Angela Grey was not your typical English lass. Her mother was a society darling and her father a well to do industrialist.

As she was growing up, lavish affairs were hosted upon occasion at their home near Eaton Square and Hyde Park, introducing Angela, ‘Angie’, to the ‘upper crust’ and a sexier side of life.

Being raised by a nanny Angie and her younger brother Nate had a wide exposure to life on their own especially on family vacations to France, Italy, Greece and Spain.

It was at the all girls academy that Angie blossomed into a stunning young woman, very beautiful and charming much like her mother Isabelle.

Slim and trim with long dark hair the school girl uniform that she wore did little to hide her feminine allure, in fact it may have accentuated it.

The short red plaid skirt showed off her shapely legs and barely hid her stunning little hind-side.

The white blouse fit snugly on her ample chest and the dark tie quite naturally drew you to that lovely feature of the teenage girl.

Angie learned early on that she had quite the effect not only on boys near her own age but also on men of all ages.

Older boys and young men knew how to treat her but she had learned from mother and nanny that being such a lovely feminine creature meant that you were able to choose wisely and create your own destiny with men.

St. Pauls Girls School held Angie’s interest, but barely. It was here that a sexual episode took place that she still smiles fondly of the incident.

Angie was at the top of her class

She was at the top of her class; English Literature, Drama and Theatre and Modern Languages were her favourites; it was mathematics that could at times trouble her.

Edwin Parks was her instructor, he was a handsome yet unassuming married man of 47. He was perhaps your stereotypical math geek, he loved mathematics and took it seriously.

Understandably any fraternization between faculty and students was rare, taboo, illegal in certain instances and without a doubt grounds for dismissal or expulsion.

The incident of note took place quite innocently enough, late one gloomy, rainy afternoon Angie stopped by Mr. Parks’ classroom to discuss her poor showing on an exam and to see what she could do to improve her standing and not lose a grade.

Edwin was only too happy to help and while he was very into trying to explain and map out Angie’s area of difficulty, Angie’s mind wandered.

This whole mathematics subject was boring and did little to hold her attention. She was unusually horny, so being alone with a handsome man more than twice her age piqued her interest.

If he was seemingly uninterested or not aware of her shapeliness, her mischievous side willed Angie to see if he could be enticed to notice her with little acts of harmless flirtation. An unwritten rule of the academy’s uniform was to wear white cotton panties.

Angie loved pink and wearing micro fiber cotton pink well-worn panties made her feel sexy within the sameness of the uniform of what all the other girls were wearing.

“Accidentally” dropping a pencil she bent over to fetch it and lingered with her skirt up so there could be no doubt Edwin would catch more than a glimpse of her pink pantie covered bum.

Angie’s pink well-worn panties

Math geek or not Mr. Parks was still a man and could not help but see such a lovely sight. From there Angie used the tried and true flirtation device namely “brushing” her chest against Edwin’s back and shoulders.

ngie had that sweet lovely fresh teenage fragrance that at close quarters could befuddle any male. Edwin was befuddled. He was flustered. He was getting hard.

Angie sat on his desk, legs spread and skirt up, pink well-worn panties exposed.

There was no mistaking her actions now.

“Angela….” he muttered unable to finish his sentence.

“Yes?” she replied innocently.

“This isn’t quite proper” he managed to get out.

“What isn’t proper?” Angie teased as she started playing with his tie.

“We….We….really shouldn’t” Edwin went on.

“Mr. Parks, can I call you ‘Edwin’? You really need to loosen up. Can’t we have a little fun?” Angie whispered in a sultry voice as she pulled Mr. Parks close with his tie and nibbled on his ear .

Slowly and almost involuntarily he reached up and felt her breasts through her blouse. They were heavenly to his touch. He let out a soft hum.

Then in a flash he stopped, rose up and quickly walked to the door. Angie assumed that she had pushed things too far too rapidly as he scurried away from her.

Mr. Parks locked the door and turned off the lights. Angie stood up as he returned to her. Edwin took her from behind feeling her firm breasts through her blouse as he nibbled on her neck. He slipped a hand into her pink well-worn panties.

“You drive a man mad” he whispered in her ear as he lifted her skirt and pressed his hardness onto her pantie covered ass.

Angie’s tight asshole

Angie turned around, felt for his cock in his pants and the two kissed hungrily with earthy abandon. Mr. Parks slid to his knees and lifted Angie’s skirt.

His hand slid across her pink well-worn panties which were now quite damp with anticipation. Pulling them down the aroma and scent of her femininity was intoxicating.

Angie spun around and sprawled face down on the desk with her cute little bare ass in the air. Mr. Parks knelt behind Angie and pressed his face between her lovely ass cheeks.

The pure carnal scent of the young lass permeated his senses as he slipped his tongue between her crease. Her pussy tasted divine as Edwin feasted with his face buried into it.

His tongue lapped along her fragrant femininity rousing his cock to a ridiculous hardness.

Without hesitation he plunged his tongue up into Angie’s tight little asshole making her squirm and writhe as she held onto the desk. This is so much better than mathematics she grinned to herself.

Edwin stood up, loosened his trousers and pulled out his cock as the trousers fell to his ankles. He slid his incredibly hard penis all along Angie’s wetness before slowly forcing it inside her.

Angie gasped and raised up on her elbows as Mr. Parks began fucking her from behind. He slid his hands under her blouse wanting to feel her pert teenage breasts as he fucked her.

He managed to get under her bra and feel her soft titties as his fucking her increased. This was so fucking hot, he had no idea that he would be fucking such a lovely young lass on this day (or on any day really) right here on his desk.

Angie’s pink well-worn panties were soaked!

Fucking her from behind with his hands fondling her sweet titties Edwin kissed her neck and tongued her ear as Angie moaned as quietly as she could “Oh Mr. Parks, you are wonderful”.

Pounding and humping into her, it was not long after that his tempo and breathing increased thrusting forcefully when his cock ejaculated many warm blasts of cum deep up into her.

As their passion subsided they stayed joined, relishing this amazing unplanned fuck. Slowly Mr. Parks penis slipped out of her.

At that moment they heard voices outside the room walking down in the hallway. Angie quickly pulled up her pink well-worn panties and began straightening her clothes as Edwin pulled up his trousers stuffing his tingly cum coated penis in his pants.

Soon, as they were proper and as if nothing had transpired Mr. Parks said:

“Well Angela, I believe you have met all the requirements to pass the class”.

Angie’s pink well-worn panties were soaked!

The licking and penetration Mr. Parks bestowed onto her pussy made it ever so warm and moist as she made her way home. Edwin’s cum dribbled out onto the panel of the lovely pink well-worn panties dampening them even more.

Angie was pleased. It was just so hot getting shagged in that manner so totally taboo doing it with her instructor. She was still horny, she was always horny.

When she got home the house was quiet. Watching herself in the mirror in the bathroom Angie took off her blouse, bra and skirt and admired herself in the mirror.

She was hot and she knew it, she knew that with her bod and sultry looks she could get anything she wanted. Falling onto her bed she began masturbating herself through the pink well-worn panties.

Angie tossed her pink well-worn panties

It just felt so good as she re-lived the afternoon’s encounter with Mr. Parks. Poor fellow, he had no idea. Angie’s excitement began to climax as her arousal got the best of her, the pink well-worn panties were soaked as she willed herself to a breathless orgasm.

Finally coming down from the orgasmic plateau Angie tossed the pink well-worn panties into the hamper in the bathroom she shared with her brother Nate.

The warm shower felt sensational as Angie washed away the days activities and revitalized herself.

The next morning with Angie in school, Amanda, the nanny, made her rounds through the house.

“Mandy” had been with the family since Angie and Nate were quite young and had in many ways raised them along with being an integral part of the household helping with meals and house keep.

Now in her forties while she was not a ‘looker’ like Angie she was still trim and attractive. Surely Isabelle knew that Mr. Grey had taken ‘liberties’ with Mandy from time to time.

Sometimes the man of the house has needs to be met when the wife was not able or interested in providing for them but it was never more than an occasional shag.

As Mandy passed Angie’s and Nate’s rooms she heard noises from Nate’s room. The door was closed so she went through Angie’s room into the bathroom that the two rooms shared.

Nate was supposed to be in school too but had mentioned not feeling well at breakfast. She heard ‘huffing’ and moaning sounds and quite innocently was concerned.

“Are you alright?” she inquired as she stepped into the room startling Nate as he scrambled to cover himself with the sheet.

Angie reveals her pink well-worn panties

Acting as if nothing was wrong she knew what she saw with the boy now covered. Women perhaps don’t always understand it, but boys and men are always playing with themselves.

Mandy had surmised that Nate was masturbating when she walked in on him. She had also seen a flash of colours as he rushed to cover himself. She sat on the bed next to him.

“Feeling ill, my dear” she asked him surely knowing anything that he felt was not an illness but an urge.

“I’m a bit nauseous is all” Nate tried to feign.

As Mandy sat on the bed she spied something pink peeking out from under the pillow. Playfully she pulled it out revealing a pair of pink well-worn panties.

Not only were they pink well-worn panties they were the pink well-worn panties that Angie had worn the previous day with her tryst with Mr. Parks.

“Having fun?” she teased him. Nate snatched them out of her hand.

“Be nice! Please!” he beseeched her.  Mandy smiled then gently lifted the sheet to confirm her suspicions.

“Mandy!” Nate exclaimed as he pulled the sheet back covering himself. Mandy had seen it for herself, Nate was wearing a pair of Angie’s silky blue and pink string bikini well-worn panties.

Sliding her hand under the covers up his leg she whispered:

“If you are not feeling well, you will need me to be your ‘nurse’, to make you feel better” as she felt for Nate’s cock in the pink well-worn panties.

Nate’s penis had softened and shriveled in the course of Mandy walking in catching him in the act of masturbating but now with the soft touch of her hand and her soothing words it was growing hard again.

Jacking off in pink well-worn panties

Mandy pulled back the sheet to see the wonderful sight of her hand fondling Nate’s hardening cock in Angie’s silky blue and pink well-worn panties.

It was a stunning sight, an oh so hard teenage cock throbbing in a sexy pair of pink well-worn panties.

What shock and embarrassment Nate felt being discovered and his naughty little secret revealed gave way to the immense pleasure he was now feeling with Mandy’s hand on his cock.

Jacking off in pink well-worn panties is a naughty little secret for men and boys that brings many excited mind bending orgasms.

If the masturbation is coupled with sniffing soiled women’s’ pink well-worn panties then it reaches a level of sexual intoxication far exceeding anything the male has ever known.

Mandy pulled on Nate’s cock making sure to rub as well the silkiness of the pink well-worn panties onto his hardness, Nate gave in and could not resist as he pulled Angie’s soiled pink well-worn panties up to his face.

Nate had long ago discovered the scintillating pleasure of sniffing his sister’s pink well-worn panties producing erections of unimaginable rigidity and ejaculations of cum that exploded with such force only to be repeated at any opportunity.

It was not uncommon if Nate had the house to himself and had happened upon a particularly fragrant pair of Angie’s soiled damp pink well-worn panties that he could masturbate three or even four times in one day with them.

Upon occasion, he would sop up his cum with them thus producing and even more intense masturbation the next go round with the scent of his own cum intermingled with the intoxicating scent of Angie’s pink well-worn panties.

Angie’s soiled pink panties

And so it was now with Angie’s soiled pink panties from the day before he had discovered in the clothes hamper.

They were so intensely aromatic and were still a might damp when he first lifted them to his nose. He knew then and there he could not go to school that day and would have to give in to Siren-like call of the soiled damp pink well-worn panties.

The aroma from them was like nothing he had ever known, his own scent of cum on other of Angie’s pink well-worn panties was exciting enough but this particular pair was otherworldly fragrant beyond belief.

This led him to this moment with Mandy’s hand fooling with his cock as he inhaled deeply the scent of the pink well-worn panties both Angie and Edwin had a part in.

Nate’s cock tingled and ached like it never had before as Mandy lovingly wanked on it as the boy lay there in Angie’s blue and pink well-worn panties.

Inhaling the wondrous scent of the soiled pink well-worn panties with Mandy’s hand on his penis was taking Nate on a trip to regions his body and mind had yet to experience.

Being so naughty and exposed to Mandy wearing his sister’s silky panties while sniffing on her pink well-worn panties was a sexual experience far exceeding any other that he had in his life, even the encounters he had with Emily, one of Angie’s friends.

Nate soared with the wonderful stimulation he was experiencing and he was getting close. In a flash the climax that had been building reached the zenith and the dam broke!

Angie’s lovely string bikini pink well-worn panties

Almost as if in slow motion cum ejaculated in many powerful explosions of the warm white fluid all over Nate’s bare belly and chest, some even up to his chin.

The excruciatingly delightful orgasm washed over the highly aroused Nate in massive waves of pleasure.

Even as cum stopped dribbling out of his penis Mandy’s hand continued to pull on it and all consciousness stopped other than the saturation of exploding endorphin’s throughout his body and mind.

It was quite a number of minutes before Nate came back to reality. Mandy smiled at him demurely his still mostly hard cock in her hand and bemused at her handiwork.

“That should make things better for you. Roll over and nap. I’ll fix tea after a bit” she whispered as she got up to leave.

Nate still shivered in feverish elation. He took Angie’s pink well-worn panties that were still up by his face and sopped up the many large puddles of cum all over his front with them.

The ever horny teenage boy could not believe what had just transpired with Mandy playing with his cock and the heavenly scented pink well-worn panties.

Rolling over he thought it would be a good idea to sleep off the clamor of his agitated stimulation. Every time he was just about asleep the aching hardness in his penis throbbed him to wakefulness as he rolled around.

Rolling and thrashing about on the bed he still wore Angie’s lovely string bikini pink well-worn panties. It was no use and he knew it, 30 minutes or more had past, he was still just so horny and harder than ever.

Even after Mandy had finished wanking him off his cock really never lost its erection and was throbbing with urgent anticipation.

When the ejaculation finally came

With no regard for anything other than getting off again Nate lifted the damp, pink, heavenly scented pink well-worn panties to his nose intoxicating his senses once more as he furiously stroked his cock.

A second masturbation following right after the first requires perhaps a little more force and rapidity and takes on a bit different feeling of stimulation but the intent and determination will lead to the same destination.

Nate was now a slave to the scent of Angie’s pink well-worn panties, he could not help it, he was powerless to resist the ambrosial odoriferous aroma as his masturbating became frenzied and he writhed and wallowed about on the bed whacking at his penis.

When the ejaculation finally came, if Mandy had been within earshot she would have thought Nate was convulsing with all the huffing, moaning and “Uh, uh, uhhhhing” that took place to finish off the deed.

While not as much cum and not quite the force of ejaculation as the first, this orgasm was still very satisfying and brought a pleasantly painful soreness to Nate’s penis.

Again sopping up the cum with the pink well-worn panties he deposited them in the hamper knowing surely that he would not make it through the day without masturbating at least one more time to their rapturous bouquet.

Nate was not the only person with an interest in Angie’s pink well-worn panties. Angie’s good friend from school, Emily, had fooled around with Nate at the house on several occasions, exciting the lad no end.

Nate was able to get her blouse open a few times to feel and kiss her sweet young titties, he even got under her skirt a time or two to feel her pussy through her pink well-worn panties, but that was it.

She had wanked off Nate

Emily and Angie had talked enough about boys and men to know that the girl is always in charge and that to stave off sexual excitement from males they could use their hands to wank them off and keep at bay those that they did not want to bed.

Emily had wanked off Nate a few times just to get him settled down to leave her alone. Truth be known Emily had a crush on Angie, quite a number of the girls from St Paul’s did.

Angie just made her feel alive in so many ways. There were afternoons after school that the two girls would lay on Angie’s bed and talk endlessly for hours.

When she would use the bathroom she would check the hamper to see what kind of pink well-worn panties Angie had worn.

Several times she would take a sniff and shudder at the scent which only served to arouse her no end leading to a few quick rubs of her own pussy through her own pink well-worn panties which only stimulated her all the more before going back in Angie’s room.

Today Angie’s pink well-worn panties smelled divine, they had Angie’s wonderful feminine scent on them and were still a bit damp.

She could not be certain but they almost had the tangy aroma of cum on them. Little did she know that Nate had deposited two massive loads of cum on the pink well-worn panties, hence the dampness and the ‘tang’.

“Tell me about Clifford Maxwell” Emily whispered as she got back on the bed with Angie, still a-buzz from sniffing Angie’s pink well-worn panties in the bathroom. “Tell me everything!”.

Angie was a living dream

Clifford Maxwell was a Tory MP that Angie had met at one of her parent’s parties. During the summer before classes started Clifford had invited Angela to go on a ‘picnic’ with him to Grantchester Meadows, Cambridge.

More than twice her age and married, Clifford was charming and flirtatious the night they met. Angie was no stranger to handsome powerful men coming on to her, she took a fancy to the striking Clifford and accepted the invitation.

Knowing that a liaison with a rich powerful man could be advantageous in many ways, Angie dressed in a manner that could only be interpreted as stunning that day, if it were also not what you might call ‘picnic’ attire.

She wore an expensive spaghetti strap cream yellow silky dress that was well above her knees and silver strappy 5″ heeled sandals. With a minimum of jewelry and understated but very sexy make up Angie was a living dream for an older man.

While you could not see through the material of the dress, with no bra, the outline of her lovely breasts and pointed nipples were poking at attention.

If she were to lean forward more than a glimpse of her feminine treasures would be available for viewing.

Needless to say as Angie climbed in back with Clifford and the chauffeur drove off, this well to do fellow was smitten with the grace and elegance of the young lass.

With champagne on ice, the ‘bubbly’ helped set the mood, Clifford had seen more than one very nice view inside Angie’s dress as she leaned forward in animated conversation with him.

Angie was soon snuggled next to Clifford with her hand on his leg, the rigidity of his manhood becoming apparent.

Her flowered white and pink well-worn panties

As she slid her hand on top of his hardness any conversation stopped with Angie producing the desired effect on her suitor. Deftly she had his trousers opened and unzipped as the car traversed the countryside.

The tender touch of her hand upon the flesh of his penis made Clifford gasp in cheerful wonderment as he slid back on the seat and Angie nudged her face upon his cock.

Surely he had hoped that some sort of contact would be had with the young lass but never in his wildest dreams did he imagine Angie would so soon so tenderly slip his cock into her mouth.

Rising up on all fours above him with her mouth lavishly attending his cock this afforded Clifford access to sliding a hand under her dress to feel the softness of her lovely titties, rousing his delight in all this.

Then to his even greater enchantment he reached a hand to her knickers feeling for her pussy through the silkiness of her flowered white and pink well-worn panties.

This seemed to inspire Angie’s cock sucking all the more as Clifford rubbed her pussy through the silky pink well-worn panties, her enthusiasm for his cock was luxuriantly on display.

With one hand fondling her lovely titties and the other fingering her through her now quite moist pink well-worn panties, his excitement was rapidly peaking.

Unbelieving that such marvelous sexual good fortune had befallen him his cock began to spurt warm hot blasts of cum into Angie’s cock hungry mouth.

As she tasted the payoff of her efforts her cock sucking became even more lavish upon Clifford’s cock exulting his jubilation flowing from his cock to Angie’s mouth.

Angela rose over Clifford for a kiss

If Angie had learned one thing as she had grown into a ravishing sexual creature it was that a woman could receive much outside the bedroom by providing skillful fellatio in the bedroom.

And skillful she was, lovingly tasting and swallowing every drop making Clifford’s climax as fetching as he had ever experienced.

Finally rising up with a coy devilish smile Angie reached for another glass of champagne as Clifford buttoned up his trousers and the car sped on to Cambridge.

Upon arriving at Grantchester Meadows, Mr. Kelly the chauffeur turned upon a private road where they could picnic by the river with no one around.

Mr. Kelly helped spread the blanket and the basket then retired to the coach to read and keep an eye out.

With a bottle of Saint-Emilion and a lavish offering of cheeses, hard sausage, cheese and potato pasties, cold chicken, coronation sandwiches and Victoria Sponge, Mr. Maxwell’s intent on wooing young Angie was now a heartfelt gratitude for his experience in the backseat.

It was a perfectly lovely picnic and as they wound down with a touch more wine they lay close on the blanket watching the clouds.

Feeling perfectly contented holding hands it was not long before Angela rose over Clifford for a kiss, her lovely breasts hanging ripe in her silky dress.

Clifford could not resist and slid a hand under her dress to touch her perfect titties. In a whim Angie lifted her dress off and climbed over Clifford in nothing but her pink well-worn panties, her high heels long since removed.

The sweetness of her pussy was intoxicating

Helping him out of his shirt Clifford shimmied off his trousers, his stunning erection now with Angie stroking it. Feeling like royalty and feeling like he was 20 again Clifford was enthralled by the lively lass who was now kissing him again.

Mr. Kelly was a loyal steward keeping watch for Mr. Maxwell, never divulging any of Clifford’s carrying on.

Clifford’s good fortune only increased as Angie shifted forward her knees beside his head offering up her pantie clad pussy to his face.

The feminine aroma was intoxicating as he pulled aside her pink well-worn panties and slipped his tongue into her tasty treat.

Clifford had experienced trysts before with a variety of women but being naked in nature on a blanket with a 10+ hottie such as Angie was beyond what he could ever hoped for.

The sweetness of her pussy was intoxicating and Clifford may not have been harder than hew now was. Angie played with her titties as she rode his tongue relishing the feeling and the sexual novelty of sex on a blanket at the picnic.

After both were invigorated by Angie grinding her pussy into Clifford’s face, it was time to make love. Angie rolled off and removed her pink well-worn panties then climbed back on top impaling herself on Clifford’s imposingly large hard cock.

She loved being on top. Clifford loved it too. As the shag gathered momentum Angie did something that she knew would always produce a desired result.

Lifting her pink well-worn panties that were laying there beside her she open them up, took a quick whiff then pressed the racy sweet-smelling soiled panel against Clifford’s nose.

Angie was driving him mad

Being shagged by such a lovely lass like Angie was driving him mad but the kinky effect of her having him sniff her heavenly scented pink well-worn panties it was too much!

Like a wild animal Clifford assaulted her pussy shamelessly with his engorged cock. He rolled her over underneath him and pounded into her as they both writhed and moaned in frenzied enchantment.

Truly, what a delightful fuck for the both of them as Clifford reached climax humping up into Angie in tribal thrusts as the scent of her pink well-worn panties lifted him to where he had never been sexually.

His seed filled the young lass as he then kissed her and tonged her ear. When they finally dis-joined they tried to compose themselves as the warm glow of an otherworldly shag enveloped their senses.

Angie put her dress back on and as she was about to put on her pink well-worn panties when Clifford reached for them as a memento of the picnic.

“Parliament can be such a boring affair, these will help get me through” he grinned as he put them in his coat pocket.

The trip back to London was a lazy, sleepy ride with Angie napping snuggled up to Clifford as the bygone afternoon ran through their heads.

Angie knew that after the picnic any contact with the MP could be nothing but beneficial.

On Angie’s bed after hearing her tell of the events with Clifford Maxwell both girls might have been more than a little aroused. Emily was nestled up to Angie with her head on Angie’s chest and her arm draped over Angie’s stomach.

“So he took your pink well-worn panties?” Emily asked Angie as they lounged on her bed. Angie nodded with a grin.

Nate was sneaking her panties

“Those Tories act so righteous and proper. When they say “Back to Basics” they really mean “back to my place” they are just as horny and pervy as any other man” Angie explained.

“I have a confession” Emily offered. “Please don’t think me queer”.

“Silly! Of course not” Angie replied running her hand through Emily’s hair.

“I adore your pink well-worn panties too. They send me” Emily boldly blurted out.

Angie and Emily lay there in momentary silence as the confession sank in and their arousal heightened.

For quite some time Angie had known the effect of her pink well-worn panties had on other people. She had more than an inkling that Nate was sneaking her panties both to wear and to sniff.

In her encounter with Clifford Maxwell it was not the first time she had forced a lover to smell the tangy aroma of her knickers during sex.

There were other boys and men that even if they could not shag at the time she would enhance their stimulation while they masturbated in front of her or her helping to wank on them by removing her pink well-worn panties and compel them to sniff them during the encounter.

It had happened dozens of times, Angie had latched onto a phenomena that was ‘hard’ to ignore and would serve her well.

If it aroused males why not girls too? Playfully Angie lifted her skirt to reveal her pink well-worn panties to Emily. Taking the cue Emily ran her hand over the panties and felt Angie’s pussy through them.

By this point both girls were quite hot and bothered and the pink well-worn panties Angie had worn all day were now damp with her desire.

Emily’s touch on her pussy

Emily’s touch on her pussy was electrifying and both girls were smitten.

After many long minutes of being rubbed by Emily, Angie cut to the chase and deftly pulled off her pink well-worn panties and handed them to Emily.

Without hesitation Emily snatched them to her face for a long deep whiff of Angie’s warm damp pink well-worn panties. In an act of kind she then removed her own panties, gave them to Angie and slid between Angie’s legs pressing her face to her friend’s pussy.

Emily had longed for this moment and the taste of Angie’s pussy drove her wild with a passionate fervor as she lapped at Angie’s dainty, delectable femininity. Needless to say this sent Angie to a world beyond.

As her friend lapped at her pussy she could not resist to take a sniff of Emily’s pink well-worn panties in her own heat of passion.

Soon both girls were naked and after kissing and nuzzling each other madly they reposed to an enchanting girl on girl 69 with each of them tingling the other with mouth and tongue ending in a near simultaneous climax of Sapphic stimulation.

Afterwards as they were dressed and proper Angie reached into her nightstand and pulled out an oblong jewelry case, handing it to Emily.

“Look at this” Angie offered.

Opening it, Emily gazed upon a fabulous string of pearls. Her amazed look of inquisitiveness led Angie to tell her:

“Clifford gave it to me. They’re real!” Angie beamed. “Credit accounts at Harrods, Debbenhams, St James, Mayfair, you name it. You must join me!”

Angie kissed Emily

Angie whispered her plan to Emily. They needn’t have to shag anyone they did not want to, or they could have the ‘pick of the litter’ if they so chose. It would be fun trading pink well-worn panties for favours.


It was a lavish flat in Knightsbridge. Half a dozen well dressed men having cocktails waited in patient anticipation.

Inside a bedroom Angie kissed Emily on the cheek and whispered “this will be fun”. In the highest strappy heels, toes painted luscious pink, sheer stockings, skimpy white panties and petite demi-bras out walked the two lovely lasses to a rousing applause.

Yes, this will be fun…

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