Used women panties are of top demand by men all over the world. Naturally, touching used panties might seem unnatural to most men but the fact is that some men love wearing/sniffing them.

More so, a lot of women are turned on by men who enjoy sniffing or wearing their used panties. This article examines the concept of used panties and why men love to wear them.

Men who like to wear used women panties

We can call men who wear used women panties as sexually fetish. They derive sexual gratification from wearing used panties.

Wikipedia explains that a fetish  is an object believed to  have supernatural powers, or in particular, a human-made object that has power over others. Essentially, fetishism is the emic attribution of inherent value or powers to an object.

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In this modern day, the term “fetish” is used in a more sexual context. It applies  to a sexual fixation on a nonliving object or nongenital body part.

Hence, it is safe to say that men who love to wear panties are fetishists for wearing female panties. Notably, wearing used panties makes them sexually aroused.

Sometimes, it is the only way by which they can be sexually fulfilled. There is sometimes a misconception that such men are homosexual. This is not true.

Being a fetishist for female underwear is common among straight men. As said earlier, this is the only way they can become sexually aroused or fulfilled.

Often the fetishists for used women panties do not need to wear these panties before they become sexually aroused.

The look or smell of the panties is enough to turn them on.

Wearing used women panties is a way to arouse the mind and body for sex. Of course, this does not need to be the only way a fetishist man can get aroused.

However, the use of used panties can be especially important for men who find it difficult to get aroused through other ways.

The scent produced by used panties can react with a penis so that the panties raise the chance of getting erection easily and quickly.

That’s how fetishism work in most cases, which also includes the fetish of used panties.

How do men get used panties

It is obvious and known to everyone that women are the ones who wear panties.

Hence, the used panties which men so love and adore come from women. There are lots of ladies out there, ranging from college girls to married women, who sell used panties.

These ladies typically love to see men putting on their used panties.

For some women it is a bit of a fetish itself – knowing that men adore, worship, sniff and even wear their panties.

Also, women are unique. They often experience discharge through their vagina, which makes it sometimes challenging for them to wear panties for a longer period of time. But it’s possible!

These discharges are often natural body fluids. As a result, panties covered with this fluid are most sought-after by men who have this particular fetish.

In fact, some men prefer those panties that are not washed. In particular, they prefer creamy ones or those that are fully soaked with women fluids and worn for about 2-5 days.

The fact remains that most fetishist men enjoy those kinds of women fluid and they have the potential of raising the sexual urge in men.

More so, fetishist men love the scent of these kinds of worn panties and prefer those that have not been washed.

Reasons why women sell their used panties

Are you confused about why women sell their panties? Some women love to see men who sniff or wear their used pants.

Think about a young lady, let’s call her Angie 🙂 She loves men who wear her used panties. In fact, she is extremely excited and pleased to see men wearing her used panties.

The story of Angie

Let’s say Angie is a 30-year-old lady who prefers a single life. She has been selling her used panties to men who sniff them or wear them.

According to her, “there are lots of men out there looking for used women panties.

“When I was younger, I fantasized about boys wearing my used panties.”

“It gave me a sense of sexual arousal. Men, to me, always look lovely and seductive when wearing panties.”

“When I got older, I missed all  those feelings of sexual arousal and fantasies about men wearing used women panties.”

“I wished to bring back the experience of those days but I was unable to. Luckily for me, I met a friend who is into selling stuff on-line.”

That’s how I got into selling used panties…

“I asked her what she does and was surprised to hear her say she sells used panties. Immediately, it brought back the memory of my adolescence and developed strong interest.”

“Another situation which made me interested in the topic was in my go-go club, when a man stole my used panties – that situation actually turned me on.”

Most girls would get upset in such a situation, but it kind of switched on a light bulb for me. It made me thing there may be other guys interested in my panties.”

“I was amazed to discover that there is a legal market for used panties. Additionally, I was also amazed at how men over the world demand  used women panties.”

“I soon started selling used panties myself.”

“Aside from the fact that it brought extra income, it brings me closer to the world which is actually exciting and familiar to me.”

Men enjoy wearing used women pants for many reasons. However, the primary reason is for the sexual arousal and pleasure they derive from it.

“Currently, I have some regular customers who always seem to want more panties.”

Who buys used women panties?

Sniffing used panties can be dated back to some twenty years ago in Japan. However, lots of men all over the world are now participating in the used panties market.

Generally, male and female have a different scent and only the opposite sex can pick up this scent.

Men who buy used women panties are reported to get an erotic sense when they sniff the panties.

This case is synonymous to the enjoyment derived by men who sniff women shoes.

As a matter of fact, we cannot correctly ascertain the number of men who enjoy sniffing used women panties.

Also, not too many men are ready to admit that they are naturally aroused by the scent of used panties.

The transaction involving the selling of used panties is legal in as much as the process is fair and transparent.

There are even established websites which promote security and safety in the panty-selling business.

Among the fetishist men are retired gentlemen, male professionals, college students, and blue-collar workers. A whole variety of men interested in used women panties.

Furthermore, most men prefer and enjoy the natural scent of used women panties.

This means that they are more interested in women who do not wear perfume or other deodorants.

Some deodorants can cover up the natural scent and fragrance of their underwear.

The penis and other sexual parts of a man become aroused with the scent of women’s fluids. This generally spurs them into action and raises their need for sex.

Women who sell used panties

While we have considered men, let us consider women who sell or look to sell their used panties.

If you are looking to sell your used panties, online is the best way to sell them.

Today, there are plenty of sites which provide such service. However, before proceeding, there are some things to note.

Men who are panty fetishists love fresh panties. Hence, it is important to keep the scent of your used panties fresh at all times.

This can better be done by keeping them in plastic bags. Once you have nice fresh panties, finding someone interested should not be problem.

The next thing is to promote your panties. Look for platforms to auction your panties, either on your personal blog or dedicated auction sites.

Used women panties overnight

The fact the men love creamy women panties doesn’t mean they should always be dirty.

Some men prefer them cleaner – they will tell you about it. In that case, opt for a more clean pair of panties, wear them to bed and keep them on throughout the day.

You may decide to go to a gym or walk or any other activity that will ensure you cover them with just the right amount of body fluid.

This type of used panties is typically the favorite among panty fetishists.

Why do men sniff used women panties?

To some people, used women panties may not seem that attractive. However, the fluids on them have an effect on the brain of most men.

Just like the natural scent flowing from the woman’s vagina, the panties can be irresistible.

It is a natural biological reaction that triggers the sexual instinct in a man.

This sexual urge and satisfaction is what makes sniffing and wearing used women panties popular among men.

Men usually tend to remember well the events they really enjoy. Of course, this includes their sexual fantasies.

Sometimes, they need more than just the image of sexual scenes. The touch and smell of the panties can add another level of fantasy and make the whole experience appear more realistic.

This is also one of the reasons why men are often looking for the thrills involved in panty fetish.

This will add an increased level of enjoyment and fun to their sexual lives.

It can also help men who wish to smell the scent of vagina. It can even help to save marriages as only the smell of a used woman panties can be enough for some men!

Men enjoy it

Men enjoy used women panties for a number of reasons.

First, there is a taboo which they want to break. Buying used woman panties can be thrilling in itself, doing something which is not ‘mainstream’.

It also allows men the opportunity to smell, touch, and even wear these panties for as long as they want.

More importantly, the panties are coming from a woman who is willing and ready to sell them.

This ensures that the man’s panty fetish is catered for and the process is entirely legal.

The man is not only looking to smell or feel the texture of a creamy panty.

More importantly, he also wants to feel the link between the wearer and the panties.

Hence, some women who sell their panties usually send pictures of them wearing these panties.

This can serve as evidence that these panties were indeed worn.

The pictures of real-life panties add a sexual thrill desired by the man. In fact, they make the experience more realistic and entertaining.

Sometimes long-term relationships develop between the buyers and the seller. This, in turn, adds a sense of closeness and creates a better sense of relationship with the man.

Sexual benefits of used women panties

With much said, it is also essential to consider the sexual benefits of used women panties.

Are you a sexy bad boy that needs to be punished? Women panties are a no-go area if you are not ready to get aroused.

With just an ordinary pair of used women panties, your sexual parts may rise beyond control.

Your penis will become erected and looking for a hot pussy to fuck. If you are lucky enough to have the pictures and/or the video of the original wearer, your sexual urge will be heightened.

Even more, there are also some economic, marital, and emotional benefits attached to used women panties.

Economic benefits

To women: Selling used panties serves as a source of additional income.

Some used panties can sell as high as £50 per one pair. Typically they are much cheaper, between £15 and £20.

To men: Buying used women panties would save you the headache of going around your neighborhood and trying to smell panties lol:)

In fact, it would save you the potential assaults and embarrassment you might get if you try!

Marital benefit

Used women panties can solve a lot of potential crises in a marriage. There have been cases where the husband is a fetishist for used panties.

In this sense, he wants to smell panties of his wife or of a different woman.

Instead of going out for prostitution, he can easily buy used panties. This is not that uncommon!

Emotional benefits

Without unnecessary repetition, it must be said that used women panties help to sexually arouse a man.

Often men do derive sexual satisfaction from sniffing or wearing used women panties.

This is highly beneficial to men who are physically isolated from women but need to experience sexual satisfaction.

Bottom line

It’s quite simple, really. Used women panties are offered by women to men who enjoy wearing/sniffing them.

While this can serve as an additional source of income for women, it also benefits the man.

Many men derive sexual benefits and satisfaction from used panties.

Furthermore, some women love to see men who sniff or wear their used panties.

This usually forms a sexual link between the woman and man even when they are not physically close.

Being a fetishist for used women panties is natural and common.

There is a market for buying and selling used pants. Many women advertise their used panties on a daily basis.

Also, thousands of men are looking to buy these panties in order to satisfy their sexual urge.

Sniffing and wearing used women panties has lots of benefits and many of them were explained in this article.


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