, catching  the Eruption, then concluding with a torrent

“ OF SEXY SEXY MESS…!!!!  In conclusion of carrying out……..

Masked Panty Worship For Mistress Angie.

Thank you so much again Mistress Angie for the panties and the scarf. Also thank you for this lovely assignment which I have thoroughly enjoyed writing for your site.

As always I have written this with much love and XXXX’s

Your Obedient Slave ScarfenMask XXXX’s


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