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Pink Well-Worn Panties and the Story of Angie G.

Angela Grey was not your typical English lass. Her mother was a society darling and her father a well to do industrialist.

As she was growing up, lavish affairs were hosted upon occasion at their home near Eaton Square and Hyde Park, introducing Angela, ‘Angie’, to the ‘upper crust’ and a sexier side of life.

Being raised by a nanny Angie and her younger brother Nate had a wide exposure to life on their own especially on family vacations to France, Italy, Greece and Spain.

It was at the all girls academy that Angie blossomed into a stunning young woman, very beautiful and charming much like her mother Isabelle.

Slim and trim with long dark hair the school girl uniform that she wore did little to hide her feminine allure, in fact it may have accentuated it.

The short red plaid skirt showed off her shapely legs and barely hid her stunning little hind-side.

The white blouse fit snugly on her ample chest and the dark tie quite naturally drew you to that lovely feature of the teenage girl.

Angie learned early on that she had quite the effect not only on boys near her own age but also on men of all ages.

Older boys and young men knew how to treat her but she had learned from mother and nanny that being such a lovely feminine creature meant that you were able to choose wisely and create your own destiny with men.

St. Pauls Girls School held Angie’s interest, but barely. It was here that a sexual episode took place that she still smiles fondly of the incident.

Angie was at the top of her class

She was at the top of her class; English Literature, Drama and Theatre and Modern Languages were her favourites; it was mathematics that could at times trouble her.

Edwin Parks was her instructor, he was a handsome yet unassuming married man of 47. He was perhaps your stereotypical math geek, he loved mathematics and took it seriously.

Understandably any fraternization between faculty and students was rare, taboo, illegal in certain instances and without a doubt grounds for dismissal or expulsion.

The incident of note took place quite innocently enough, late one gloomy, rainy afternoon Angie stopped by Mr. Parks’ classroom to discuss her poor showing on an exam and to see what she could do to improve her standing and not lose a grade.

Edwin was only too happy to help and while he was very into trying to explain and map out Angie’s area of difficulty, Angie’s mind wandered.

This whole mathematics subject was boring and did little to hold her attention. She was unusually horny, so being alone with a handsome man more than twice her age piqued her interest.

If he was seemingly uninterested or not aware of her shapeliness, her mischievous side willed Angie to see if he could be enticed to notice her with little acts of harmless flirtation. An unwritten rule of the academy’s uniform was to wear white cotton panties.

Angie loved pink and wearing micro fiber cotton pink well-worn panties made her feel sexy within the sameness of the uniform of what all the other girls were wearing.

“Accidentally” dropping a pencil she bent over to fetch it and lingered with her skirt up so there could be no doubt Edwin would catch more than a glimpse of her pink pantie covered bum.

Angie’s pink well-worn panties

Math geek or not Mr. Parks was still a man and could not help but see such a lovely sight. From there Angie used the tried and true flirtation device namely “brushing” her chest against Edwin’s back and shoulders.

ngie had that sweet lovely fresh teenage fragrance that at close quarters could befuddle any male. Edwin was befuddled. He was flustered. He was getting hard.

Angie sat on his desk, legs spread and skirt up, pink well-worn panties exposed.

There was no mistaking her actions now.

“Angela….” he muttered unable to finish his sentence.

“Yes?” she replied innocently.

“This isn’t quite proper” he managed to get out.

“What isn’t proper?” Angie teased as she started playing with his tie.

“We….We….really shouldn’t” Edwin went on.

“Mr. Parks, can I call you ‘Edwin’? You really need to loosen up. Can’t we have a little fun?” Angie whispered in a sultry voice as she pulled Mr. Parks close with his tie and nibbled on his ear .

Slowly and almost involuntarily he reached up and felt her breasts through her blouse. They were heavenly to his touch. He let out a soft hum.

Then in a flash he stopped, rose up and quickly walked to the door. Angie assumed that she had pushed things too far too rapidly as he scurried away from her.

Mr. Parks locked the door and turned off the lights. Angie stood up as he returned to her. Edwin took her from behind feeling her firm breasts through her blouse as he nibbled on her neck. He slipped a hand into her pink well-worn panties.

“You drive a man mad” he whispered in her ear as he lifted her skirt and pressed his hardness onto her pantie covered ass.

Angie’s tight asshole

Angie turned around, felt for his cock in his pants and the two kissed hungrily with earthy abandon. Mr. Parks slid to his knees and lifted Angie’s skirt.

His hand slid across her pink well-worn panties which were now quite damp with anticipation. Pulling them down the aroma and scent of her femininity was intoxicating.

Angie spun around and sprawled face down on the desk with her cute little bare ass in the air. Mr. Parks knelt behind Angie and pressed his face between her lovely ass cheeks.

The pure carnal scent of the young lass permeated his senses as he slipped his tongue between her crease. Her pussy tasted divine as Edwin feasted with his face buried into it.

His tongue lapped along her fragrant femininity rousing his cock to a ridiculous hardness.

Without hesitation he plunged his tongue up into Angie’s tight little asshole making her squirm and writhe as she held onto the desk. This is so much better than mathematics she grinned to herself.

Edwin stood up, loosened his trousers and pulled out his cock as the trousers fell to his ankles. He slid his incredibly hard penis all along Angie’s wetness before slowly forcing it inside her.

Angie gasped and raised up on her elbows as Mr. Parks began fucking her from behind. He slid his hands under her blouse wanting to feel her pert teenage breasts as he fucked her.

He managed to get under her bra and feel her soft titties as his fucking her increased. This was so fucking hot, he had no idea that he would be fucking such a lovely young lass on this day (or on any day really) right here on his desk.

Angie’s pink well-worn panties were soaked!

Fucking her from behind with his hands fondling her sweet titties Edwin kissed her neck and tongued her ear as Angie moaned as quietly as she could “Oh Mr. Parks, you are wonderful”.

Pounding and humping into her, it was not long after that his tempo and breathing increased thrusting forcefully when his cock ejaculated many warm blasts of cum deep up into her.

As their passion subsided they stayed joined, relishing this amazing unplanned fuck. Slowly Mr. Parks penis slipped out of her.

At that moment they heard voices outside the room walking down in the hallway. Angie quickly pulled up her pink well-worn panties and began straightening her clothes as Edwin pulled up his trousers stuffing his tingly cum coated penis in his pants.

Soon, as they were proper and as if nothing had transpired Mr. Parks said:

“Well Angela, I believe you have met all the requirements to pass the class”.

Angie’s pink well-worn panties were soaked!

The licking and penetration Mr. Parks bestowed onto her pussy made it ever so warm and moist as she made her way home. Edwin’s cum dribbled out onto the panel of the lovely pink well-worn panties dampening them even more.

Angie was pleased. It was just so hot getting shagged in that manner so totally taboo doing it with her instructor. She was still horny, she was always horny.

When she got home the house was quiet. Watching herself in the mirror in the bathroom Angie took off her blouse, bra and skirt and admired herself in the mirror.

She was hot and she knew it, she knew that with her bod and sultry looks she could get anything she wanted. Falling onto her bed she began masturbating herself through the pink well-worn panties.

Angie tossed her pink well-worn panties

It just felt so good as she re-lived the afternoon’s encounter with Mr. Parks. Poor fellow, he had no idea. Angie’s excitement began to climax as her arousal got the best of her, the pink well-worn panties were soaked as she willed herself to a breathless orgasm.

Finally coming down from the orgasmic plateau Angie tossed the pink well-worn panties into the hamper in the bathroom she shared with her brother Nate.

The warm shower felt sensational as Angie washed away the days activities and revitalized herself.

The next morning with Angie in school, Amanda, the nanny, made her rounds through the house.

“Mandy” had been with the family since Angie and Nate were quite young and had in many ways raised them along with being an integral part of the household helping with meals and house keep.

Now in her forties while she was not a ‘looker’ like Angie she was still trim and attractive. Surely Isabelle knew that Mr. Grey had taken ‘liberties’ with Mandy from time to time.

Sometimes the man of the house has needs to be met when the wife was not able or interested in providing for them but it was never more than an occasional shag.

As Mandy passed Angie’s and Nate’s rooms she heard noises from Nate’s room. The door was closed so she went through Angie’s room into the bathroom that the two rooms shared.

Nate was supposed to be in school too but had mentioned not feeling well at breakfast. She heard ‘huffing’ and moaning sounds and quite innocently was concerned.

“Are you alright?” she inquired as she stepped into the room startling Nate as he scrambled to cover himself with the sheet.

Angie reveals her pink well-worn panties

Acting as if nothing was wrong she knew what she saw with the boy now covered. Women perhaps don’t always understand it, but boys and men are always playing with themselves.

Mandy had surmised that Nate was masturbating when she walked in on him. She had also seen a flash of colours as he rushed to cover himself. She sat on the bed next to him.

“Feeling ill, my dear” she asked him surely knowing anything that he felt was not an illness but an urge.

“I’m a bit nauseous is all” Nate tried to feign.

As Mandy sat on the bed she spied something pink peeking out from under the pillow. Playfully she pulled it out revealing a pair of pink well-worn panties.

Not only were they pink well-worn panties they were the pink well-worn panties that Angie had worn the previous day with her tryst with Mr. Parks.

“Having fun?” she teased him. Nate snatched them out of her hand.

“Be nice! Please!” he beseeched her.  Mandy smiled then gently lifted the sheet to confirm her suspicions.

“Mandy!” Nate exclaimed as he pulled the sheet back covering himself. Mandy had seen it for herself, Nate was wearing a pair of Angie’s silky blue and pink string bikini well-worn panties.

Sliding her hand under the covers up his leg she whispered:

“If you are not feeling well, you will need me to be your ‘nurse’, to make you feel better” as she felt for Nate’s cock in the pink well-worn panties.

Nate’s penis had softened and shriveled in the course of Mandy walking in catching him in the act of masturbating but now with the soft touch of her hand and her soothing words it was growing hard again.

Jacking off in pink well-worn panties

Mandy pulled back the sheet to see the wonderful sight of her hand fondling Nate’s hardening cock in Angie’s silky blue and pink well-worn panties.

It was a stunning sight, an oh so hard teenage cock throbbing in a sexy pair of pink well-worn panties.

What shock and embarrassment Nate felt being discovered and his naughty little secret revealed gave way to the immense pleasure he was now feeling with Mandy’s hand on his cock.

Jacking off in pink well-worn panties is a naughty little secret for men and boys that brings many excited mind bending orgasms.

If the masturbation is coupled with sniffing soiled women’s’ pink well-worn panties then it reaches a level of sexual intoxication far exceeding anything the male has ever known.

Mandy pulled on Nate’s cock making sure to rub as well the silkiness of the pink well-worn panties onto his hardness, Nate gave in and could not resist as he pulled Angie’s soiled pink well-worn panties up to his face.

Nate had long ago discovered the scintillating pleasure of sniffing his sister’s pink well-worn panties producing erections of unimaginable rigidity and ejaculations of cum that exploded with such force only to be repeated at any opportunity.

It was not uncommon if Nate had the house to himself and had happened upon a particularly fragrant pair of Angie’s soiled damp pink well-worn panties that he could masturbate three or even four times in one day with them.

Upon occasion, he would sop up his cum with them thus producing and even more intense masturbation the next go round with the scent of his own cum intermingled with the intoxicating scent of Angie’s pink well-worn panties.

Angie’s soiled pink panties

And so it was now with Angie’s soiled pink panties from the day before he had discovered in the clothes hamper.

They were so intensely aromatic and were still a might damp when he first lifted them to his nose. He knew then and there he could not go to school that day and would have to give in to Siren-like call of the soiled damp pink well-worn panties.

The aroma from them was like nothing he had ever known, his own scent of cum on other of Angie’s pink well-worn panties was exciting enough but this particular pair was otherworldly fragrant beyond belief.

This led him to this moment with Mandy’s hand fooling with his cock as he inhaled deeply the scent of the pink well-worn panties both Angie and Edwin had a part in.

Nate’s cock tingled and ached like it never had before as Mandy lovingly wanked on it as the boy lay there in Angie’s blue and pink well-worn panties.

Inhaling the wondrous scent of the soiled pink well-worn panties with Mandy’s hand on his penis was taking Nate on a trip to regions his body and mind had yet to experience.

Being so naughty and exposed to Mandy wearing his sister’s silky panties while sniffing on her pink well-worn panties was a sexual experience far exceeding any other that he had in his life, even the encounters he had with Emily, one of Angie’s friends.

Nate soared with the wonderful stimulation he was experiencing and he was getting close. In a flash the climax that had been building reached the zenith and the dam broke!

Angie’s lovely string bikini pink well-worn panties

Almost as if in slow motion cum ejaculated in many powerful explosions of the warm white fluid all over Nate’s bare belly and chest, some even up to his chin.

The excruciatingly delightful orgasm washed over the highly aroused Nate in massive waves of pleasure.

Even as cum stopped dribbling out of his penis Mandy’s hand continued to pull on it and all consciousness stopped other than the saturation of exploding endorphin’s throughout his body and mind.

It was quite a number of minutes before Nate came back to reality. Mandy smiled at him demurely his still mostly hard cock in her hand and bemused at her handiwork.

“That should make things better for you. Roll over and nap. I’ll fix tea after a bit” she whispered as she got up to leave.

Nate still shivered in feverish elation. He took Angie’s pink well-worn panties that were still up by his face and sopped up the many large puddles of cum all over his front with them.

The ever horny teenage boy could not believe what had just transpired with Mandy playing with his cock and the heavenly scented pink well-worn panties.

Rolling over he thought it would be a good idea to sleep off the clamor of his agitated stimulation. Every time he was just about asleep the aching hardness in his penis throbbed him to wakefulness as he rolled around.

Rolling and thrashing about on the bed he still wore Angie’s lovely string bikini pink well-worn panties. It was no use and he knew it, 30 minutes or more had past, he was still just so horny and harder than ever.

Even after Mandy had finished wanking him off his cock really never lost its erection and was throbbing with urgent anticipation.

When the ejaculation finally came

With no regard for anything other than getting off again Nate lifted the damp, pink, heavenly scented pink well-worn panties to his nose intoxicating his senses once more as he furiously stroked his cock.

A second masturbation following right after the first requires perhaps a little more force and rapidity and takes on a bit different feeling of stimulation but the intent and determination will lead to the same destination.

Nate was now a slave to the scent of Angie’s pink well-worn panties, he could not help it, he was powerless to resist the ambrosial odoriferous aroma as his masturbating became frenzied and he writhed and wallowed about on the bed whacking at his penis.

When the ejaculation finally came, if Mandy had been within earshot she would have thought Nate was convulsing with all the huffing, moaning and “Uh, uh, uhhhhing” that took place to finish off the deed.

While not as much cum and not quite the force of ejaculation as the first, this orgasm was still very satisfying and brought a pleasantly painful soreness to Nate’s penis.

Again sopping up the cum with the pink well-worn panties he deposited them in the hamper knowing surely that he would not make it through the day without masturbating at least one more time to their rapturous bouquet.

Nate was not the only person with an interest in Angie’s pink well-worn panties. Angie’s good friend from school, Emily, had fooled around with Nate at the house on several occasions, exciting the lad no end.

Nate was able to get her blouse open a few times to feel and kiss her sweet young titties, he even got under her skirt a time or two to feel her pussy through her pink well-worn panties, but that was it.

She had wanked off Nate

Emily and Angie had talked enough about boys and men to know that the girl is always in charge and that to stave off sexual excitement from males they could use their hands to wank them off and keep at bay those that they did not want to bed.

Emily had wanked off Nate a few times just to get him settled down to leave her alone. Truth be known Emily had a crush on Angie, quite a number of the girls from St Paul’s did.

Angie just made her feel alive in so many ways. There were afternoons after school that the two girls would lay on Angie’s bed and talk endlessly for hours.

When she would use the bathroom she would check the hamper to see what kind of pink well-worn panties Angie had worn.

Several times she would take a sniff and shudder at the scent which only served to arouse her no end leading to a few quick rubs of her own pussy through her own pink well-worn panties which only stimulated her all the more before going back in Angie’s room.

Today Angie’s pink well-worn panties smelled divine, they had Angie’s wonderful feminine scent on them and were still a bit damp.

She could not be certain but they almost had the tangy aroma of cum on them. Little did she know that Nate had deposited two massive loads of cum on the pink well-worn panties, hence the dampness and the ‘tang’.

“Tell me about Clifford Maxwell” Emily whispered as she got back on the bed with Angie, still a-buzz from sniffing Angie’s pink well-worn panties in the bathroom. “Tell me everything!”.

Angie was a living dream

Clifford Maxwell was a Tory MP that Angie had met at one of her parent’s parties. During the summer before classes started Clifford had invited Angela to go on a ‘picnic’ with him to Grantchester Meadows, Cambridge.

More than twice her age and married, Clifford was charming and flirtatious the night they met. Angie was no stranger to handsome powerful men coming on to her, she took a fancy to the striking Clifford and accepted the invitation.

Knowing that a liaison with a rich powerful man could be advantageous in many ways, Angie dressed in a manner that could only be interpreted as stunning that day, if it were also not what you might call ‘picnic’ attire.

She wore an expensive spaghetti strap cream yellow silky dress that was well above her knees and silver strappy 5″ heeled sandals. With a minimum of jewelry and understated but very sexy make up Angie was a living dream for an older man.

While you could not see through the material of the dress, with no bra, the outline of her lovely breasts and pointed nipples were poking at attention.

If she were to lean forward more than a glimpse of her feminine treasures would be available for viewing.

Needless to say as Angie climbed in back with Clifford and the chauffeur drove off, this well to do fellow was smitten with the grace and elegance of the young lass.

With champagne on ice, the ‘bubbly’ helped set the mood, Clifford had seen more than one very nice view inside Angie’s dress as she leaned forward in animated conversation with him.

Angie was soon snuggled next to Clifford with her hand on his leg, the rigidity of his manhood becoming apparent.

Her flowered white and pink well-worn panties

As she slid her hand on top of his hardness any conversation stopped with Angie producing the desired effect on her suitor. Deftly she had his trousers opened and unzipped as the car traversed the countryside.

The tender touch of her hand upon the flesh of his penis made Clifford gasp in cheerful wonderment as he slid back on the seat and Angie nudged her face upon his cock.

Surely he had hoped that some sort of contact would be had with the young lass but never in his wildest dreams did he imagine Angie would so soon so tenderly slip his cock into her mouth.

Rising up on all fours above him with her mouth lavishly attending his cock this afforded Clifford access to sliding a hand under her dress to feel the softness of her lovely titties, rousing his delight in all this.

Then to his even greater enchantment he reached a hand to her knickers feeling for her pussy through the silkiness of her flowered white and pink well-worn panties.

This seemed to inspire Angie’s cock sucking all the more as Clifford rubbed her pussy through the silky pink well-worn panties, her enthusiasm for his cock was luxuriantly on display.

With one hand fondling her lovely titties and the other fingering her through her now quite moist pink well-worn panties, his excitement was rapidly peaking.

Unbelieving that such marvelous sexual good fortune had befallen him his cock began to spurt warm hot blasts of cum into Angie’s cock hungry mouth.

As she tasted the payoff of her efforts her cock sucking became even more lavish upon Clifford’s cock exulting his jubilation flowing from his cock to Angie’s mouth.

Angela rose over Clifford for a kiss

If Angie had learned one thing as she had grown into a ravishing sexual creature it was that a woman could receive much outside the bedroom by providing skillful fellatio in the bedroom.

And skillful she was, lovingly tasting and swallowing every drop making Clifford’s climax as fetching as he had ever experienced.

Finally rising up with a coy devilish smile Angie reached for another glass of champagne as Clifford buttoned up his trousers and the car sped on to Cambridge.

Upon arriving at Grantchester Meadows, Mr. Kelly the chauffeur turned upon a private road where they could picnic by the river with no one around.

Mr. Kelly helped spread the blanket and the basket then retired to the coach to read and keep an eye out.

With a bottle of Saint-Emilion and a lavish offering of cheeses, hard sausage, cheese and potato pasties, cold chicken, coronation sandwiches and Victoria Sponge, Mr. Maxwell’s intent on wooing young Angie was now a heartfelt gratitude for his experience in the backseat.

It was a perfectly lovely picnic and as they wound down with a touch more wine they lay close on the blanket watching the clouds.

Feeling perfectly contented holding hands it was not long before Angela rose over Clifford for a kiss, her lovely breasts hanging ripe in her silky dress.

Clifford could not resist and slid a hand under her dress to touch her perfect titties. In a whim Angie lifted her dress off and climbed over Clifford in nothing but her pink well-worn panties, her high heels long since removed.

The sweetness of her pussy was intoxicating

Helping him out of his shirt Clifford shimmied off his trousers, his stunning erection now with Angie stroking it. Feeling like royalty and feeling like he was 20 again Clifford was enthralled by the lively lass who was now kissing him again.

Mr. Kelly was a loyal steward keeping watch for Mr. Maxwell, never divulging any of Clifford’s carrying on.

Clifford’s good fortune only increased as Angie shifted forward her knees beside his head offering up her pantie clad pussy to his face.

The feminine aroma was intoxicating as he pulled aside her pink well-worn panties and slipped his tongue into her tasty treat.

Clifford had experienced trysts before with a variety of women but being naked in nature on a blanket with a 10+ hottie such as Angie was beyond what he could ever hoped for.

The sweetness of her pussy was intoxicating and Clifford may not have been harder than hew now was. Angie played with her titties as she rode his tongue relishing the feeling and the sexual novelty of sex on a blanket at the picnic.

After both were invigorated by Angie grinding her pussy into Clifford’s face, it was time to make love. Angie rolled off and removed her pink well-worn panties then climbed back on top impaling herself on Clifford’s imposingly large hard cock.

She loved being on top. Clifford loved it too. As the shag gathered momentum Angie did something that she knew would always produce a desired result.

Lifting her pink well-worn panties that were laying there beside her she open them up, took a quick whiff then pressed the racy sweet-smelling soiled panel against Clifford’s nose.

Angie was driving him mad

Being shagged by such a lovely lass like Angie was driving him mad but the kinky effect of her having him sniff her heavenly scented pink well-worn panties it was too much!

Like a wild animal Clifford assaulted her pussy shamelessly with his engorged cock. He rolled her over underneath him and pounded into her as they both writhed and moaned in frenzied enchantment.

Truly, what a delightful fuck for the both of them as Clifford reached climax humping up into Angie in tribal thrusts as the scent of her pink well-worn panties lifted him to where he had never been sexually.

His seed filled the young lass as he then kissed her and tonged her ear. When they finally dis-joined they tried to compose themselves as the warm glow of an otherworldly shag enveloped their senses.

Angie put her dress back on and as she was about to put on her pink well-worn panties when Clifford reached for them as a memento of the picnic.

“Parliament can be such a boring affair, these will help get me through” he grinned as he put them in his coat pocket.

The trip back to London was a lazy, sleepy ride with Angie napping snuggled up to Clifford as the bygone afternoon ran through their heads.

Angie knew that after the picnic any contact with the MP could be nothing but beneficial.

On Angie’s bed after hearing her tell of the events with Clifford Maxwell both girls might have been more than a little aroused. Emily was nestled up to Angie with her head on Angie’s chest and her arm draped over Angie’s stomach.

“So he took your pink well-worn panties?” Emily asked Angie as they lounged on her bed. Angie nodded with a grin.

Nate was sneaking her panties

“Those Tories act so righteous and proper. When they say “Back to Basics” they really mean “back to my place” they are just as horny and pervy as any other man” Angie explained.

“I have a confession” Emily offered. “Please don’t think me queer”.

“Silly! Of course not” Angie replied running her hand through Emily’s hair.

“I adore your pink well-worn panties too. They send me” Emily boldly blurted out.

Angie and Emily lay there in momentary silence as the confession sank in and their arousal heightened.

For quite some time Angie had known the effect of her pink well-worn panties had on other people. She had more than an inkling that Nate was sneaking her panties both to wear and to sniff.

In her encounter with Clifford Maxwell it was not the first time she had forced a lover to smell the tangy aroma of her knickers during sex.

There were other boys and men that even if they could not shag at the time she would enhance their stimulation while they masturbated in front of her or her helping to wank on them by removing her pink well-worn panties and compel them to sniff them during the encounter.

It had happened dozens of times, Angie had latched onto a phenomena that was ‘hard’ to ignore and would serve her well.

If it aroused males why not girls too? Playfully Angie lifted her skirt to reveal her pink well-worn panties to Emily. Taking the cue Emily ran her hand over the panties and felt Angie’s pussy through them.

By this point both girls were quite hot and bothered and the pink well-worn panties Angie had worn all day were now damp with her desire.

Emily’s touch on her pussy

Emily’s touch on her pussy was electrifying and both girls were smitten.

After many long minutes of being rubbed by Emily, Angie cut to the chase and deftly pulled off her pink well-worn panties and handed them to Emily.

Without hesitation Emily snatched them to her face for a long deep whiff of Angie’s warm damp pink well-worn panties. In an act of kind she then removed her own panties, gave them to Angie and slid between Angie’s legs pressing her face to her friend’s pussy.

Emily had longed for this moment and the taste of Angie’s pussy drove her wild with a passionate fervor as she lapped at Angie’s dainty, delectable femininity. Needless to say this sent Angie to a world beyond.

As her friend lapped at her pussy she could not resist to take a sniff of Emily’s pink well-worn panties in her own heat of passion.

Soon both girls were naked and after kissing and nuzzling each other madly they reposed to an enchanting girl on girl 69 with each of them tingling the other with mouth and tongue ending in a near simultaneous climax of Sapphic stimulation.

Afterwards as they were dressed and proper Angie reached into her nightstand and pulled out an oblong jewelry case, handing it to Emily.

“Look at this” Angie offered.

Opening it, Emily gazed upon a fabulous string of pearls. Her amazed look of inquisitiveness led Angie to tell her:

“Clifford gave it to me. They’re real!” Angie beamed. “Credit accounts at Harrods, Debbenhams, St James, Mayfair, you name it. You must join me!”

Angie kissed Emily

Angie whispered her plan to Emily. They needn’t have to shag anyone they did not want to, or they could have the ‘pick of the litter’ if they so chose. It would be fun trading pink well-worn panties for favours.


It was a lavish flat in Knightsbridge. Half a dozen well dressed men having cocktails waited in patient anticipation.

Inside a bedroom Angie kissed Emily on the cheek and whispered “this will be fun”. In the highest strappy heels, toes painted luscious pink, sheer stockings, skimpy white panties and petite demi-bras out walked the two lovely lasses to a rousing applause.

Yes, this will be fun…

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Dirty Used Knickers Story: Panty Thief

Crazy things always happen in college, like someone stealing your dirty used knickers.

Sometimes things happen due to fraternity or sorority hazing, sometimes because of drunk students.

Everyone has stories of the “crazy thing” that happened to them in college. I never really thought I would have a story, until this past weekend.

My alarm screamed at me at 8 am on Monday morning, I looked at the time and hit snooze.

I didn’t have class until later that afternoon, but I had some cleaning, laundry and homework to do. I lived in an apartment with my best friend Jessica.

dirty used knickers

Jessica was always my second alarm clock on my particularly lazy mornings. This morning was no exception. After hearing my alarm, Jessica came in and smacked my ass.

“Get up! You’re so lazy!”

I moaned loudly in protest. My ass was muscular and firm from all of my years playing soccer, but it still stung when Jessica smacked my ass.

Jessica was the goal keeper for our soccer team, so she trained her arms regularly. It was a mistake to end up on the other end of her back hand.

“Now I’m gonna have your hand print on my ass!” I exclaimed

“You’re such a baby!…  Oh! Are those dirty used knickers new? I haven’t seen you wear them before. I like them!”

Honestly, I didn’t realize that in my protest I uncovered the blankets to show my toned ass. I was wearing my new black satin hip huggers I bought last weekend.

“If you like these, you should see these new thongs I got. They have rainbows!” I said as I pulled myself out of bed.

“You should show them to me later! I’m late for class.” Jessica practically yelled as she was running for the door.

I decided I should probably wash them before letting Jessica see them anyway. I was wearing them yesterday when our friends came over.

We were sitting in close quarters as we watched a new Netflix series. As they rubbed up against me, my pussy got really wet imagining them fucking me.

I got so horny I had to sneak off and finger myself before continuing the marathon. This normally wouldn’t be a problem, but I just get so damn wet when I’m horny.

My dirty used knickers were practically soaked. I had to ditch the panties in the bathroom before continuing the marathon.

Those dirty used knickers needed to be washed

It wasn’t really a problem though, I could just change into pajamas anyway. I left them on the floor of the bathroom in my pants and shirt.

They definitely needed to be washed. I didn’t want Jessica smelling my pussy. While she was my best friend I always thought she might be bi.

I smiled to myself, thinking about the possibility of Jessica being bi. While I was not gay, I would be lying if I said I never thought about having an evening with Jessica.

To me, she is the one exception to me being straight. We all have that one person, right? I always imagined Jessica and I having dinner one night after class, drinking wine.

After we both got a little drunk, enough to let our guard down, we get close and rub against each other.

After laughing about some joke one of us told, we would find ourselves face to face. Then one of us would lean in and begin kissing the other.

After kissing for a while, one of us would show a bit of hesitation, not knowing if we should cross this line or not.

“Fuck it!” I would think to myself as we started to undress each other. We would take time to kiss every inch of each other’s flesh, making this moment memorable.

Leaving each other only in our bra and underwear, we would feel one another. I would begin rubbing Jessica’s pussy outside her dirty used knickers, unhooking her bra so I could suck on her nipples.

Suddenly the birds chirped outside my window, waking me from my day dream. I moved my legs a bit, noticing my pussy was wet.

I grabbed my dirty used knickers

Damn, I thought, I can’t believe my daydream about Jessica just turned me on. I’ll have to remember to masturbate later.

God, it’s been so long since I’ve had someone fuck me really good.

As I stood up from my bed, I yawned and rubbed my eyes, trying to wake up. I gathered up the rest of my laundry and headed to the bathroom to grab my dirty used knickers.

I moved my pants to grab them, but to my surprise, they weren’t there. Maybe I had just kicked them off somewhere, or someone moved my pants the dirty used knickers were moved too.

I checked all over the bathroom, and even in the shower. No luck! I couldn’t find my panties anywhere.

dirty used knickers

Also, I checked my bedroom, and everywhere else in the apartment. Still no luck! Maybe Jessica took them? I did have my reservations about her.

Then I admitted to myself that I secretly wanted her to steal my dirty used knickers. I always imagined her masturbating in my panties and placing them back in my drawer.

I would wear the dirty used knickers, not knowing that her wet pussy had cum on them. Again, I had to pull myself out of my daydream.

I went into her room and looked all through her panty drawer. Pair after pair of panties, but not mine. She did; however, have some really cute pairs that I may have to steal.

Recalling the night, there was only one other person who used the bathroom besides me that night. John.

But that can’t be, John totally had a thing for Jessica. I didn’t know how I would feel if John was getting off with my dirty used knickers. I was torn.

My sexiest dirty used knickers

I would be upset because he was totally betraying Jessica, but god damn I’ve just been so horny this morning. As if John knew I was thinking of him, I got a text.

“Hey Angie! I forgot to get the homework for class last night, can I come by and get it?”

“Sure, you can! I’m not in my room, but it’s unlocked. Just grab the homework, it’s on my desk!”

“Thanks! You’re the best!”

Things were working out perfectly! All I had to do was set a trap for him. I ran to my room and opened my panty drawer.

Then I pulled out some of my sexiest dirty used knickers: frilly, silky, thongs, all the best. I lay them over top of the drawer, as if I had quickly rummaged through the drawer.

Then I close the drawer slightly, and run into my closet. I pull out my phone and leave the door cracked enough to record what might happen.

No sooner, I heard a knock on my door. John announced himself:

“Anyone in here?”

John paused. After no response, he walked over to my desk and looked at the homework.

What was that? I swear I saw his eyes glance at the dirty used knickers hanging from my drawer. He turned around and put the homework in his bag.

Then John paused again. John slowly made his way over to my drawer.

He reached his hand up and felt the satin dirty used knickers hanging, then slowly brought one of the frilly pairs up to his nose.

John inhaled deeply and slowly exhaled with a sigh. John was clearly longing for the smell of my pussy. I started recording on my phone.

There were my dirty used knickers!

As John finished running his hands through my dirty used knickers, he put his hand back in his backpack. He was fishing around for something. His arm stopped.

He pulled his hand out of his backpack but kept his fist bawled.

John slowly opened his hand. There were my dirty used knickers! I was furious that he was the one who took my panties! He was supposed to be into Jessica!

I never considered him as one of the guys that I could fuck. John put them up to his nose, smelling my day-old scent.

After a deep inhale, he exhaled with a sigh again. He slowly brought his hand down to his cock and rubbed himself.

After rubbing for some time, he undid the belt on his pants. John let his pants fall around his ankles.

He grabbed his hard cock and began to stroke as he inhaled the sweet smell of my pussy. I began to feel a warm feeling between my legs.

Now I lowered my hand and felt I was already wet. I might have to reconsider him being on my no-fuck list.

“That’s right Angie. You wanna fuck me?”

John was playing out his fantasy right in front of me. I couldn’t help it anymore. I stopped recording on my phone and put it back in my pocket.

Then I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit over top of my black stain dirty used knickers.

As I rubbed my clit John took my dirty used knickers from his face and slowly moved it down to his hard cock. John then began to stroke his cock with my dirty panties.

I my hands inside my dirty used knickers

I couldn’t help it anymore and put my hands inside my dirty used knickers, and plunged my finger inside my wet pussy.

As I watched John stroke his dick with greater intensity I began pounding my pussy with my finger. I quickly moved my hand over my mouth to stifle my moans. John then moaned:

“I’m so close Angie, do you want me to fill you with my cum?”

John started to stroke with greater intensity, soaking my dirty used knickers with his precum. I take my fingers out of my pussy and open the closet door.

I walk over to him before he can realize I’ve left the closet. Now I grab him by the dick and demand:

“Fill my dirty used knickers with your cum”

“Jesus Angie, I, uhm, I can explain” stammered John

He was begging for mercy from the look in his eye. I could feel how wet my dirty used knickers were from his precum.

I loved that I had complete control over him. John could not go anywhere without my permission.

I loved the way my panties felt wrapped around his hard cock, but I couldn’t tell him that yet. Honestly, I have never controlled a man this way before and I love it.

I wanted something out of this experience. I want a pantyboy, also, I might be able to manage some free homework out of this.

“Do you like how my dirty used knickers on your cock?” I whispered in his ear

“Do I like what?!?” John asked clearly still confused about the situation

“I asked you…” as I whispered his ear seductively, taking my time to enunciate every word “do you… like my dirty used knickers… on your hard cock?”

“Y-y-yes” stammered John

“You know, I could tell everyone we know that you love the smell of my soiled panties.”

“Please, I’ll do anything”

He stroked his cock with my dirty used knickers

His eyes were pleading with me. I knew he would do anything I asked him to do. So I ignored his continued stammering and slowly started to stroke his cock with my dirty used knickers.

“I won’t tell anyone if you do my homework for the rest of the semester”

“Okay, you’ve got a deal!” exclaimed John

“Do you promise?” I asked

“Of course!” John stammered as I started to stroke his dick harder and faster

“Well I need one more thing”

“Anything!” John exclaimed

“I need you to fuck me with my dirty used knickers on” I said as I pulled him into a kiss, letting our tongues intertwine

After breaking apart our kiss, I demanded:

“I want you to fuck my pussy John”

I start kissing John again. As our tongues intertwine, he picks me up and moves me over to the desk. He lays me down on the desk and begins to massage my boobs.

My nipples are already rock hard and dying to be touched. I love when a guy massages my breasts. John then kicks his pants off his feet.

As he kicks his pants from around his feet, he rubs his dick on my black satin dirty used knickers. Rubbing my clit with the head of his dick through my panties.

John has me so wet my dirty used knickers start to get soaked. My dirty used knickers are sticking to my wet pussy while his cock pushes up against it.

He rubs his cock back and forth across my clit while we kiss. I can’t take the teasing anymore:

“Just fuck me now John, fuck me my little panty boy”

I love your dirty used knickers, Angie!

John peels my wet panty aside. As he pulls my panty aside, he teases my pussy with his fingers. Running his finger along my slit.

John brings his mouth up and kisses me. John then slowly slides his fat, hard cock inside me. I can feel the walls of my wet pussy squeeze around him.

I didn’t give a fuck about a condom, I wanted him to pound my pussy.

“God, you feel so good Angie!” John exclaimed

I lifted my dirty used knickers up to his face and shoved them under his nose.

“Do you like the smell of my dirty panties, you little pantyboy?”

“I love your dirty used knickers, Angie!”

Now I whisper in his ear “Then fuck me harder because I want to feel your cum inside me”

I felt so dirty talking to him this way, but I couldn’t help it. I was just so horny! John pounded my pussy over and over.

The scent of my dirty panties driving him crazy. I was practically screaming at this time. I felt a shake begin in my legs and slowly radiate through my body.

“I’m gonna cum…” warned John

My fingers dug into his back as I felt my pussy explode. My juices were squirting all over his hard cock.

John’s thrusts were hard and long, keeping pace until I felt his cum fill my pussy. I felt satisfied as he finally pulled his cock from my dripping pussy.

It started with John stealing my dirty thong to fulfil his fantasy; his fantasy had come true. I pulled my still soaking dirty used knickers back, and rubbed it over my leaking pussy.

I sat back silently as John got dressed, continuing to rub my black satin panties over my pussy.

He put the dirty used knickers in his backpack

The little pantyboy had become my fuck toy. I was definitely going to enjoy the time we’re going to spend together.

John picked up his backpack to leave. And turned to me:

“We have a deal, right?”

“Yes, but I expect the homework to be on time, John.”

John nodded and headed for the door. I called to him:

“Hey, John.”


I took off my black satin dirty used knickers and threw them in his face. He moved his hands just in time to catch them.

“Those are to motivate you, I’ll see you in class tonight.”

John smiled and put the dirty used knickers in his backpack.

“Oh, and John, next time you need some dirty panties… just ask.” I said as I winked at him

As John left, I lay back on my bed, exhausted. I smiled to myself. I had no idea that I would find a new play thing.

No one would believe me if I said anything, but good thing I didn’t have to. I now have a panty thief as my personal sex slave.

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Tight Wet Panties: Bi-Sexual Men Sex Story

The author of this story is Jakladd

A few days before Lance was to head back to college for the second semester he was walking out of the mini mart when saw Becca filling her SUV with gas.

He walked up to her and she was elated to see him. She finished filling up and she and Lance made small talk by the pump. Becca looked ravishing.

She had on high heeled cowboy boots; jeans that were painted on, a crisp white blouse open tantalizingly enough to where as Lance was talking to her he could see in enough to view a crisp lacy bra.

Her hair was done up and with just the right makeup and jewelry she was a goddess to Lance.

Becca invited Lance into her vehicle and as they were driving to her house she informed him that her husband Mark was at a professor’s conference and would not be home for a few days.

Once inside the sexual tension was growing and Becca again brought out the whiskey and they did a few shots with Lance offering to get her high.

They smoked a bowl of absolute killer weed and soon the pair had incredible buzz going. Becca made no pretenses and led Lance down the hall to the master bedroom.

They kissed hungrily by the bed as Becca hurriedly helped Lance remove his clothes. With Lance naked and his huge cock in her hands Becca looked incredible there in her jeans and her blouse off only wearing her lacy white bra.

Bikini tight wet panties

Lance pawed at her as she pulled on his cock as they kissed by the bed. She removed her jeans and boots revealing to Lance that she was wearing a white garter belt, stockings and a pair of silky white string bikini tight wet panties.

Her ass was so fine in them as Lance pawed and played with it and the silky material.

Becca had noticed now and before Lance’s interest in her used tight wet panties. She also had a kinky urge to throw at Lance.

Seductively Becca whispered in his ear that she wanted to tie him up. With his cock ever so hard and under the spell of this feminine goddess how could he refuse?

With some of Mark’s silk ties she tied Lance’s arms to each of the head posts but left his legs free, she had plans for Lance.

Going to her panty drawer she pulled out an exquisite pair of white flowered string bikini used tight wet panties and began rubbing them on Lance’s cock, who moaned and shuddered to the wondrous sensation.

Becca draped a tittie into Lance’s mouth for him to lick and suck on as he lay there tied to the bed. Again she rubbed the used tight wet panties on Lance’s cock and he moaned in pleasure.

With a sly smile Becca then opened the panties and began sliding them over Lance’s feet & pulling them up his legs.

Soon she had them in place on Lance over his throbbing cock & slender ass. Becca rubbed on Lance’s panty clad cock sending waves of pleasure throughout Lance’s body before crawling up and draping her titties back in his mouth and then kissing him again fiercely.

Becca’s discovery about boys and tight wet panties

Returning to her delicates drawer she took out a pair of sheer white stockings and carefully pulled them in place over Lance’s legs.

Becca in high school had made a discovery about boys and their fascination with girls’ undergarments.

It was late one morning and she had ditched class and came home, being quiet in case her parents were around but they were both at work. As she walked to the open door of her bedroom she was floored by what she saw.

Her brother Sammy, one year younger, was lying on her bed wearing a pair of Becca’s stockings and a silky pair of her used tight wet panties. He was oblivious to everything, thinking he too had the house to himself.

Becca was aghast as he lay on her bed with his hard cock in his had, furiously masturbating. Not only was he furiously masturbating his teenage cock he had a pair of her soiled used tight wet panties up to his face sniffing them as he jacked on his cock.

Becca stood there trying to register the whole scene when Sammy began breathing heavier as he pulled faster & faster on his cock when huge gobs of warm white jizz shot out of his cock all over himself.

Sammy was panting and gasping from the mind blowing orgasm as Becca slyly stepped away & went back downstairs. Now it all made sense to her.

She had been noticing strange occurrences with her undergarments; her panty drawer would seem to have been rifled through, panties were missing only to show up days later where they should have been, other items out of place.

Becca knows the secret

Knowing this little secret, Becca smiled to herself and acted like she knew nothing to Sammy.

The erotic scene perplexed her but deep down it stimulated her sexually in a bizarre way. Like any girl she was fascinated by cocks and sex and had just broken up with her boyfriend.

With Lance laying there helpless tied spread eagle on her bed Becca then slipped off her own used tight wet panties and found the soiled cotton patch that had been rubbing on her pussy all day.

Becca held them open and pressed the fragrant material against Lance’s nose, forcing him to sniff her lovely used tight wet panties.

Lance was powerless to resist and his cock had never been harder as this intense torment continued; he was unable to touch his aching cock as it rubbed against the silky used tight wet panties and his stimulation grew as Becca continued to force him to sniff her pleasantly soiled tight wet panties, panties not soiled of urine but of the pure pungent essence of pussy.

Relenting a little Becca gave some relief to Lance by rubbing on his cock through the silky flowered used tight wet panties sending waves of pleasure through him as his handsome penis dripped a huge stream of clear pre-cum.

She continued fondling his cock and balls in the used tight wet panties and reached under to grab his buns and slyly finger his tight hole.

Becca herself was aroused out of control and she soon pulled away the used tight wet panties from Lance’s face and climbed over him sinking her lovely slit onto his mouth.

Riding his face Becca began to moan as a series of intense orgasms rifled through her body with Lance enjoying the taste and scent of her luscious pussy.

Becca’s relief for Lance

After grinding her pussy on his eager tongue to some of the most intense orgasms she could remember she thought she might give Lance a little relief. She found her soiled used tight wet panties lying on the bed and rubbed them again in Lance’s face.

She titty fucked his aching cock with her soft titties and deftly slipped his cock into her mouth, craving the taste of his huge teenage cock.

Becca was soon again possessed with cock lust and she pulled Lance’s used tight wet panties down and climbed on top of the helpless boy impaling herself with his cock and continuing to rub the patch of the soiled used tight wet panties across his nose.

Lance was gasping in pleasure and with the intoxicating scent he was forced to smell his massively hard cock deep inside Becca’s tight pussy simply blew and he moaned as his orgasm jizzed up into her.

His torment was finally relieved as Becca collapsed onto his kissing him with a passionate yearning.

The handsome young man was gasping in pleasure and exhaustion but Becca was still possessed by horniness as she continued to thrust his cock deep into her pussy.

Becca was herself still shaking with lust when she at last climbed off his cock, but she was not done with him as her clitty still ached for release.

She pulled the used tight wet panties back up over his cock and climbed on top of Lance’s face and thrust her cum laden slit onto his mouth, forcing him to taste his own cum intermingled in the fragrant essence of her femininity.

The cock grew in her tight wet panties

Lance tasted his own cum as it dripped down with her juices and he licked at it and sucked on her clitty as Becca began breathing heavier again and another series of orgasms shook her body.

When she finally climbed off of Lance and snuggled next to her captive lover she noticed his cock had grown hard again in her used tight wet panties and she began to stroke it.

Soon she was jacking on it furiously and she reached in to finger his tight hole. Lance humped up his cock to meet her jacking on it not believing how horny this whole sexual episode had become.

Gasping and wheezing with Becca jacking him off and finger fucking his tight hole Lance moaned as a pleasantly painful orgasm blasted cum out of his cock all over his stomach and her hands.

They rested together for a while when Becca got up, put on the soiled used tight wet panties she been forcing Lance to sniff and left the room.

He thought he heard Becca on the phone with someone. When she returned Lance asked Becca if she was going to untie him. She told him that they would be having “company” shortly and that she would untie him long enough to use the bathroom and get a drink.

Lance was intrigued about a visitor and used facilities and got a drink of water. She brought in the whiskey and they took a few more swigs and smoked another bowl.

Becca told Lance he would have to be tied up again before their guest arrived. This time she brought in some rope and tied his hands together over his head and tied them to the center head rail, this way he could be turned over on both sides.

Lance in Becca’s stockings

Lance still had Becca’s stockings on and she again pulled the used tight wet panties in place up his legs over his cock and ass. They both had a huge buzz going and Lance was in a sex, drug and booze induced stupor.

Becca kissed him forcefully and bit him on the earlobe, fondling his cock at the same time. She then turned Lance over, pulled the used tight wet panties down revealing his cute butt cheeks and she started to spank him, not too hard but enough to redden his lovely ass.

Between swats she would finger his tight hole. Finally she turned him back over revealing his throbbing hard on. It soon got even harder as she pulled the used tight wet panties back up over it and just then the door bell rang. Becca got up, put on a silky robe and went to the door.

Lance was very curious who the guest might be, thinking it might be one of Becca’s hot girlfriends. In walked Becca into the bedroom with a slender but stocky & muscled guy who she introduced as Michael, her stylist.

He had very short blond hair and smiled profusely when he saw the handsome, tender young Lance tied up and in lingerie. Michael as her gay hairdresser had long been one of Becca’s closest friends and confidante.

For the longest time Michael had teased Becca about wanting to seduce her handsome husband Mark.

She had told Michael about their little tryst previously with Mark and Lance and how much it turned her on to see Mark and Lance sexually involved with each other.

Playfully Becca stated that Lance had been a “bad boy” and that she was certain he was sleeping with her husband.

Michael’s hard cock

Michael grinned as he sat down next to Lance and softly rubbed his cock through the used tight wet panties. He then got up and started taking his clothes off. His cock was instantly hard just thinking about the captive boy.

Michael’s cock was not long and handsome like Lance’s or Derek’s or Mark’s; it was much thicker & shorter, somewhat stumpy with a smallish head, but it was tremendously hard.

With a captive boy toy at his disposal Michael ran his hands all over Lance’s luscious body be fore kissing him firmly. Gathering himself on all fours over Lance, Michael danced his hard cock over Lance’s face.

Lance licked and sniffed the fat brute before wholeheartedly suckling on it as Michael humped it in and out of the handsome young man’s mouth. Becca was enjoying the show sitting in a chair, smoking a cigarette and taking swigs from the whiskey bottle.

Michael pulled his cock from Lance’s mouth and slid down the bed. He pulled Lance’s used tight wet panties down and rubbed his own face over the princely penis, soon engulfing it in his mouth, loving the taste of the boyish cock.

Deep throating it with gusto Michael’s cock sucking made Lance grimace in pleasure. This torrid sex scene was stimulating to Becca as she sat in the chair watching Michael play with his captive boy toy.

She began to rub her pussy through her used tight wet panties as she watched Michael release Lance’s cock from his mouth and begin to rub his cock onto Lance’s hard, wet cock.

Michael cock fucked Lance, hard cock rubbing against hard cock for a while before stopping and turning Lance over.

Lance and Michael’s adventure

He marveled at Lance’s tender young ass and Michael caressed it and slid a finger along the crack of the sweet boyish buns. Without hesitation Michael pressed his face between the checks and slid his hard wet tongue into Lance’s tight hole.

Lance was tired and stoned and a little weary of being tied up but this felt great and his hard cock chafed against the bed as Michael continued to rim his ass.

This went on for a little while longer before Michael could not control himself and he pulled his hard fat cock up to mount the boy.

Holding on to Lance’s hips Michael’s cock easily slid into the tender boy pussy and he began to firmly butt fuck his luscious captive.

Michael was possessed with gay lust and very worked up by the gift Becca had provided for him and he pistoned his cock rapidly into the sweet young ass.

In no time Michael began to breath heavier and faster and in one long loud moan he came into the boy forcing his fat cock as deep as it would go into Lance, who was beside himself from the combination of pain and pleasure.

Finally Michael’s lunges up into the boy came to a halt and he removed his still hard cock from Lance’s ass with the stumpy beast coated in cum and cum dripping down the boy’s leg.

Michael wiped up as best he could, thanking Becca for the treat as he dressed saying he had to run. He kissed Becca on the cheek slipping a hand inside her robe fondling a titty, telling her she looked fabulous and then letting himself out.

Becca’s tight wet panties

Becca told Lance “you poor dear, let’s untie you” as she finally released Lance from the rope. Lance sighed and stretched lying on the bed with Becca pulling off her robe.

They embraced and kissed softly as Lance roamed his hands all over her lovely body; her round little ass, slender tummy & beautiful little titties.

They began jacking on each other; Becca pulling on Lance’s throbbing cock and Lance firmly fingering Becca’s slit through her silky used tight wet panties.

Lance still hand on the silky stockings and it felt incredible as his legs rubbed against Becca’s stocking clad legs.

As Lance moved his hands up to fondle her titties again, Becca pulled down her used tight wet panties and took them off. With Lance on his back she draped her titties onto his cock titty fucking him and then engulfing his cock in her mouth before climbing back in his arms for another hungry kiss giving Lance a taste of his own cock on her lips.

In her lust she repeated her earlier method of satisfying her aching pussy by climbing on top of Lance’s face and grinding it onto his mouth.

Lance eagerly licked the fusty slit as Becca came quickly from all her excitement of the day’s activities.

Sliding off of Lance Becca lay next to him & nuzzled and kissed him, her fine body close to the handsome blond boy whose magnificent cock was harder than ever. He played with her titties as she pulled on his cock.

She saw her used tight wet panties lying on the bed so she picked them up and pressed the soiled cotton patch onto Lance’s face.

Becca loves the semen

If they were fragrant before now they were doubly so now with her wearing them after their first sex bout and sticky with Lance’s cum and her moist slit as she rubbed her pussy in them while she watched Michael have at Lance.

He was intoxicated again by the scent of the luscious used tight wet panties and he held them against his face as Becca jacked on his cock. This went on for a little while till Becca could tell he was getting close.

She pulled him up over her and with Lance still sniffing her used tight wet panties she watched in amazement as he came if ragged spurts all over her lovely titties, rubbing his throbbing cock into them as he collapsed on to her.

She loved feeling his warm semen running all over her pretty little titties. After their incredible afternoon & evening of sex they fell asleep together in pleasant slumber.

In the morning Lance was awakened by the sensation of feeling his hard cock being sucked on by the ever horny Becca. They made wonderful love without out any kinkiness before Lance took off.

Later that week with Lance soon returning to college, he came over to spend some time with Mark and Becca. Without any hesitation they were all in the bedroom, with Becca in stockings, garter belt & used tight wet panties and Mark & Lance both out of their clothes.

With a glass of wine in her hand she whispered “I’ll just watch for a while” as Lance and Mark fell naked onto the bed together.

Becca was steamed as she watched them make gay love; kissing, nuzzling, pressing their naked male bodies together, humping cock on hard cock, sucking on each other’s cocks before settling in to a hot gay 69.

Becca rubbed her pussy through her tight wet panties

Mark and Lance were a stunning sight for Becca who found watching two handsome hard males make love a stimulation like no other from a woman’s view.

As Lance and Mark sucked on each other’s cock Becca sipped her wine and rubbed her pussy through her used tight wet panties.

Finally she could stand not more and climbed in to join them as they eagerly continued their gay 69.

Becca ran her hands through Mark’s hair and whispered in his ear as Lance’s cock slid in & out of his mouth. Shortly after he broke the 69 and pulled Lance back in his arms kissing and nuzzling his hot boy lover.

With Lance on his back Mark rose over him and pressed his body onto the boy. Lance loved this and spread his legs allowing Mark to press his huge cock against his tight hole.

Becca played with Lance’s cock as Mark got some lube and then resumed poking his penis up into Lance’s tight hole. He firmly pressed deeper into Lance as Becca kissed the boy and ran her fingers through his hair as he played with her titties.

She loved watching her husband penetrate the handsome boy and rubbed herself through her used tight wet panties as Mark fucked Lance in firm, even thrusts.

Lance’s cock was hard and dripping pre-cum as he received Mark’s hard phallus up his ass. Then in a rush Mark humped faster & faster into the boy as he started to cum in an excited thrusts into the boy.

Becca was moaning too from fingering herself and Mark collapsed on top of Lance, kissing him passionately.

Lance whispered something into Mark’s ear and as he pulled his cock from Lance’s as he smiled and gave Lance’s hard cock a firm caress.

Becca gets tied

Mark returned with some rope and he took Becca’s two wrists and tied them together before tying them to the center rail on the bed. Now Lance could return the favor to Becca as he then danced & humped his massively hard cock over Becca’s luscious soft body.

He titty fucked her and then pressed his cock into her face. Becca licked & sniffed the hard brute and soon Lance was face fucking Mark’s gorgeous wife.

They both enjoyed this and after a while he pulled out, played with her titties a bit before fingering her through her used tight wet panties.

A light went on in his head and he pulled off Becca’s luscious silky string bikini used tight wet panties. He took a big whiff of the soiled cotton patch, its pungent essence making his cock ever so much harder.

Lance then with a wry smile pressed the soiled used tight wet panties against Becca’s nose, forcing her to sniff her own used tight wet panties as she had done with Lance when she had Lance tied up the time before. She was beside herself with arousal, as was Lance.

Lance went down spreading her legs, leaving the used tight wet panties open and draped over Becca’s face. Lance assaulted her pussy with his tongue, and then slid lower licking her tight hole between her tender cheeks.

Mark caressed and fondled Lance’s young ass as the boy licked between his wife’s legs. With a gleam in his eye Lance then turned Becca over on her stomach with her sweet ass facing up.

The teenage boy went to town licking her tight hole & also her moist pussy. Then in a fit of horniness he pressed his hard cock between her cheeks against her tight bung hole.

Lance’s anal sex with Becca

Mark assisted with a little lube and Lance had the pleasure of starting to butt fuck the lovely lady. He pressed firmly and slid his cock ever so deeper into her nether regions.

As he humped her ass he found the soiled used tight wet panties and took a long whiff, increasing his stimulation before pressing them against Becca’s nose and forcing her to sniff them as he butt fucked her tight ass.

She was moaning and gasping as was Lance and after many long minutes Lance finally was getting close. He humped faster & faster and in a huff he fucked his cock rapidly into the sweet ass cumming in a torrent inside the lovely woman.

Mark and Becca were sad to see Lance head back to college and Lance jacked off often thinking about all the sex he had during the summer with Mark and Becca.

Then Lance began an affair with one of his college professors. They kept it cool at school but Lance was over at Ed’s as often as he could be when Lori, Ed’s wife was not at home.

They loved getting naked in the master bath, admiring each other’s handsome physiques in the mirrors and pulling on each other’s cocks.

This one time in particular as they kissed and felt each other’s cock’s Lance crumpled to the floor as Ed began to suck on his cock. As he lay on the carpeted floor with Ed’s mouth bobbing over his cock Lance spied a basket of laundry on the floor next to him.

Hanging over the edge was a scintillatingly silky pair of Ed’s wife’s used tight wet panties. Lance reached for them and as Ed continued to suck him off he stretched the soiled cotton panel over his nose.

Sniffing the soiled tight wet panties

Lance’s hard cock became harder and felt even more luscious in Ed’s mouth as the intoxicating scent of pussy wafted into his nostrils.

This little unexpected treat for Lance pushed him over the edge in a matter of moments and as he continued to sniff the pleasantly soiled used tight wet panties he fingered his ass as Ed sucked on his cock.

A mind blowing orgasm ensued as Lance’s cock discharged huge blasts of cum into Ed’s eager mouth and Lance was moaning and huffing as he came with the sultry fragrant scented used tight wet panties pressed against his face.

Ed sucked and licked Lance’s cock clean and finally rose up to kiss is charming lover. Gathering himself on all fours Ed straddled his cock into Lance’s mouth for pleasant reciprocation.

Daggling over Lance, Ed’s huge penis filled the boy’s mouth as Lance sucked, licked & sniffed the beast.

Ed loved having his balls and the underside of his cock licked and Lance eagerly accommodated as Ed danced his massive penis & balls across the boy’s tongue & lips. Soon Lance was again whole heartedly sucking on Ed’s cock.

Both males were captivated by their bisexual affair and nothing seemed more exciting than this. Ed’s cock was so hard it ached and he really felt like fucking his boy lover.

He grabbed some lube and spread Lance’s legs, moving his face down between them. Ed rimmed Lance’s tight hole making his lover squirm before pressing his hard cock against the tight hole.

Ed slides up into Lance

Slowly but forcefully Ed slid up into Lance who rolled his eyes in pleasure. As Ed built a rhythm humping into the boy, Lance picked up the soiled used tight wet panties beside him on the floor and took a big whiff, exhilarating his senses and making his teenage cock hard again.

Then in a whim he pressed the fragrant used tight wet panties up to Ed’s nose as he fucked Lance. The intoxicating scent made Ed harder than ever and Lance switched the pussy scented panty from nose to nose inciting them both to higher levels of sexual arousal.

Ed humped madly into the boy and he began to moan. Lance had the used tight wet panties glued to his nose with one hand and was furiously jacking off with the other.

Ed’s cock erupted a huge flood of cum up into the boy as Lance jacked faster & faster on his luscious cock.

With the sweet pussy-scented used tight wet panties glued to his nose and Ed’s hard cock still deep inside him Lance feverishly pulled on his cock till he began to moan and cum splattered out of his cock all over himself.

Ed smiled and then kissed his boy lover, the sticky cum smearing all over them before they got up to shower together.


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Dirty Panties Story: Heidi My Sister

The author of this story is Jakladd

One evening I was in my room. Then I heard my sisters and their friends come barreling up the stairs to the girls rooms. That’s how the story of my sister’s dirty panties began.

Mom wasn’t home. And the girls had been drinking a bit & were probably a bit high too.

I knew it was best to leave them alone. Just bid my time in my room trying to ignore the noise, contemplating turning out the lights and going to bed. And to masturbate in a pair of stolen dirty panties.

I was rummaging in my secret stash of my sisters frilly under things. Then I heard the door start to open and I quickly tried to hide my activities.

In walked Heidi and oh my goodness, did she ever look hot! She looked like a rock goddess from the 80’s with black stockings on and a black leather miniskirt.

She had on a shear long sleeve top with a black leather vest. Also, she had studded black leather bracelets and a black velvet choker. Her blond hair was teased & wild & I don’t think I’ve ever seen a foxier chick in my life.

I could smell a bit of alcohol on her breath as she started talking to me:

“So is it true you wear your sisters’ dirty panties” she giggled. I stammered and was a bit embarrassed. I didn’t know what to say and still stunned by her ravishing magnificence.

“Come on” she said. “I think its wild. Why don’t you put some dirty panties on & let me see you”. I was flabbergasted & embarrassed. But totally turned on by her & the whole kinkiness of the situation.

She really made me put my dirty panties on

After a little more coaxing she got me to put on a pair of dirty panties. Then she pushed me up against my door to close it. She started feeling my cock I stood there in only my dirty panties. My cock grew so fucking hard as she played with me.

Heidi stopped for a sec and opened up her vest. Her lovely little titties showed through her shear black top. She lifted my hand to feel her titties -oh were they ever soft and exquisite with pointy little nipples.

Then she zipped down her miniskirt and it fell to the floor and she kicked it aside.

She took my other hand and put it between her legs. Then she placed my finger along her crease, which was sheathed in a pair of shear black dirty panties.

We then began jacking on each other and I fondled her titties as my cock leaked pre-cum to her feminine touch.

I began to slip my finger inside her dirty panties to feel her pussy. But as I did it she slapped my hand hard and said “only touch from the outside”.

We kissed a bit. The whole kinky scene was so fucking horny and unexpected that I was in shock to be naked in my fem dirty panties and playing with such a fine ass horny little bitch like Heidi.

She moaned at my fingering of her panty covered clit. Then she bit my ear hard as I fondled her titties through her shear top.

She whimpered and seemed to be cumming as I fingered her firmly and she rolled her eyes back and was breathing very heavy.

Rubbing her pussy through her dirty panties

As I continued to rub her pussy though her dirty panties she pulled harder and faster on my cock with her soft feminine hand.

She jacked me off faster with her soft hand. Then my cock spasmed and began to spew cum all over her hand.

She stood back a bit so I wouldn’t mess cum on her clothes. She jacked me off as I shuddered and quivered. I was a mess of cum on her hand and my dirty panties and over the floor.

She wiped her cum soaked hand over my nipples. Then she lifted it to my face for me to lick a few drops of my own cum off as she giggled.

She wiped the rest of the cum off on the dirty panties covering my ass. I moved my hands and began to feel her fine little round ass.

I copped a feel of her lovely silky soft round panty-covered ass. She let me continue for a while when she slapped my hand again. Then she said, “that’s enough for you, Liz’s queer little brother”.

She bit her lip seductively and left nearly as fast as she had entered. That left me in shock over the incident and shaking at being tossed like that by such a hot fucking little hottie babe.

I fell into bed wearing the dirty panties still. I finally fell asleep. But I woke up and jacked off remembering the kinky little scene with Heidi and me in the dirty panties as she jacked me off as she let me feel her up.

Heidi in my room

Heidi seemed to really enjoy her kinky little game she played with me that night. She came on to me again in the same manner one day when her and my sisters were going to the beach with my mom.

Leaving on an errand and to pick up Karen, Heidi offered to stay at the house and wait. She slipped into my room wearing shorts and a button down shirt over her bikini.

She shed her shirt and unsnapped her shorts letting them fall to the floor.

Fuck she was hot in her skimpy yellow string bikini and she told me we had to be quick and to get some dirty panties on.

My cock grew so hard seeing her there with her blond hair cascading down her shoulders. Her firm little titties pressed against her bikini and nearly falling out of it. And her tiny waist and defined hips barley held the string bottoms on.

I pulled a pair of my favorite panties on as she fondled my cock through them.

Heidi smiled as I reached up to touch her titties. I groped them through her top for a bit as she played with my cock. She undid her top and her soft titties looked and felt fantastic.

I leaned into them to taste their precious feminine flavor. She threw her head back as I kissed, licked and sucked on her sweet little breasts.

We stood there a bit and as I kissed and nuzzled her fantastic titties I reached behind and started feeling her sweet round little ass.

My sister’s tasty pussy

I copped a luscious feel of that hot little ass and my cock grew hard in the silky sting bikini panties I had on.

She threw me on my bed and started to rub her magnificent titties all over my panty-sheathed cock.

She tittie fucked me like that for a bit and then rose over me as I reached up to play with her titties some more. Heidi took one of my hands and placed it on her bikini-clad pussy.

I fingered it firmly through the thin fabric and was surprised when she undid the ties at the sides. It fell off, leaving her completely naked hovering over me.

Rising up over my face she planted her well-trimmed bush in my face, sinking the sweet smelling pussy onto my willing tongue.

I plunged my tongue all along and deep into her moist slit and she writhed in pleasure as she rode my face.

Fuck, that was the tastiest pussy I had ever tasted. The pure gratification of licking the horny cunt of such a little hottie made my cock swell in the silky dirty panties I had on.

I played with her lovely titties as I ate her out and Heidi moaned and whimpered her delight all over my face, cumming in short bursts.

My face was all wet and covered in fresh smelling pussy juices as she climbed off my face and draped her soft titties over my hard cock, pulling the dirty panties down a bit to feel the naked ecstasy of flesh on flesh, hard aching cock on soft tender titties.

Jacking off in the dirty panties

As she tittie fucked me from above with her soft titties and perky hard nipples I humped my throbbing cock up against the warm flesh of her titties.

Her bikini bottom was right there so I pulled it to my face for a whiff as Heidi fucked my cock with her hot little titties but I could take no more.

I began to cum all over her titties as she rubbed them into my cock and huge jets of thick, warm jizz spewed onto her charming breasts.

Her titties were coated with my sticky warm jizz and Heidi smiled, moved her face over my cock for a quick suck on the cum coated rod.

She wiped herself off with my sheets and then got off gathering her bikini and hurrying to get it back on and dressed just as we heard a car pull up.

She was dressed and composed in a flash and slipped out of my room liked nothing ever happened before the others got into the house.

My face stank pleasantly of pussy and I jacked off a couple of times in the dirty panties while they were all at the beach.


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Used women panties and men who love them

Used women panties are of top demand by men all over the world. Naturally, touching used panties might seem unnatural to most men but the fact is that some men love wearing/sniffing them.

More so, a lot of women are turned on by men who enjoy sniffing or wearing their used panties. This article examines the concept of used panties and why men love to wear them.

Men who like to wear used women panties

We can call men who wear used women panties as sexually fetish. They derive sexual gratification from wearing used panties.

Wikipedia explains that a fetish  is an object believed to  have supernatural powers, or in particular, a human-made object that has power over others. Essentially, fetishism is the emic attribution of inherent value or powers to an object.

used panties for sale on craigslist

In this modern day, the term “fetish” is used in a more sexual context. It applies  to a sexual fixation on a nonliving object or nongenital body part.

Hence, it is safe to say that men who love to wear panties are fetishists for wearing female panties. Notably, wearing used panties makes them sexually aroused.

Sometimes, it is the only way by which they can be sexually fulfilled. There is sometimes a misconception that such men are homosexual. This is not true.

Being a fetishist for female underwear is common among straight men. As said earlier, this is the only way they can become sexually aroused or fulfilled.

Often the fetishists for used women panties do not need to wear these panties before they become sexually aroused.

The look or smell of the panties is enough to turn them on.

Wearing used women panties is a way to arouse the mind and body for sex. Of course, this does not need to be the only way a fetishist man can get aroused.

However, the use of used panties can be especially important for men who find it difficult to get aroused through other ways.

The scent produced by used panties can react with a penis so that the panties raise the chance of getting erection easily and quickly.

That’s how fetishism work in most cases, which also includes the fetish of used panties.

How do men get used panties

It is obvious and known to everyone that women are the ones who wear panties.

Hence, the used panties which men so love and adore come from women. There are lots of ladies out there, ranging from college girls to married women, who sell used panties.

These ladies typically love to see men putting on their used panties.

For some women it is a bit of a fetish itself – knowing that men adore, worship, sniff and even wear their panties.

Also, women are unique. They often experience discharge through their vagina, which makes it sometimes challenging for them to wear panties for a longer period of time. But it’s possible!

These discharges are often natural body fluids. As a result, panties covered with this fluid are most sought-after by men who have this particular fetish.

In fact, some men prefer those panties that are not washed. In particular, they prefer creamy ones or those that are fully soaked with women fluids and worn for about 2-5 days.

The fact remains that most fetishist men enjoy those kinds of women fluid and they have the potential of raising the sexual urge in men.

More so, fetishist men love the scent of these kinds of worn panties and prefer those that have not been washed.

Reasons why women sell their used panties

Are you confused about why women sell their panties? Some women love to see men who sniff or wear their used pants.

Think about a young lady, let’s call her Angie 🙂 She loves men who wear her used panties. In fact, she is extremely excited and pleased to see men wearing her used panties.

The story of Angie

Let’s say Angie is a 30-year-old lady who prefers a single life. She has been selling her used panties to men who sniff them or wear them.

According to her, “there are lots of men out there looking for used women panties.

“When I was younger, I fantasized about boys wearing my used panties.”

“It gave me a sense of sexual arousal. Men, to me, always look lovely and seductive when wearing panties.”

“When I got older, I missed all  those feelings of sexual arousal and fantasies about men wearing used women panties.”

“I wished to bring back the experience of those days but I was unable to. Luckily for me, I met a friend who is into selling stuff on-line.”

That’s how I got into selling used panties…

“I asked her what she does and was surprised to hear her say she sells used panties. Immediately, it brought back the memory of my adolescence and developed strong interest.”

“Another situation which made me interested in the topic was in my go-go club, when a man stole my used panties – that situation actually turned me on.”

Most girls would get upset in such a situation, but it kind of switched on a light bulb for me. It made me thing there may be other guys interested in my panties.”

“I was amazed to discover that there is a legal market for used panties. Additionally, I was also amazed at how men over the world demand  used women panties.”

“I soon started selling used panties myself.”

“Aside from the fact that it brought extra income, it brings me closer to the world which is actually exciting and familiar to me.”

Men enjoy wearing used women pants for many reasons. However, the primary reason is for the sexual arousal and pleasure they derive from it.

“Currently, I have some regular customers who always seem to want more panties.”

Who buys used women panties?

Sniffing used panties can be dated back to some twenty years ago in Japan. However, lots of men all over the world are now participating in the used panties market.

Generally, male and female have a different scent and only the opposite sex can pick up this scent.

Men who buy used women panties are reported to get an erotic sense when they sniff the panties.

This case is synonymous to the enjoyment derived by men who sniff women shoes.

As a matter of fact, we cannot correctly ascertain the number of men who enjoy sniffing used women panties.

Also, not too many men are ready to admit that they are naturally aroused by the scent of used panties.

The transaction involving the selling of used panties is legal in as much as the process is fair and transparent.

There are even established websites which promote security and safety in the panty-selling business.

Among the fetishist men are retired gentlemen, male professionals, college students, and blue-collar workers. A whole variety of men interested in used women panties.

Furthermore, most men prefer and enjoy the natural scent of used women panties.

This means that they are more interested in women who do not wear perfume or other deodorants.

Some deodorants can cover up the natural scent and fragrance of their underwear.

The penis and other sexual parts of a man become aroused with the scent of women’s fluids. This generally spurs them into action and raises their need for sex.

Women who sell used panties

While we have considered men, let us consider women who sell or look to sell their used panties.

If you are looking to sell your used panties, online is the best way to sell them.

Today, there are plenty of sites which provide such service. However, before proceeding, there are some things to note.

Men who are panty fetishists love fresh panties. Hence, it is important to keep the scent of your used panties fresh at all times.

This can better be done by keeping them in plastic bags. Once you have nice fresh panties, finding someone interested should not be problem.

The next thing is to promote your panties. Look for platforms to auction your panties, either on your personal blog or dedicated auction sites.

Used women panties overnight

The fact the men love creamy women panties doesn’t mean they should always be dirty.

Some men prefer them cleaner – they will tell you about it. In that case, opt for a more clean pair of panties, wear them to bed and keep them on throughout the day.

You may decide to go to a gym or walk or any other activity that will ensure you cover them with just the right amount of body fluid.

This type of used panties is typically the favorite among panty fetishists.

Why do men sniff used women panties?

To some people, used women panties may not seem that attractive. However, the fluids on them have an effect on the brain of most men.

Just like the natural scent flowing from the woman’s vagina, the panties can be irresistible.

It is a natural biological reaction that triggers the sexual instinct in a man.

This sexual urge and satisfaction is what makes sniffing and wearing used women panties popular among men.

Men usually tend to remember well the events they really enjoy. Of course, this includes their sexual fantasies.

Sometimes, they need more than just the image of sexual scenes. The touch and smell of the panties can add another level of fantasy and make the whole experience appear more realistic.

This is also one of the reasons why men are often looking for the thrills involved in panty fetish.

This will add an increased level of enjoyment and fun to their sexual lives.

It can also help men who wish to smell the scent of vagina. It can even help to save marriages as only the smell of a used woman panties can be enough for some men!

Men enjoy it

Men enjoy used women panties for a number of reasons.

First, there is a taboo which they want to break. Buying used woman panties can be thrilling in itself, doing something which is not ‘mainstream’.

It also allows men the opportunity to smell, touch, and even wear these panties for as long as they want.

More importantly, the panties are coming from a woman who is willing and ready to sell them.

This ensures that the man’s panty fetish is catered for and the process is entirely legal.

The man is not only looking to smell or feel the texture of a creamy panty.

More importantly, he also wants to feel the link between the wearer and the panties.

Hence, some women who sell their panties usually send pictures of them wearing these panties.

This can serve as evidence that these panties were indeed worn.

The pictures of real-life panties add a sexual thrill desired by the man. In fact, they make the experience more realistic and entertaining.

Sometimes long-term relationships develop between the buyers and the seller. This, in turn, adds a sense of closeness and creates a better sense of relationship with the man.

Sexual benefits of used women panties

With much said, it is also essential to consider the sexual benefits of used women panties.

Are you a sexy bad boy that needs to be punished? Women panties are a no-go area if you are not ready to get aroused.

With just an ordinary pair of used women panties, your sexual parts may rise beyond control.

Your penis will become erected and looking for a hot pussy to fuck. If you are lucky enough to have the pictures and/or the video of the original wearer, your sexual urge will be heightened.

Even more, there are also some economic, marital, and emotional benefits attached to used women panties.

Economic benefits

To women: Selling used panties serves as a source of additional income.

Some used panties can sell as high as £50 per one pair. Typically they are much cheaper, between £15 and £20.

To men: Buying used women panties would save you the headache of going around your neighborhood and trying to smell panties lol:)

In fact, it would save you the potential assaults and embarrassment you might get if you try!

Marital benefit

Used women panties can solve a lot of potential crises in a marriage. There have been cases where the husband is a fetishist for used panties.

In this sense, he wants to smell panties of his wife or of a different woman.

Instead of going out for prostitution, he can easily buy used panties. This is not that uncommon!

Emotional benefits

Without unnecessary repetition, it must be said that used women panties help to sexually arouse a man.

Often men do derive sexual satisfaction from sniffing or wearing used women panties.

This is highly beneficial to men who are physically isolated from women but need to experience sexual satisfaction.

Bottom line

It’s quite simple, really. Used women panties are offered by women to men who enjoy wearing/sniffing them.

While this can serve as an additional source of income for women, it also benefits the man.

Many men derive sexual benefits and satisfaction from used panties.

Furthermore, some women love to see men who sniff or wear their used panties.

This usually forms a sexual link between the woman and man even when they are not physically close.

Being a fetishist for used women panties is natural and common.

There is a market for buying and selling used pants. Many women advertise their used panties on a daily basis.

Also, thousands of men are looking to buy these panties in order to satisfy their sexual urge.

Sniffing and wearing used women panties has lots of benefits and many of them were explained in this article.


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Masked Panty Worship For Mistress Angie

The GORGEOUS,SEXY,SEXY Mistress Angie has set her Slave, ScarfenMask a task requesting me to write a piece for her blog about my love of her worn, used panties and thongs and how I combine panty worship of them and her beauty.

I will also be describing how her wonderful feminine power and dominance over me influences my sexual urges induced by my intense worship of her and her panties culminating in relief in honour and to give thanks to My SEXY,SEXY Mistress.

My panty worship fetish

I fit into the fetish clothing side of the services that My Mistress provides for Transvestite Slaves who want to worship and devote themselves to her by being provided with beautiful clothes and items that she has used or worn.

To My Mistress I am known as Slave ScarfenMask and am a transvestite who likes to wear clothes, previously  worn by My Beautiful Mistress and also have a passion for the clothing and use of it that goes together to form My Slave name of ScarfenMask.

I just love feminine scarves and use them tied over my face as masks, thus my name. I am a relatively new member to the lovely Slave family controlled by Mistress Angie. Having been accepted into this world the past few months has been a getting to know process of Slave and Mistress. Finding the things that in my case have been quite minor to tweak, adjust and improve.

With the help of My Mistress I am now being pushed and encouraged to get the best from my feminine self through being dominated and submitting myself to the fact that My Mistress is allowing me to be feminine in order so that I worship her with the intensity that she requires and deserves.

So having set the scene and  given a brief outline of the key elements of my duties as a  Slave, my Slave name, interests and how I fit into the wonderful world of being a Slave I now can move onto the task I have been set. “Masked Panty Worship”

Not long after the New Year had started contained within one of the regular mails that I receive from My Mistress was a lovely request regarding panties.

Mistress Angie has a unique style when asking a request of her Slave. It is all done with elegance, sophistication and glamour. This technique of getting me the Slave to respond to the request is an example of how her female dominance and beauty can get the result that she requires. This is how the request was worded.

“It will soon be time for My Slave to purchase some more sexy panties from Your Mistress.”

Follow up mails passed between us regarding when the panties had been sourced, pictures to choose from and extras required. Excitement prevailed with the anticipation of their arrival. This was not only because of the panties but also My Mistress had  told me that she was sending  a very special gift as well.

Arriving home from work one day not to long after Mistress Angie had dispatched the parcel I found it waiting for me. My heart started to pound and thoughts turned to My Mistress and the divine contents that were contained in her ever so neat discreet packet.

I managed to control myself and very carefully opened the parcel. Inside were 3 sealed air tight bags containing panties, thongs, plus one other surprise one, and indeed what a surprise too. The extra bag contained the gift that I had been sent. This gift was an absolutely gorgeous black scarf.

By return of post so to speak I quickly sent off a mail of thanks for the GORGEOUS,DIVINE contents to My Mistress, saying how delighted I was with the thongs/panties and the surprise scarf gift. I quickly received a mail from a delighted Mistress who was very pleased  that I liked the panties and scarf so much. I was ready to take my panty worship to the next level.

I shall quickly explain the panty/thong and scarf connection. Firstly the lingerie part is the gentle pushing of me by my sexy Mistress to make my  “Girlie” side more dominant by wearing  her very sexy worn underwear. I am then submitting my male persona to My Mistress, her domination and her female power by worshipping her, including her panty worship.

The panty worship is in thanks for the honour of being her Slave. The scarf is something that is very meaningful to me as a transvestite who has a great passion/fetish for scarves and the masking fetish that I have. Mistress Angie knows that scarves makeup a large part of my female dressing and to have been given one by her is wonderful. It is again an item of hers that just sends out her wonderful female dominance and feminine power.

To give those of you who are not Slaves an insight into this divine power and dominance over me. Every day I wear panties for My Mistress, under tights and I always take her scarf with me whether I wear it in a girlie fashion which is per the norm or just put it in my pocket or on the seat in my car.

Being A Slave For Mistress Angie is such a WONDERFUL thing.

Further to the package arriving Mistress Angie asked me would I take some pictures of myself wearing the scarf to show my love for it and in worship of it. Mistress Angie also asked me in her lovely way that she hoped that the items would make me produce a nice lot of SEXY MESS for her too. I replied to her to say that I would be only to pleased to carry out this task for her and so she left the task with me to complete.

Knowing the very special place in my transvestite life I have for scarves and the effort and thought that My Mistress had gone to in choosing the scarf for me I knew I had to produce some extra special panty worship pictures for My Mistress in thanks for the wonderful items I had received.

I knew immediately what I was going to do with the scarf but the thongs and panties offered me with a bit more of a challenge as to how to show intense panty worship to My Mistress. Now as I said early I have a fetish for and love of masking and use scarves to mask with.

I am also good at improvising with other pieces of female attire to use as masks, the classic example being with stockings and tights. Having had a look at the panties and thongs I decided they too could be used over my mouth and nose as masks. The following describes my masked panty worship with the thongs and scarf.

A mask was made from the red and the blue thong as shown in the pictures that accompany this piece. The same method of using the thongs as a mask applies to both. I took a thong and opened it out as if I was going to put it on normally. I then brought the lovely front piece of the thong up to my mouth and nose so  the inside that had been closest to My Mistress was covering my lower face.

I then looped the dainty elastic parts that you step through over my ears which held the thong fairly tightly against my face. To get extra tightness of the thong against my face I used one of my own scarves tied over my head. I crossed the ends of the scarf under my chin also catching the thong as well which pulled it under my chin, making it tighter against my face which I of course wanted for the feel of the fabric against my face and also for worshipping.

My Mistress had requested that she wanted to see me wearing the scarf. I added the scarf to my already thong  masked face. At  first I tied it over my mouth on top of the thong as shown in the pictures and then totally over the thong and my headscarf.

By this time my drive for intense panty worship was reaching its peak with all the above preparation producing extremely good sexual needs and desires to produce a good quantity of Sexy Mess For My Mistress Angie.

It was all I could do to take the pictures and not to start sexual relief. My Mistress likes me to have self control when wearing her clothes and I hang on as long as possible so I produce a decent amount of thanks during panty worship.

Having taken the pictures, I then put on a pair of tights and heels. I didn’t wear panties underneath as I love to feel the nylon against my aroused sex and the feeling of nylon against my legs.

By this time things were highly charged my breathing was heavy through the two wonderful layers of mask .I was inhaling deep long, breaths savouring the scent and smells of my Mistress as they mixed with one another like a cocktail ,the perfume attached to the scarf mingling with the scent of my Mistress on the thong.

The scarf mask tied tightly over the thong sealed it tight against my face. As my breathing quickened the air drawn through the scarf which was cooler than the warm air captured straight from my mouth and nose, caught by the thong caused the thong to dampen and then to delightfully and delicately stick to my face.

This caused me to breathe through my mouth, my breaths quickening, further, almost to steam train proportions, causing my lips to stick to the wonderful thong as I poured my hot thanks out into my waiting tights which were already partly damp. I watched them dampen more, then become, WET, WET, catching  the Eruption, then concluding with a torrent

“ OF SEXY SEXY MESS…!!!!  In conclusion of carrying out……..

Masked Panty Worship For Mistress Angie.

Thank you so much again Mistress Angie for the panties and the scarf. Also thank you for this lovely assignment which I have thoroughly enjoyed writing for your site.

As always I have written this with much love and XXXX’s

Your Obedient Slave ScarfenMask XXXX’s


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Love And Devotion For Mistress Angie

Firstly I would like to say a Big Big Thank you Mistress Angie for all you have done for me since I became your Slave “ScarfenMask.” I would also like to thank you for the coaxing and leading me onto the correct road that my Slave life must now take in serving you to the high standard that you require.

To do this I have submitted myself to worship your beauty and show my love and devotion for you in appreciation of your ownership of me and the feminine dominance you have over my life.

A friendly hello to all of you who may read the following on the website of My Gorgeous Mistress Angie. It is a great honour for me as a Slave to have been asked by My Mistress Angie to write down a few thoughts and jottings on the subject of Showing “Love And Devotion” for a Mistress. So let me begin……

To those of you who haven’t sampled the delights of My Mistress and her website I shall try to put into words her loveliness and describe her to you. She is very intelligent, articulate, well mannered, kind, friendly, honest and helpful. This is combined with the most wonderful, beautiful body that a woman can have.

This is accessorised with glamour, elegance, a dash of sophistication which is further dusted with liberal quantities of HOT SEXINESS. So we now have all the ingredients so to speak which when blended together make for one STEAMING HOT SEXY GODESS which is Mistress Angie.

I first made contact with Mistress Angie after being pointed in the direction of the verified panty sellers website, having experienced disappointment from other ladies who sold their panties on line.

I clicked on the drop down of UK based lady panty sellers and scrolled down it, looking, until I reached the site belonging to that of My Mistress Angie. There was just that something about the site that gave it a bit of an edge amongst the other ones. I must be honest and say  it was not without a little trepidation that I sent my first mail to My Mistress not knowing at the time that it was going to lead to something wonderful in my life.

As regular customers will know it wasn’t long before a polite, kind and very helpful email popped into my inbox. It was the start of frequent mails back and forth discussing my requirements, which in this first instance were for tights. It was during this time that My Mistress Angie to be commented on my emails saying that she enjoyed reading them as they were well thought out and were engaging.

This struck a chord with me as I had been looking at other services that she offered and had got round to thinking that I would like to apply to become a Slave.

I sent off an email to her asking if I may apply to become a slave. In response to this she said taking into account the mails I had already sent her, she thought that I had the potential to become a Slave. I was then asked to send an email to apply for a Slave position that best suited me. In my response I included all the information associated with becoming a transvestite/clothes fetish Slave. I was also asked why I wanted to serve such a BEAUTIFUL woman.

The mail was sent off and I patiently waited for my application to be considered and hopefully approved. A mail of reply was sent back and I can remember hovering my mouse over it and clicking to open it with a beating heart which grew faster as I read the words. I was a Slave. A Beautiful lady now owned me Mistress Angie.

I was now Slave ScarfenMask. This I will explain as I just brushed on this in the previous paragraph. I am a transvestite so was drawn to the fact that my Mistress Angie catered for the needs of transvestites through her site. This was ideal for me because I could combine my love of feminine clothing and their fetish properties eg buying the clothing worn and used by My Mistress Angie. This leads me onto explaining my Slave name.

The scarf bit comes from one of my favourite pieces of clothing that turns me on when used for its fetish qualities in the form of a mask, thus my name “ScarfenMask” To add to this a little further my Slave name describes the fetish side of my dressing but when I am just in plain “Girlie” mode I am called Sarah-Jane.

We  now move  onto the serious Slave/Mistress relationship and what it means to be owned and dominated by such a BEAUTIFUL Mistress Angie. Having received a delightful Slave certificate I was welcomed into the new phase of my life where everything is tailored around the BEAUTY, ELEGANT,CLASSY,SOPHISTICATED and STYLISH life style of My Mistress Angie. By becoming Her Slave I have now submitted myself to this and the very high standards that she requires.

At the very top of my list in serving Mistress Angie are three VERY Important words.

Worship, love, devotion for Mistress Angie

Mistress Angie pointed out to me at the beginning of my Slave Life that these three words were the key to a good relationship between Mistress and Slave and they had to be considered at all times. Well as you can imagine to a “Newbie Slave” this seemed very daunting at the time and I must admit to being a little apprehensive at being able to serve My Mistress Angie in the manner that she was accustomed to.

To achieve the  above it was decided that I submit my male persona to My Mistress. In doing this I was bringing my feminine true self out from the shadows where it wasn’t reaching its full potential. After a few adjustments, changes and with encouragement from my Mistress Angie her female dominance now controlled me.

Having moved my male self to one side so to speak I could concentrate on my female Side. It was decided that I could continue with my cross-dressing and fetish dressing with the help of My Mistress Angie with her ideas on style and in approving my choice of clothing. I am now very lucky to have been able to purchase a couple of dresses from My Mistress, a couple of pairs of divine thongs and a scarf, as well as the fore mentioned tights.

So with the foundations in place serving my Mistress in the manner that she was accustomed to could commence. Below are examples of how I WORSHIP  My Mistress and show my LOVE and DEVOTION for her.

I send  regular emails of worship expressing what an honour it is to be serving a beautiful Mistress Angie in appreciation of that beauty. Included in these mails are details of what I have been doing especially if I have worn some of her clothing during my normal daily routine. I also include details of sexual activity.

Masturbation is now something that is for My Mistress Angie in appreciation of her dominance over me, for allowing me to be in touch with my feminine persona, to be able to purchase her beautiful clothes, to look after them, loving and cherishing them and then thanking her for allowing me to use them as a sexual stimulant whilst worshipping her.

Every day I think about My Mistress at regular times of the day. I devote time first thing in the morning and last thing at night just to think of My Mistress. At these times I may get out a item of her clothing and touch it feel it, savour the scent through smelling it, even wear it and thank her for allowing me to have such precious items of hers.

All the items I have purchased have a special place of safety they are cherished, carefully looked after and loved.

I have special days of the week when I wear her thongs. Before they are put on in the morning they are worshipped. I thank My Mistress Angie for them. I think of my Mistress through out the day thinking of her wearing them on herself, her beautiful body, touching and veiling her female sex. I slip them off at the ends of the day and give myself sexual relief thanking My Mistress Angie to be able to own such wonderful things.

I dress totally en femme for at least half a day at weekends when I can in the dresses that My Mistress Angie has worn with the  thongs and the tights again thanking My Mistress for allowing me to dress in this way with her clothes

Time is set aside too for indulgence into my fetish side too. This is performed using the clothes and accessories that turn me on the most. I then combine these with the clothes of My Mistress which I then worship through having been allowed to purchase them and then wear them. I also show my devotion to her by thanking her for allowing me to explore my fetish side and the aroused state it gives me to use the fetish items with her clothes.

The combination of clothes is numerous but my worship, dedication, devotion and love for My Mistress Angie is always intense.

In summing up I  dedicate this piece to My Mistress Angie in thanks for her domination over my life. I cherish the fact that I am owned by her and am her Slave.

ScarfenMask is pleased that the correct path was taken and will now continue to follow it in order to…..

Obey, Worship and show Love and Devotion to his Mistress Angie.

It is with much love and XXXX’s that I submit this dedication to you Mistress Angie.

Your Slave “ScarfenMask”  XXXXX’s

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Dirty Used Panties: Confession of Angie’s Addict

So what is it that excites me so much about dirty used panties? Oh where to start…lets start with all the pretty colours & styles, so many to choose from. Just holding a pair of panties in my hands really gets me excited! I absolutely love holding satin panties in my hands & feeling them all over, so smooth & sexy!

I love wearing dirty used panties on my face, taking in the wonderful scent while thinking about everything the sexy lady did while wearing them in the run of a day. I think about what kind of thoughts the lady might have while wearing panties, knowing they’ll be in my hands & on my face. I have slept while wearing panties on my face until the moment I wake up. Waking up with panties on your face, gets the day started on the right foot!

I’ve only started buying worn/dirty used panties from many sexy ladies late 2014 & have well over 100 pairs in my collection. I love taking them all & dumping them on me when sitting down or in bed, being buried in a pile of dirty panties really excites me! I hold onto them as if my life depended on them.

So fun to just pick a pair out of the pile & run your hands inside & out of them. I also love rubbing them all over my face, both inside & out while I reach down my pants for my cock & stroke away until I cum!

I eventually discovered Angie on twitter & scheduled a purchase date with her for 2 pairs of dirty used panties. I was extremely happy & it was such a great experience & an absolute pleasure to do so as I was absolutely hooked on her scent! I love using my tongue on the gusset of her panties, getting a taste of all those juicy stains!

I love sitting back while wearing Angie’s pretty, sexy panties on my face. I would have her gusset over my nose, knowing that’s the closest I’ll ever get to this gorgeous woman’s pussy & breathed in the lovely aroma as my hand would find it’s way down my pants & stroking my cock!

I would also spread the backside of Angie’s dirty used panties over my face knowing that’s the closest I’ll ever be to Angie’s gorgeous booty & rubbing them all over my face to get as much ass aroma as possible! I love stroking my cock with Angie’s panties on my face, wishing she was still in them & that she is sitting on my face! 

It wasn’t long before I needed another dose of Angie & made another purchase. I took advantage of just one of her many great deals, the Panty Pack Essence offer where you get 3 pairs of panties + video clip + photo set = £35.

For anybody that is quite serious about dirty used panties, it’s a hell of a deal if you ask me! I own 5 pairs of Angie’s lovely scented panties & that number will only continue to grow as long as she continues selling!


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My Day Out With Angies Used Panties

The following story is by W., my dear panty friend.

This was not the first experience with wearing panties.

But after having worn a pair while out for dinner with friends and an afternoon of going shopping in Angies used panties, I was quite certain I wanted to wear panties again. When a full day of fun with just men presented itself I knew that would be a perfect opportunity. Men don’t usually pay too much attention to wardrobe, so I felt a bit surer that I would likely not get caught.

But because it was a full day, and due to lots of alcohol, there would still be plenty of risk. Part of that risk is also good because it continuously reminded me that I was wearing Angies used panties. A fun detail of course is that the panties arrived just in time 😉

Before my night out in Angies used panties…

Now I wasn’t just going to wear your panties, but your dirty panties at that. That felt really naughty Angie, thank you so much. Last Friday I got home really late, so it wasn’t until Saturday morning that I unpacked the Angies used panties. I was happy to smell your perfume on them, and like I said, when I saw you already had some fun with them I got very aroused.

Still not fully awake, I decided to take a shower and in the shower I shaved my behind and also my cock and balls. I figured why not try to get the best experience from this. Most if it I already kept trimmed anyway. Once out of the shower I put on the panties and was amazed at how well they fit. And they felt so good, so soft and smooth. I also liked the lace part in the back that gave the panties an even more feminine look.

Over to my friends

After a cup of tea I went over to my friend’s house to enjoy our day together. In total we were about 12 guys, but some could only make it in the morning/afternoon, and some others only for the evening. The day was perfect, and I was enjoying our little secret so much. Just before noon I figured it was time to check on the Angies used panties 🙂

I went to the bathroom and dropped my pants. The scent of your perfume still present. I ran my hands over the panties, so perfect. Rubbing the panties on my butt and in the front was fantastic. But I did not allow me much time and soon pulled up my pants again, checked if I was decent and went out to the party again.

Almost exposed!

It was decided to go outside a bit and do a bbq for lunch. After the bbq some of the guys started playing a bit of soccer and soon everyone joined in. We had fun, but at one point one of the guys tripped and fell, and took me with him to the ground.

When I got back up I noticed my shirt was no longer tucked into my pants and I had a bit of a scare. I quickly tucked it back in, and no one said anything, so I guess none of them saw any part of the Angies used panties peek out 🙂

Well after about half an hour we all felt warm and thirsty and went back inside. It was a bit of a waiting line for the bathroom 🙂 Once inside I noticed the panties were damp from my sweat and their scent was much more noticeable now, which worried me a bit, but there was nothing I could do now. It felt naughty.

Once home again, it was about three in the morning and I was pretty drunk. I went straight to bed and this morning I woke up, still wearing the panties. I had an amazing time yesterday!

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Sisters Used Panties Story

The author of this story is Jakladd

Like many cross-dressers, it started early for me.  I had been sick and fragile much of my pre-teen years and only returned to decent health around 12. By my early teens I was lithe at 5′ 9″ and barely 130 pounds, too small for masculine activities and babied by my mom.

Dad had given up on a son to pursue masculine pursuits.  I had a fascination with my two older sisters’ undergarments which overwhelmed my senses and the times when I was alone in the house I discovered how stimulating it was to put on a pair of sisters used panties.  

One particular day I disrobed in my sisters’ bathroom and my teenage cock throbbed as I pulled on a pair of Brenda’s pretty, silky bikini panties. They were shimmering white with pink lace trim and a tiny pink bow in front.  It was pure excitement as I felt their silky sensuousness on my boyish manhood & cute little ass.  

My erection tingled as I rummaged through a bevy of bras, camisoles, panties, skirts, blouses and feminine clothing.  Gathering up a silky camisole I went to my room and pulled out some hidden girlie magazines. With the soft sexy sisters used panties hugging my erect penis I pulled on the silky camisole it made me feel so feminine and I felt dizzy by the whole taboo experience.  Never had I been so aroused leafing through the magazines eyeing the naked women in their silky, skimpy attire.  

I furiously masturbated when my excited penis then shook with a thunderous ejaculation. I had not cum for a few days and it seemed I had never been this sexually excited. Cum shot out with such force that some of it splattered up in my face.  There was cum in my eye and over my nostrils & lips with big gobs of cum all over my sister’s camisole.

 My head spun and my breathing and heart rate were accelerated as I luxuriated in this mind bending orgasm.  Slowly I came back to reality wiping cum from my face as I experienced the taste and scent of cum for the first time.  In a bit of terror I realized that I had soiled my sister’s camisole and sisters used panties with my cum.  Washing them in the sink I dried them as quickly as I could and returned them to the hamper, hoping my erotic foray would go unnoticed.

Guilt racked me for days afterwards and it was another week before I got the nerve to try on another pair of panties. With everyone gone in the house, I sneaked into my other sister’s room, Annie’s, and began a spree trying on as many panties that caught my eye as well as bras, skirts, hose. A particular pair of hot pink micro fiber string bikini felt incredible over my privates when I started looking at dresses from the closet.

Finding her yellow & gold spaghetti strap silky dress that I loved seeing her in made my head spin as I never could imagine how exciting it was to be so feminine.  Trying it on, it fit wonderfully and my nipples got hard as I felt them through the shimmery material. Wearing a dress made my whole body tingle as I sashayed around her room. Rummaging through her drawers I found some pink stockings that made me breathe in excited breaths as I pulled them up my legs and I felt like a child at Christmas finding all these wonderful feminine things.  

With the stockings on my legs I had been longing to try on some high heels.  A pair of 5″ silver strappy sandals actually fit me and after fumbling them on I wobbled around her room intoxicated with the taboo excitement of what I was doing. Stopping ever so often to admire myself in her full length mirror my little penis was hard as stone and tingled in the pink sisters used panties. With more confident strides in the high heels I made my way to the bathroom that my sisters shared in between their two bedrooms.  

The whole experience of feminizing myself grew as I perused the incredible number and array of cosmetics – lipstick, eye-shadow, eye liner, mascara, foundation, blush, lip gloss.  It was mind boggling all the colors & shades of feminine make up art; girls were so lucky to be able to preen and paint themselves pretty like this.  

With my hands shaking from excitement, amateurishly I put on vibrant blue eye shadow, mascara, blush and the sweetest bright pink lipstick.  OMG I felt & looked like such a pretty girl as I again admired myself in the mirror.  Then out of the corner of my eye something caught my attention in the laundry hamper.  On top of all the clothes was a flowery pair of soiled sisters used panties.  The cotton panel was crusted with what appeared to be a dried mucus substance.  Inquisitively I pulled them to my nose; I was not ready for what the scent did to me.

It overpowered my senses as I smelled the intoxicating scent of guttural femininity.  If my penis was hard before it was doubly so now as I drank in the sultry sweet essence of my sister’s femininity.  My head  spun as I fell to my knees and pulled on my excited penis extending from the pretty dress and the soiled panties glued to my nose.  Needless to say it only took a few pulls and I ejaculated many powerful ropes of cum over the carpeted bathroom floor.  

The sensation of feeling was so intense as I gasped for breath with the aromatic panties still glued to my nose.  Setting the panties aside for a moment I got up and pulled the dress off over my head, not wanting to soil such a nice dress with my cum.  Gaining confidence walking in the high heels I hung the dress back up and wearing just the pink sisters used panties & pink stockings & heels I returned to the bathroom.  I was still hard!  My penis was still just so excited and as I saw myself in the mirror I thought I looked hotter than ever.  Something about high heels, stockings & panties with a naked torso and chest turned me on no end.

Picking up the soiled panties I inhaled their spine tingling aroma again as I jacked off again as I lay down on the floor. Running my hands all over my body with the fragrant panties draped over my nose I just loved the feeling of the hose on my legs; the high heels made me feel so girlish; my little bubble butt felt divine in the silky panties.  It took a little longer but as I mashed the dirty panties into my nostrils I furiously masturbated to another bone shaking, mind bending ejaculation, cum fountain-ing all over my belly and chest.  

Laying there with my mind spinning & my heart racing I then realized I had smeared lipstick on the soiled sisters used panties.  In a moment of indulgence I wiped up the cum that was all over me with the panties & greedily decided to take them to my room with me.  I showered to get the make up & cum off of me.  That night I pulled the panties out while I was in bed; with the feminine aroma of my sister coupled with the tangy scent and dampness of my own cum my penis got so hard as I alternatively sniffed them and rubbed my hardness with them.

Another numbing orgasm followed and again I sopped up the cum with the panties.  Once more in the middle of the night and again early in the morning I jacked off again with the sperm crusted panties which by morning were still a bit damp with my sperm.  Laying in bed that morning with the fragrant damp panties glued to my nose the scent was overpowering; by now the predominant scent was that of my own cum after many excited ejaculations had doused the feminine flowered underwear.

There was just enough of the aroma of pussy seeping through with the cum scent to make my cock ever harder before yet another powerful sperm bath to be sopped up with the panties as I reluctantly pulled them away from my nose to wipe up my excited mess. 

With what little rationalization I had left I washed the sisters used panties in my sink in warm soapy water in hopes of cleaning my repeated cum blasts from my sister’s panties.  This was also sad in that I was giving up such an exciting piece of clothing that had given me so much pleasure.  

The panties were dried and returned at an opportune time to the hamper when my sisters were not in their rooms. Quickly I rummaged through the hamper in hopes of finding another pair of pussy scented panties but disappointment reigned supreme as what few panties were in there were not that pretty and had very little or no scent on them.

My quest was set from then on, always looking in the clothes hamper for pretty panties and especially those sweet smelling pussy mucus scented sisters used panties.  With two pretty sisters I was fortunate to fairly often find a fragrant pair of silky panties and I would slip into a funk of unrelenting masturbation, cross dressing and feminine idolization.  The laundry room was in our unfinished basement and at the other end of the basement there were several old armchairs, a musty old couch and a lamp.

I could be alone here pretending to be playing video games when I was really looking at pilfered Playboy’s, Penthouse’s, Oui’s, Hustler’s, Cheri & Swank mags. I knew every page, every girl that followed on the next photo spread, every exciting sex scene from the raunchier mags with girls sucking cock, getting fucked and generally getting ejaculated on with cum.  

I loved being girlish wearing sisters used panties, camisoles, bras, stockings and heels and masturbating two, 3, even four times a day.  The back pages of the raunchier magazine had all the sex ads for videos and phone sex; it was just so exciting seeing the myriad of ad’s with all kinds of sex, gay sex included.

My infatuation with panties, masturbation and all things feminine ruled my world, though I was a good student, however geeky, and I did have a few friends.  One was William and we’d at times play video games in the basement on the couch.  Inevitably we’d talk about girls and sometimes look at my stash of girly magazines.

 One day when we were gawking over the luscious naked women in the pictures my arousal got the better of me & I went to the laundry room there in the basement and rummaged around for a few pairs of sisters used panties, one of which was pleasantly soiled and I took a few long whiffs heightening my arousal even more.  

Returning to where Will was looking at the magazines I tossed him a pretty pair of pink panties while I clutched a pair of satiny cream colored string bikini panties.  Will looked up at me in amazement but I said nothing but was fantastically excited to be sharing my fetish with another person. Not being able to help myself I stood up & undid my jean shorts and pulled them off along with my boys underwear.  Smitten with lust I sat back down and began to look again at the magazines with my hard little penis exposed to my friend.  

Somewhat in shock but also very aroused Will unzipped and pulled out his hard penis as well.  Soon I was rubbing the sisters used panties over my hardness further exciting me as Will then followed suit.  The whole erotic scene of two boys masturbating with girls panties was very quickly too much for us and in no time I was flailing about as I pulled frantically on my penis and huge ropes of cum ejaculated out over me onto my hand, the panties, my stomach & tee shirt.

Will watched in amazement as I came and he soon followed suit ejaculating into the silky panties.  We gasped in embarrassment (though we both really enjoyed seeing each other cum) and quickly got dressed.  Needless to say after Will left I took the panties he came into and jacked off sniffing another boy’s cum in my sisters panties.

Nothing was said of our little episode when we saw each other but the following Saturday we were alone in the house and playing video games in the basement. There was a little sexual tension in the air due to the previous week’s jack off session.  We began leafing through some girly magazines and both were soon very hard.

I planned forhis and before Will came over I had staged some of my sisters used panties in the basement bathroom.  Underneath my clothing I had on stockings & panties from one of my sisters.   Pulling out the hidden panties I tossed one pair to Will & I took the other, both were soiled with the scent of my sisters. Standing up I stood before him all and took off my tee-shirt & jeans my hard little dick tenting in the panties.

Wow, we were both so hard.  Will undid his pants and started jacking off.   Pressing my frilly pair of panties to my nose Will got the hint and soon were were both intoxicated by the feminine scent of the panties. 

As we lay there on the couch I reached over and placed my hand on his penis.   Sliding down I did something I had fantasized about for a long time, I slipped Will’s cock into my mouth.  Oh how sweet it tasted and as good I’m sure it felt to Will it sent shivers down my spine and electrified my own hard penis as I began sucking off my best friend.  It was heaven and up to this point in my life I had never been so sexually aroused.  

As best and loving as I could I sucked and kissed and licked Will’s nice penis which was substantially bigger than my own.  Will lay back oblivious to everything except the pleasure I was bestowing upon his penis as he continued to sniff the heavenly scent of my sisters used panties.  With more and more cock sucking obsession I continued sucking off another boy for the first time in my life. Finally happened.  Writhing and moaning and humping up into my mouth Will then ejaculated many excited gobs of creamy boy sperm into my cock famished mouth.  

After tasting my own cum so many times I knew how much I would like the taste of his as I hungrily lapping in every pearly drop of his luscious cum.  As he wilted and lay there spent I climbed over him. He lifted me up and felt for my penis sticking out of my sisters panties.  Excitedly I humped it into his hand and in very short order began to ejaculate my own sperm all over his tender naked boyish belly & chest.

In stunned silence we gathered our wits about what had just transpired. For me it was a sexual expression that would define my life.  For Will however he was very conflicted about what had happened and told me he did not want to be gay and he stopped coming over and hanging out with me.

In the same time frame I actually had a girlfriend, Kelly.  She was really not all that cute with glasses & acne and frizzy unruly brown hair but she was a slender girl and just being around her excited me no end.  Kelly was somewhat of a social queen and had a special magnetism with boys.  She would choose a boy, like she did with me and then quickly move on to another.

Kelly was also very athletic and a star on the girls soccer team. Her parents both worked and her and her older brother both had the house after school till around 6pm.  I was mesmerized by her as we would spend time in her room after school.  There were a few times she let me feel her up under her shirt and as a boy I cant tell you how exciting it was to be this close to a girl – her scent, kissing her, feeling her up, just being near her.

Being somewhat of a tease she would never let me get too far though she did jack me off a number of times; she knew she could control boys very easily by doing this.  The few times she did jack me off was absolutely exciting beyond belief. The feel of her soft feminine hand on my penis made me harder than I had ever been and she really got into it urging me on as she brought me to climax, messing cum all over her hand.  

I was totally under her spell and she knew it.  In my arousal being with her when I was able to feel her up, just touching her soft little breasts through her bra was a special reward (when she actually let me touch them without pulling my hands away).  

Her panties fascinated me me & though I rarely saw more than a glimpse of the waist band one day I slipped my hand into her shorts and touched her pussy through her panties. Fully expecting to to have her pull my hand away she let me continue and I could tell she was getting very turned on by this. With my hand rubbing her through her panties for quite some time I then slipped my hand inside the sisters used panties and actually touched her pussy.

Again she did not stop me and my middle finger slid between her slit and as I continued.   Kelly was very excited and my finger slid deeper into her.  Soon she was riding my finger oblivious to everything except the pleasure my finger was bestowing upon her.  Breathing heavily and shaking Kelly started moaning and whimpering before slowly shuddering and calming down.  She pushed my hand away and politely sent me on my way.

Needless to say I was very excited about what had just transpired and was hard nearly the whole way home.  A t home I stripped & put on a pair of my sister Brenda’s panties.  Then as I was about to masturbate over the incident I brushed my nose with my finger that had just brought Kelly to climax; OMG it smelt divine! Much like the scent I would find on my sisters’ soiled panties it drove me wild with sensory excitement.  

With my right hand glued to my nose I had to jack off left handed giving a totally new feeling and heightened stimulation with the pussy scented finger urging me on.  Like a rocket I came splattering cum all over me & the sisters used panties. The smell turned me on so much I did not wash my hand for 2 days and must have masturbated 6 times in that stretch. Kelly was at school late for soccer practice Tuesdays & Thursdays and I generally visited her on Monday & Wednesday afternoons before her folks came home.  Sometimes her brother was around, sometimes not.

One particular week was a Monday school holiday with no classes & the next day Tuesday I absentmindedly went over to her house, thinking it was Monday.  Her brother let me in, looked at me funny when I said I’d just wait for Kelly in her room like she was on her way.  I waited quite some time before I realized it was Tuesday and she was at soccer practice.  

I decided to leave & went to pee in berbathroom across the hall.  Like any boy I left the door open as no one was around and as I finished I spied her laundry hamper.  A naughty excitement came over me as I rifled through the hamper in the quest I knew only too well; looking for soiled girls panties.  I was not to be disappointed and came upon a cute pair of silky bikini panties, white with small colored polka dots, pink trim and a tiny bow in front.  

As I lifted them to my nose I was mesmerized and intoxicated by the scent, it was the divine sultry feminine aroma I knew so well from sniffing my sisters panties.  Just then in my moment of olfactory enjoyment Kelly’s older brother was standing there at the doorway.

“What are you doing you pervert?” he bellowed. He was much bigger than me, easily 6 foot and 175 pounds, an athlete at school.

In terror I pulled the sisters used panties away from my nose and stammered incoherent mutterings not being able to explain myself.

“You little fairy.  Put em on. Drop you shorts and put them on”, Kelly’s brother demanded as I stood there in shock.

“Do it. Now.  Or everyone finds out” he commanded as I hesitatingly undid my shorts, kicked my shoes off and pulled down my shorts and underwear with my shriveled little penis now exposed to him.

“Take your shirt off too you little queer” he shouted, as I trembled.

Meekly in fear I did as he told me and was shaking as I pulled Kelly’s panties up my legs.  I avoided eye contact as I stood there naked except for my girlfriend’s panties I had been forced to put on.

“OK you little faggot, time for some fun” he smirked as he was unbuckling his belt and pulling down his pants and underwear, exposing his large half hard cock to me. “Suck it” he commanded as he wiggled closer to me and pushed me down by my shoulders onto my knees. Trembling and shaking I timidly reached up for his cock. 

While it was in a way very arousing and my penis was getting hard, this was a forced sexual encounter so it was much different than my encounter with Will that I instigated.


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Sexy Brunette’s Worn Cotton Panties Story

The author of this story is Mrsterygor. You can visit the author here and here.

Original title: The Girl With The Pink Flowered Panties: Part 2

I was at a restaurant, texting my girlfriend, Jessica, when it happened. I saw something that I could not and would not be able to forget. And I knew, at that precise moment, I needed to see more.

I saw a cute girl walking in my direction, holding a bagel in her right hand.

The girl looked like she was about 19 or 20 years old. She had brunette hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a white tank top and a light blue miniskirt. She was already showing off a lot of skin, but I still wanted to see more.

The brunette walked past me and headed up the stairs. As it turned out, I happened to be standing underneath those stairs.

I looked up the stairs and gasped when I saw what was underneath her miniskirt.

The brunette was wearing light blue worn cotton panties with violet lace. However, the thing that stuck out the most about her panties was those flowers. The pink flowers.

I immediately followed her up the stairs. She walked over to a table and sat down.

I sat down a few tables away from her and watched the brunette closely. I was in luck. Her legs were spread apart just enough that I was able to look up her skirt and see them. Those pink flowers on those sexy little worn cotton panties.

The brunette slowly ate her bagel, savoring every bite that entered her mouth.

I raised my phone, hit the RECORD button, and filmed her.

I zoomed the camera on my phone in, making sure to focus directly on the center of her crotch. Most of the pink flowers were lined up along the panty crotch, covering her pussy lips.

My cock grew hard as I filmed her. I hoped nobody noticed me doing this. I would be in big trouble if I got caught.

After a few minutes passed, the brunette finished eating her bagel. I immediately hit the STOP button on my phone and ducked underneath the table.

The brunette climbed out of her seat, walked over to the stairs, and headed back to the ground floor. I slowly followed her, making certain that I did not get too close to her.

The brunette walked out of the restaurant and climbed into her car. She started it up and took off. I sprinted after her, jumped into my own car, started it up, and followed her down the street.

I drove cautiously as I slowly followed the brunette girl in my car. I wanted to see where she was going. However, I also wanted to make sure that she did not spot me.

Eventually, the brunette arrived at her destination. It was a sex shop.

I parked my vehicle in a vacant parking lot nearby. I immediately decided not to enter the store. She would catch onto me immediately if she saw me there.

I watched from across the street as the brunette girl climbed out of her vehicle and entered the sex shop. I wondered why she chose to go there and what she was going to purchase. Perhaps she was going to masturbate in one of the video viewing booths. That would be pretty hot.

At that moment, I decided to re-watch the footage on my phone. I was bored, and I decided that I needed to keep myself entertained.

Upon instinct, I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I held the shaft with my left hand as I stroked the head of my cock with my right hand.

I breathed heavily as I stared at the brunette girl on my camera. I stroked myself harder and faster, determined to get myself off. Everything that turned me on was on this cell phone. Those long legs. That sexy little miniskirt. And those light blue worn cotton panties with the bright pink flowers.

Eventually, I reached orgasm and came. I moaned as the cum shot out of my cock and covered my hands.

I reached for the box of tissues in the seat beside me and grabbed one out of the box. I quickly cleaned myself up, tossing the cum covered tissue into the backseat.

At that moment, the brunette girl emerged from the sex shop. She was carrying a gray bag in her right hand. She had purchased something from the sex shop.

She reached for the keys in her purse and pulled them out.

Suddenly, the door to the sex shop opened. A sales associate called out to her. She held out a receipt.

The brunette quickly turned around and walked back towards the sales associate. At that moment, she dropped her bag.

She sighed as she bent down to pick the bag up. As she leaned forward, her miniskirt crawled up her ass, exposing everything that was underneath that blue piece of fabric.

I stared longingly at those worn cotton panties. Those light blue panties with the pink flowered panties.

My cock immediately got hard again. Goddamn, those panties were sexy.

After a few seconds passed, the brunette finally grabbed the bag, stood up, took the receipt from the sales associate, and headed back to her own vehicle.

She started her vehicle up and turned right. I started up my own vehicle and followed her.

I followed the brunette girl to her apartment. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I did know this. I had to get my hands on those pink flowered worn cotton panties.

The brunette opened her apartment door and entered her home. I heard the lock click as she closed and locked the apartment door behind her.

Suddenly, I remembered that I had a lock pick on me. Jessica gave it to me as a present on my last birthday. She knew that I constantly forgot the combination to my gym locker. The lock pick made it easier for me to access my stuff. Hopefully, the pick would be enough to help me obtain what I was looking for.

After one minute of picking, I unlocked the door, and I quietly snuck into the apartment.

I heard running water. I was in luck. The brunette was in the bathroom, and it sounded like she was taking a shower. Hopefully, I would have enough time to search her bedroom, find the panties, and get out before I got caught.

I searched the brunette’s bedroom. I was determined to find those worn cotton panties. I threw open several dresser drawers, tossing all of her clothes onto the floor.

Yes, she had plenty of cute panties and some sexy lingerie, but I wasn’t looking for anything like that. At least not today. Today, I needed to get my hands on those pink flowered panties.

However, the pink flowered panties were nowhere to be found. Then I realized that she took them off in the bathroom. It turned out that desperate times did indeed call for desperate measures.

I quietly opened the bathroom door and snuck into the room. I could hear the brunette girl moaning in the shower. I could also hear a vibrating sound that was equally as loud as the running shower water. At that moment, I realized she was masturbating.

I gazed into the shower through the shower doors. The brunette was sitting down in the shower. Her eyes were closed, and her hands were beside her pussy lips. Yep, she was masturbating. And it was truly glorious.

She pushed a vibrating rabbit dildo in and out of her pussy. The rabbit ears vibrated against her clitoris as she pleasured herself. She moaned as cum began to slowly pour out of her pussy.

At that moment, I remembered why I was here.

I glanced down at the bathroom floor and saw the clothes that were scattered across the bathroom. Then I spotted them. The light blue panties with those pink flowers.

I grabbed the brunette girl’s worn cotton panties off of the floor. Suddenly, the brunette opened her eyes. She saw me!

“What the fuck?” she screamed, dropping the vibrating toy as she threw open the shower doors.

“Sorry!” I yelled.

I immediately turned around and sprinted out of the bathroom.

“You piece of shit!” she screamed. “Give me back my panties! Give them back, asshole!”

I ignored the brunette girl as I sprinted out of her apartment and ran to my car. I climbed into my vehicle, started it up, and drove off.

As I drove, I smelled the panties that I had taken from the brunette girl. I didn’t know who she was, but the crotch of her worn cotton panties smelled very delicious. Whoever got to taste her was one lucky guy or girl.

I surveyed the area before I entered my apartment. Fortunately, everything worked out for me. There was no sign of the woman that I had robbed. She had not followed me.

I walked into my apartment, closed the door, and grabbed a box. I also grabbed some tape and some wrapping paper. I placed the panties inside of the box, closed it, sealed it shut with the tape, and wrapped it up. Jessica’s birthday present was officially ready to go.

Then I took my cell phone and attached it to my own personal laptop. I downloaded the recorded footage into my computer and placed it under my “Work Folder.” Naturally, “Work Folder” was a fictional title that I used to hide my porn stash, my erotic stories, and my “up-close” encounters.

Jessica had no idea that this stash existed. Hopefully, she never would.

And I hoped that she would never found out where I actually got her birthday present.

I grabbed Jessica’s birthday present, left my apartment, and headed over to her place.

I slowly entered Jessica’s apartment, taking my time so that she would not hear me enter.

Jessica was standing in front of the stove, cooking something. I quietly snuck up behind her.

Then I jumped on her, placing my hands over her eyes.

“Guess who?” I yelled.

“The only person who attempts to sneak into my apartment,” Jessica answered. “Now remove your hands. You don’t blindfold me when I’m cooking in the kitchen. That’s for the bedroom.”

I chuckled as I removed my hands from her eyes. Jessica turned around and smiled. Then she leaned forward and kissed me.

“Hope you had a good day at work,” she said.

“Always do,” I answered. “Now come on. I have a present for you.”

I led Jessica into the living room. We both sat down on the couch. She turned to face me. It took all of my strength to avoid looking up her miniskirt and seeing what worn cotton panties she was wearing today. Unless she had chosen not to wear any, which was also common for a woman that was as horny as she was.

I handed Jessica the box and motioned for her to open it. She opened her birthday present. She gasped when she saw what I got her.

“Wow, where did you get these?” Jessica asked, as she held up the pink flowered panties.

“Got them at a place in town,” I said. “I saw them, and I knew you’d want to add these to your collection. Happy birthday, Jessica.”

“What was the name of the store?” she asked.

“Some shop downtown,” I lied. “I don’t remember the name. I just remember seeing them in the window, and I knew that you would love them.”

“Well, thank you,” she said. “These are really cute. Perfect for a girl as horny as me.”

“Now you have two colors,” I remarked. “And the more flowered panties you have, the more fun there can be.”

“Well, actually…”

Jessica pulled her miniskirt up and allowed me to stare at what she was wearing underneath it. She was wearing light pink worn cotton panties. They were also covered with pink flowers.

“We have three that we can share now,” she responded. “So what are you waiting for? Show me what you’re going to do with all of these cute little panties.”

“With pleasure,” I replied.

I grabbed the light blue panties, picked Jessica up, and carried her to the bedroom. I tossed her onto the bed. Her miniskirt flipped up as she landed on the bed. I could see the outline of Jessica’s pussy lips through her thin cotton panties. She was already moist and ready to go.

I saw a pink bag on the bedroom floor. I grabbed the bag and dumped a pair of panties onto her bed. It was the panties that I saw when Jessica first showed me that ass of hers. The white panties with the pink flowers. All three pink flowered worn cotton panties were now here and ready for use.

I grabbed the blue panties and the white panties and tied Jessica’s hands to the bed frame. I made certain that she could not get free.

Once Jessica had been restrained, I grabbed her legs and lifted them up. I stared at the pink worn cotton panties that she was wearing. Then I grabbed her panties by the waistband, pulling them up and off of her legs.

I raised Jessica’s panties up to my face, inhaling the scent and pussy fluids that they contained.

Then I took the pink worn cotton panties, rolled them up, and stuck them into Jessica’s mouth, gagging her.

“Trust me,” I said. “You’re going to scream. And for all the right reasons.”

I stared down at Jessica’s shaven pink pussy. What a beautiful thing it was.

Then I lowered my mouth down to her cooch and stuck out my tongue. Jessica watched me with great anticipation as I pressed my tongue against her pleasure center. She moaned softly as I kissed her sensitive clitoris.

I moved my tongue against Jessica’s pussy lips, pressing down on them until I was certain that she could feel the warmth of my tongue.

I spread her pussy lips apart with my fingers. Then I pressed my mouth down onto her pussy, holding nothing back as I made out with her twat. Jessica screamed through her worn cotton panties as I ate her out.

A warm stream of cum gushed out of her pussy and into my mouth. I immediately lapped it up, making sure to lick each and every drop off of that moist twat of hers. But I wasn’t done. Not even close.

I slowly inserted each of the fingers on my right hand into her pussy. I moved my fingers as quickly as possible as I pushed them back and forth, stretching her pussy lips as I finger fucked her.

Jessica shrieked as my fingers made her cum again. I extracted my hand from her pussy as she screamed, making sure to rub it directly against her clitoris as I withdrew it. She breathed heavily into the pink flowered panties that I used to muffle her screams.

I stared at my right hand. It was completely soaked in Jessica’s cum.

I removed the pink flowered worn cotton panties from Jessica’s mouth and pressed my right hand against her lips. She drank all of the cum off of my hand, refusing to stop until it was completely clean.

“Delicious,” she murmured.

“Yes, you are,” I remarked.

“Was that the only thing you wanted to play with?” she asked.

“Oh, there’s more,” I declared.

“One more thing?” she asked.

“Two more things,” I answered.

At that moment, I reached for Jessica’s top, yanking it up and over her eyes as I blindfolded her. I stared at the cute pink bra that covered her amazing rack.

I reached for the bra straps behind Jessica’s back and pulled them apart, freeing her double D’s. Then I grabbed Jessica’s boobs and played with them.

I lowered my mouth to her tits and slowly kissed them. She gasped as I made her nipples warm and erect.
I stood up and unbuckled my pants, dropping them to the floor. Then I dropped my boxers. My cock was fully erect and ready for play.

I climbed back onto the bed and lowered my cock onto Jessica’s boobs. I teased her, rubbing my cock all over her boobs. She gasped as I moved it across each of her nipples.

Then I pushed my cock in between her boobs, creating my own personal rubbing tunnel. Jessica moaned as I fucked her boobs. After a few seconds of rubbing, a few drops of cum leaked out of my cock.

I pushed my cock against Jessica’s mouth and allowed her to drink my pre-cum.

“Oh, God,” she moaned. “Your cum. It’s so fucking good.”

“You want to know what else feels good?” I asked. “Here. I’ll show you.”

I lifted Jessica’s right leg up, pushed my cock into her pussy, and began to fuck her. She moaned as my cock rubbed against the walls of her moist pussy.

“Wait!” she cried, between moans. “I want to watch! Please let me watch! Oh fuck!”

“You want to watch?” I asked. “Alright then. But that means I’m going to have to make some adjustments. Keep myself entertained.”

I removed the top from Jessica’s head, allowing her to see. Then I untied the panties that were keeping her hands attached to the bed frame.

I took the worn cotton panties, moved downward, and wrapped Jessica’s feet around the outer bed frame. I used the white panties and blue panties to spread her legs out, giving me greater access to her pussy. Then I wrapped her hands together using her bra and the pink panties.

“There, now you’re ready,” I declared.

I lifted Jessica up, pushed my cock back into her, and began to pound her. Her miniskirt bounced up and down repeatedly as I pushed my hard cock deep into her pussy. She screamed as I sent her into a state of orgasmic bliss.

“Oh, fuck!” she screamed. “Oh, my God, this feels so fucking good! Oh, fuck!”

Suddenly, I realized that I had yet to see Jessica’s ass. And I needed to see it before I came.

I pulled out of Jessica and grabbed her legs. Then I flipped her around until she was facing away from me. I pushed her down onto the bed until her head was leaning against the sheets. Then I lifted up her miniskirt and exposed her ass.

Having put Jessica in the position that I wanted her to be in, I pushed my cock back into her pussy. She moaned as I took her from behind.

As I fucked her, I repeatedly smacked her right buttcheek, hitting her as roughly and as loudly as I possibly could.

Jessica screamed as I pushed my cock against the walls of her soaking wet pussy.

Suddenly, I reached the climax. My breathing rapidly increased as I felt myself start to cum. At that moment, I pulled out of her.

I screamed as I ejaculated all over Jessica’s miniskirt, ass, and pussy.

After I finished cumming, I fell back against the bed, gasping for fresh air. It took several seconds for me to recover. Somehow, someway, Jessica found a way to make each orgasm even better than the one that came before it.

Once I had recovered, I untied Jessica’s hands and feet. I stared longingly at the white worn cotton panties with the pink flowers. Then I took the panties and wiped all of my cum off of her body. Once I collected all of my cum, I gave it to Jessica, squeezing every last drop into her mouth.

“That was fun,” Jessica said, as she tossed the panties back onto the bed.

“Who said I was finished?” I remarked. “I can cum multiple times in a night, Jessica. And I can make you do the same.”

“Is that so?” she asked. “Prove it!”

“With pleasure,” I remarked.

At that moment, I reached for Jessica’s miniskirt and ripped it right off of her. I could hear a loud RIP as I tore the miniskirt right off of her body. I laid the piece of fabric underneath her pussy.

“Trust me,” I said. “This is going to be very messy.”

Then I took my entire right hand and pushed it into her pussy. I moved my fingers back and forth, finger fucking her as quickly and as roughly as I possibly could.

Eventually, I hit Jessica’s G-spot. She knew it, and I knew it.

Jessica shrieked as she squirted. Cum gushed out of her pussy and covered her miniskirt. I took the miniskirt and rubbed it all over Jessica’s body, covering her in her own pussy juices. By the time I had finished, my cock was fully erect and ready to be pushed back into that soaking wet twat.

“Now we’ll see if I can cum again,” I remarked.

I grabbed my cock, pushed it into her pussy, and began to fuck her again. Jessica moaned as I pounded her, knowing fully well that I was determined to give her another mind-blowing orgasm.

As I fucked her, I stared at the white worn cotton panties that were near her boobs. The white panties with the pink flowers. Those panties brought us together, and it was a moment I would never forget.

Jessica was amazing. The sex was even better. But nothing was better than having sex with her when she was surrounded by the thing that turned me on the most: those sexy pink flowered panties.

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Teen Girl’s Used Pink Panties: Hot Wet Panty Story

The author of this story is Mrsterygor. You can visit the author here and here.

Original title: The Girl With The Pink Flowered Panties

A guy sees a lot when he looks under a hot girl’s miniskirt.

I was in an apartment laundry room when I saw them for the first time. And my cock went as hard as a rock. I’ve seen a lot of hot girls. I’ve seen a lot of girls that wore some very sexy things and that showed off a lot of skin. However, the girl that I saw on that Friday evening was one that I would never forget. The girl with the used pink panties.

I was putting my clothes in a washing machine when the girl walked into the room. I didn’t know her name or who she was. All I knew was that she was beautiful.

The girl was about 18 or 19 years old. She had blonde hair and brown eyes. She had flip-flops on and was wearing a pink tank top and a tiny dark blue miniskirt.

The girl walked over to a nearby washing machine and pulled her soaked clothes out of it. Then she walked over to a dryer and placed her clothes into it. Suddenly, a piece of clothing slipped out of the dryer and fell onto the floor.

The girl bent over to pick up a sweatshirt that she had dropped. As she leaned forward, the miniskirt that she was wearing crawled up her long legs. I gazed at her upon instinct and gasped when I saw the thin cotton panties that were underneath that tiny miniskirt.

The girl’s used pink panties were white with purple lace and did little to hide the ass that was underneath them. However, the thing that stuck out the most about her panties was those little pink flowers. They were scattered across her panties. A line of bright pink flowers covered the area where her pussy was.

The moment was short lived as the girl grabbed her sweatshirt, stood up, and tossed the wet piece of clothing into the dryer. She closed the dryer door, inserted a few quarters into the coin slot, turned the heat for the dryer on, and prepared to depart.

The girl smiled at me as she walked out of the laundry room. On instinct, I decided to follow her. I pushed my quarters into the coin slot for the washing machine, turned it on, and raced out of the laundry room. I was very eager to see more of this girl and even more of those used pink panties.

I followed the girl outside, determined not to lose sight of her. I pulled a miniature camera out of my right jeans pocket, turned it on, and held it in my right hand.

Suddenly, a strong wind gust blew past me. The girl screamed as the wind blew her miniskirt up into the air and exposed her pink flowered panties. I quickly raised my camera and snapped a picture of her.

The girl spun around to face me. I quickly ducked behind the bushes, hoping beyond all hope that she didn’t see me.

A few seconds passed, as I remained hidden behind the bushes. Did she spot me? “Weird,” I heard the girl murmur.
I silently pocketed my camera as I climbed slowly to my feet. The girl was quickly walking down the sidewalk. She was holding her miniskirt down so that it wouldn’t blow up into the air again.

I breathed a huge sigh of relief. She didn’t see me.

I followed the girl all the way to her apartment room. She lived in Apt #895 in Room #102.

Fortunately, a view of her apartment room was accessible through an outside window. The blinds were open, and I could see into her bedroom.

The girl lay down on her bed. Much to my surprise, the girl pulled her miniskirt up and stared at the panties that she was wearing. Then she lowered her right hand underneath her used pink panties.

I was stunned. She was masturbating. The girl’s moaning grew progressively louder as she played with the pussy that was buried underneath those pink flowered panties.

My cock went fully erect, and it took everything that I had not to masturbate along with her.

I hit the RECORD button on my video camera and began to film her as she pleasured herself.

For the next few minutes, I watched the girl satisfy herself. She screamed, and I could tell that she had made herself orgasm. Damn, that was hot! That was really, really hot!

The girl pulled her fingers out of her panties and raised them up to her mouth. She slowly drank the fluid and juices that had been absorbed by her fingers. Her panties were now moist, and I could see her pussy in its entirety underneath those used pink panties.

Suddenly, she looked up towards her window blinds. Shit! She saw me!

I grabbed my video camera, jumped to my feet, turned around, and ran away!

I dashed into my apartment room, closed the door, and locked it. I deeply hoped that the girl did not see my face or at the very least recognize who I was.

I set my video camera down on my desk table and prepared to watch the footage.

I hit the REWIND button on my video camera, making sure that I went all the way back to the beginning. I watched the footage on my camera as I relived my entire voyeuristic experience.

As I watched the movie, I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, and pulled out my cock. I began to touch it, stroking it as hard and quickly as I possibly could.

Suddenly, I heard a knock on my door. It was probably the landlord. Complaining again because I didn’t get my last rent check paid on time.

I shut the camera off, pulled my pants up, walked over to my apartment door, and looked through the peephole. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my landlord. It was the girl. The girl that wore those pink flowered panties.

Fuck! She had found me! Now what?

There was no other way for me to get out. I reluctantly opened the door to my apartment. “Hi, I’m Jessica,” she said.
“Good to meet you,” I remarked.

“My bathroom isn’t working,” she explained. “Is it okay if I use yours instead?” I nodded, and Jessica entered my apartment. She walked into the living room.

“Would you… would you like anything to drink?” I suggested. “Sure,” she said. “Water should be fine.”
I walked over to the sink, grabbed a cup, turned the faucet on, and poured water into the cup. I didn’t know how I was going to get out of this mess. Right now, all I could do was hope for the best.

I walked into the living room with the cup of water. Much to my horror, Jessica was on my couch, and she had turned on my video camera. She showed me the video of her masturbating.

“So… this is what you’ve been up to, huh?” she asked. “Look, I can explain…”
“You don’t have to,” Jessica remarked. “I noticed you looking at my panties back in the laundry room. They sure are cute, aren’t they?”

“Yes, they are,” I admitted. “But…”

I hesitated. I didn’t know if I should tell her what was on my mind. But I had already been busted. So why the hell not?

“But they look even cuter when a cute girl like you is wearing them,” I remarked. “You think I’m cute?” Jessica asked.
“If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have filmed you in the first place,” I admitted.

“Well, I think you deserve a better view,” she replied. “An up close and personal view.”

At that moment, Jessica lifted her miniskirt up and spread her legs, allowing me to stare at her crotch and those used pink panties that separated me from her pussy.

“You want to see what’s underneath these little panties?” she asked. “You’ve been ogling it all day. So I think you should have a look under here. And then show me what you want to do with it.”

She patted her crotch as she raised her legs up into the air and motioned for me to make a move. I quickly moved over to Jessica and grabbed those pink flowered panties. With a smile, I pulled her panties up and off of her legs. I raised the panties up to my face and inhaled the scent and fluids that were in them. They smelled delicious. And that made tasting Jessica even more essential.

I grabbed my camera and took a picture of Jessica’s pantyless crotch. Her pussy was pink and shaven, and her lips were already quite moist.

I took Jessica’s used pink panties and wrapped them around her eyes, creating a makeshift blindfold. “Don’t worry,” I said. “You won’t need to see what I’m about to do to you next.”
I lowered my mouth towards Jessica’s cooch. I stretched her pussy lips with my fingers, opened my mouth, stuck my tongue out, and made out with her twat. Jessica moaned loudly as I ate her out.

I pressed my tongue into her pussy as I pushed it against the most sensitive spot on her body. Jessica screamed as I devoured her pussy with my lips and tongue.
I slowly inserted the fingers on my right hand into Jessica’s pussy and began to push them in and out of her. I was determined to make this girl cum.

I pressed my tongue against Jessica’s clitoris, moving it around as I satisfied her pleasure center. As Jessica moaned, I picked up the pace, determined to give her as much pleasure as I possibly could. Eventually, I hit her G-spot and helped her reach her climax.

Jessica screamed as cum gushed out of her pussy and onto my apartment floor. She breathed heavily as she attempted to recover from the mind-blowing orgasm that I had just given her.

I pulled the panties off of Jessica’s eyes and used them to wipe the cum off of her pussy and legs. I pushed the panties up to her mouth.

“Here,” I instructed. “Taste yourself.”

Jessica sucked the cum out of her panties. I quickly snapped a picture of her enjoying her cum. “Now let’s see what you taste like,” she said.

She climbed onto her knees and began to unbuckle my belt and unzip my jeans.

As she removed my belt, I grabbed her top and pulled it up and over her head. She was wearing a white bra that was also covered with pink flowers. I quickly pulled the bra off of her and revealed her boobs. They were double D’s and completely natural. Her nipples were perky and erect.

“Wow,” I murmured.

“I know,” she said. “My girls are pretty amazing. Now let’s see what you’ve got.”

Jessica pulled my pants and boxers down to my feet. She gasped when she saw my boner. “Holy fuck, that is a huge cock!” she yelled.

“So what are you waiting for?” I asked. “Try it! It’s all yours!”

Jessica smiled. She gripped my shaft, stroked the head with her left hand, and shoved my cock directly into her mouth. She began to suck on it, determined to give me the same amount of pleasure that I had just given her.

I moaned loudly as Jessica sucked on my cock. She pushed it deep into her throat, moving her tongue back and forth against the sensitive skin.

I screamed, and I felt the semen in my cock begin to rise. At that moment, Jessica removed my cock from her mouth. The intense feeling immediately went away.

“Not yet,” she said. “You’ve been looking at my pussy all day. So I think it’s only fair your cock gets to see it before you cum all over me. So tell me, big boy, where do you want to fuck me?”

“I think I know where,” I answered, grinning as I said those words. “Up! Get up! Now!”

Jessica stood up. I pulled off my shirt, stepped out of my jeans and boxers, picked Jessica up, and carefully carried her over to my kitchen table.

I lay Jessica down on top of my kitchen table. She lifted up her miniskirt and spread her legs, providing me with full access to that luscious pussy.

I quickly grabbed my wallet and pulled out a condom. I walked back over to Jessica and prepared to place the condom onto my dick. However, Jessica kicked the condom out of my hands.

“No need,” she said. “I’m on the shot. So that means there doesn’t need to be anything in between me and that giant cock of yours.”

I smiled.

“Good,” I replied. “Cause I don’t like latex anyway.” “Me neither,” she said. “Me neither.”
At that moment, I had an idea. “Oh, one other thing,” I added.

I grabbed Jessica’s used pink panties off of the floor and wrapped them around her hands, creating makeshift handcuffs. She smiled as I restrained her hands.

“No moving,” I instructed. “Got it?” She nodded.

I grabbed my camera and took several pictures of Jessica being tied up and spread out on my kitchen table.

Once I had finished taking pictures of Jessica, I set the camera down, grabbed her legs, and pushed my cock into her moist pussy. She moaned as I fucked her on my kitchen table.

“Oh, my God!” she screamed. “Oh, my God! Fuck! Go faster! Go faster please! Fuck!”

I obliged, pounding Jessica as fast and as hard as I possibly could. She moaned as I pounded her tight little pussy. As I fucked Jessica, I rubbed her clit with my right hand. She screamed loudly as a stream of cum slowly poured out of her pussy and down her legs.

I pulled out of Jessica and licked the warm cum off of her legs and pussy, kissing her as I consumed her juices.

“Now I want to ride you!” she begged. “Can I? Please?”

I grabbed Jessica’s hands and removed the panties from around her wrists, freeing her. I walked across the room and sat down in one of my chairs. I motioned for Jessica to sit on top of my crotch.

Jessica climbed off of my kitchen table, walked over to me, and lifted her miniskirt up. I held my cock up as she slowly lowered herself down and onto it. I gasped as her pussy gripped my cock.

Jessica began to bounce up and down on my fully erect cock. As Jessica rode my cock, I took her panties and rubbed them against her clitoris, enhancing the sensation. She moaned as I pushed her to the brink of orgasmic bliss.

Suddenly, she fell forward, and I fell along with her. We both laughed on the floor together. “Yeah, not going to lie, I never liked that chair,” I remarked. “Come on. Get on the couch.”

Jessica climbed onto the couch. I motioned for her to put her legs up, and she did. I wrapped the panties around her feet, tying them together. I held my camera in my hands as I stared down at her. Then I inserted my cock back into her pussy and began to fuck her again.

As we fucked, I took several pictures of Jessica moaning and screaming as I satisfied every sensitive body part that had been concealed by her little miniskirt.

Getting to fuck Jessica was pretty damn amazing. However, there was still something that was missing. But what was it? At that moment, I realized what it was.

“Hold on!” I grunted, as I pulled out of her. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “I’m enjoying this!”
“I know you are,” I said. “But fucking you like this has one disadvantage. I don’t get to see that amazing ass of yours. So turn around, and we can finish this right.”

Jessica immediately scooted up onto the couch, got on her knees, and turned around so that her ass was facing in my direction.

I grabbed Jessica’s miniskirt and pulled it up. She giggled as I stared at her ass. I took Jessica’s used pink panties, raised them up, and smacked her right buttcheek with them. She screamed as I spanked her.

I spanked her repeatedly, making sure to whack her buttcheeks, clit, and pussy as hard and as swiftly as I possibly could. She squealed as I disciplined her with the pink flowered panties that had captured my attention.

Once I had finished spanking Jessica, I took her used pink panties and shoved them into her mouth, gagging her.

“Here,” I said. “We don’t want to alert any of our neighbors on what we’re about to do next. Cause I can tell that you’re quite the screamer. So keep those little panties in your mouth. You got it?”

She nodded, and I grinned.

I grabbed my camera and snapped another picture of her. Then I rammed my cock into her pussy and began to fuck her from behind.

Jessica screamed through her used pink panties as I pushed my cock in and out of her pussy. I grabbed onto her blonde hair and yanked on it, pulling her back and allowing me to thrust myself even deeper into that juicy hole of hers. She moaned loudly as I pounded her moist pink pussy.

I gasped as I felt the orgasm begin to overtake my senses. The moment was finally here!

I immediately pulled out of Jessica and screamed as I ejaculated all over her miniskirt. She gasped as my warm cum poured down onto her ass and pussy.

Once I had recovered from the climactic moment, I removed Jessica’s panties from her mouth and used them to wipe my cum off of her miniskirt, ass, pussy, and legs.

I raised the used pink panties over Jessica’s face. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I poured the cum out of her used pink panties and into her mouth. She began to drink and didn’t stop until she had consumed every last drop of my warm cum.

I grabbed my camera and snapped several pictures of Jessica drinking my cum. “Now that… that was fucking amazing!” Jessica yelled.

She jumped on top of me and made out with me on my couch.

“Mhm, I love your lips,” I said, as soon as our lips had separated. As I said those words, I placed my right hand on her pussy and stroked it. “But I love the lips under your waist even more.”

“I love them too,” she replied. “And I think you should give them a thank you kiss as well.”

I smiled as I got on top of Jessica, lowered my face, and began to make out with her pussy lips. She squealed as she came again. I drank her juices as they flowed out of her pussy and into my mouth.

Jessica gasped for air as I blew her mind with yet another incredible orgasm. As she attempted to recover from her orgasm, I raised my camera and took another picture of her. “Got to say” I remarked, “this is going to make one hell of a collection.”

“I’m sure it will,” she said. “And I’m more than happy to be apart of it.”

Jessica climbed off the couch and grabbed her tank top and bra. She put them back on.

“Alright, I got to get going,” she said. “My laundry should be dry by now. And I certainly don’t want anyone to steal it.”

I handed Jessica her panties, but she passed them back over to me.

“Keep them,” she said. “I want you to always have something to remember me by.” “Thanks,” I replied.
“Just wondering, why did these used pink panties catch your eye?” Jessica asked. “I’ve seen you plenty of times before, and I never caught your attention wearing anything else.”

“It was those pink flowers,” I answered. “They made you look so innocent, yet so naughty at the same time. The ones on your crotch were particularly appealing. I’m like a bee, Jessica. I got to have my nectar. And those flowers made me want to taste yours. And it tasted pretty damn delicious.”

“You’re really weird,” she replied, laughing. “But I like it.”

Jessica gave me a kiss on my left cheek, walked towards my apartment door, and opened it. As she prepared to leave, she turned around and spoke to me again.

“Hmm, perhaps I’ll come back for those used pink panties,” she announced. “I’m sure you’ll want to keep them. But I think there’s something that I could do to get them back.”

Jessica gave me a dirty wink before she spun around and bent over. Her miniskirt crawled up her legs as she deliberately gave me a great view of her big ass and delicious pussy.

My cock immediately grew hard again as I stared at what was underneath that little miniskirt. Without thinking, I wrapped Jessica’s used pink panties around my cock and immediately began to masturbate.

Jessica giggled as she slowly closed the door and allowed me to pleasure myself with her pink flowered panties.

Jessica and I became a couple shortly after that first meeting. And she turned out to be a pretty amazing girlfriend. The chemistry was great, our meetings were fun, and the hot sex and orgasms that we gave each other were out of this world.

It was crazy. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could get a girl like Jessica.

It’s been several weeks since that first meeting, and I still remember all of the things that helped bring us together. Those amazing legs. That little miniskirt. And the one item that truly captured my attention… those used pink panties.

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Used Damp Panties and More: Wifey’s Panties Story

The author of this story is Jakladd

What a hottie little sissy bitch I have become.

Our phone sex is always so hot; you egg me on in so many ways. My wife has no idea how much I wear her used damp panties not to mention her lingerie, stockings and dresses. We talk about what I’d wear when we get together as I suck your cock. You always have me send you pictures of me dressed in panties, stockings and high heels, telling me how perfectly stunning my penis looks in silky panties and you tell me what a hottie little sissy bitch I have become. I tell you when I’m lucky and find a perfectly fragrant pair of her worn panties in the laundry hamper and how exciting it is to sniff them as I jack off in another pair of her panties.

Then you tell me you want me to jack off onto the panties, onto the pussy soiled cotton panel, and send you the pictures. I can’t ever remember being harder. So there I am in high heels, stockings and white panties with pink trim kneeling on to the edge of the bed my cock in one hand, my wife’s fragrant soiled sexy pink silky string bikini panties pressed to my nose with the other. Really it doesn’t take long and I feel myself close to cumming.

Taking one last long sniff of the other worldly sweet scent of my wife’s used damp panties I lay them on the bed, cotton panel up and take aim. Pulling furiously on my cock, silky panties cupping my shaved balls I feel it cumming. A big rope of cum jettisons out half on the panties half all over the sheets of the bed. The next few spurts hit the mark plopping cum all over the soiled cotton panel.

I am shivering in sexual excitement as the last few drops of cum hang from the tip of my cock in a string onto the used damp panties. My oh my! What a stunning sight! The soft cotton panel on the pink panties is coated in big shiny gobs of cum. I snap photo after photo of my handy work making sure to have my sticky penis in some of the shots. I send you the photo shoot and almost immediately my phone rings; you are thanking me and telling me you are taking off work early, you’ll be there in forty-five minutes.

By the time you arrive the gobs of cum have soaked into the panel but the panties are still very damp. Left in place on the bed, I have taken a few liberties to bend down and savor a few sniffs. The aroma of cum intermingled with the scent of pussy is overwhelming. I meet you at the door in my

silver strappy high heel sandals, white stockings, pink and white panties and a cute little white demi- bra plus fully decked out in a blond page boy wig, full make-up with hot pink lipstick…pretty fucking gay…you love it!

You admire your femme lover fondling my hottie little ass and my hard cock tenting the panties. You have other things on your mind however.

“Where are they?” you ask.

Leading you up the stairs you enjoy the view looking up at me. We get to the bed but I turn around and block access.

“First things first,” I tell you as I start to take off your tie.

This drives you wild and you grab me and kiss me hungrily. Soon your shirt is off, your pants are down and I am on my knees helping you out of your shoes. I reach up for your cock, it is so hard! You reach over to the bed and snatch up the treasure, my wife’s cum soaked pussy scented pink used damp panties. Your cock is already deep in my mouth as you press the panties to your face and savor the tangy scent of my cum intermingled with the sweet pungent scent of my wife’s pussy.

As you drink in the intoxicating aroma of the panties your cock may never have been harder as I gnaw greedily on it. You moan and hum softly as my sucking your cock coupled with the nasty scent of the damp pink panties sends you to a nether world.

As the damp erotically scented panties release the sex pheromones it reels your senses, your cock involuntarily gyrates in and out of my mouth. In a fit of unselfishness you place the panties to my nose for me to sniff as I suck your cock. Taking them in both hands your cock slips out of my mouth while I greedily sniff the wonderful dampness of the cotton panel reeking pleasantly of my cum and the scent of my wife’s pussy.

While I continue to sniff the panties your cock is agitated and stabs at my face for a return to my mouth. In an exasperated huff you snatch the panties back and easily work your penis back into my cock hungry mouth. The used damp panties smell so divine and the pleasure I am bestowing on your penis makes you feel a little guilty as it just is such a naughty, indulgent sensation.

As I continue to lap lovingly on your cock the scent of the damp cum and pussy scented pink used damp panties is too much. You are intoxicated by their sultry aroma coupled with getting your cock sucked by such a horny little sissy bitch, decked out in his wife’s sexy lingerie. You feel it build, you are getting close.

Inhaling the scent deep into your nostrils with the warm wetness of my mouth on your penis the dam bursts……you ejaculate many forceful spurts of warm tasty cum into my mouth as I hungrily lap it down. Your cock pulsates cum into my mouth as my own cock drips pre cum in their own pretty silky panties. Your breathing is heavy, ragged. You are dizzy from the sensational pleasure like no other you have ever known.

It takes you a little while to come down from this remarkable high and you have trouble collecting your senses, then realizing I am still sucking hungrily on your cock, you pull me up. We kiss again passionately, both exasperated in sensory enjoyment. I take the used damp panties from you and press them to my nose as you chuckle and play with my cock through my panties.

“Fuck! That was hot,” you tell me as you continue to fondle my penis. “I want to see you cum in them again.”

We take turns drinking in long sniffs from the fantastic panties. My cock is so hard. You pull my pink and white panties down and fondle my cock with the now barley damp pink panties. That sends me. We kiss again and again as you jack me off with the panties. Then just standing there, my breath becoming agitated signaling the impending event, we watch together as you jack me off with the magic panties. I started to huff and moan. Then in waves of cum my cock ejaculates mess after mess into the panties and all over your hand.

Wow! That was hot! It’s a half an hour after you’ve left and my wife won’t be home for another three hours. I’m still hard. I’m still in high heels, panties, wig and make up. I feel so femme and faggy, like I could suck five more cocks today and get fucked up my ass. The now damp again panties smell heavenly, though only a trace of pussy scent remains predominated by the aroma of my semen.

Lying on the bathroom floor I have a lubed vibrator humming in my tight hole and the damp panties draped over my nose as I fuck myself with one hand and jack off with the other. It’s so all consuming; I’m such a horny little sissy. I’m infatuated with the scent, the damp cum on the used damp panties smells so good and a few strong traces of pussy scent come wafting through. Yeah, fuck I’m so hard, yeah fuck this feels so good – it takes a little longer but I cum again all over my belly. Naturally I wipe up the cum with the panties, and admire the cum soaked garment.

Wifey will be home in less than forty-five minutes. I’m hard again, watching a little porn. My boyfriend loves shemale porn but it’s too much for me, too big of fake boobs, not that real or exciting. Guess lady boys and twinks are more my turn on. Yeah twinks…pure exciting homosexual activity. Corbin Fischer and Bel Ami are very hot too…. Just one…more…jack off…till…wifey…gets….home….there!

Fuck! Yeah, wipe up the cum for perhaps another jack off sniff after she goes to bed. Will have to hide ’em and wash em before she does laundry.

The best laid plans……

“Honey, we have to talk” she tells me as she walks down the stairs with the laundry basket. “Something is going on and you have to tell me the truth, I mean it. This isn’t the first time this has happened” she continues.

“What honey?” I meekly reply.

“My favorite pink panties were on top in the laundry basket when I went to work. Now they are nowhere to be found. Care to explain this one to me mister?” she says sternly with more than a little bitchyness in her voice. “Let me guess. You’ve been jacking off in them all day while I’m at work. I hope you’re not gay”…..Bingo!

“But, bbbuttt, but honey,” is all I can manage as all I can think about is another sniff of those delightful panties……


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Angie’s Used Panties Vending Machine

Have you heard about them? Used panties vending machines really exist and they are apparently quite popular in Asian countries, most notably Japan. This is what Wikipedia tells us about it:

Burusera is a Japanese word, coined by combining burumā, meaning bloomers, as in the bottoms of gym suits, and sērā-fuku, meaning sailor suit, the traditional Japanese school uniforms for schoolgirls.

Burusera shops sell used girls’ gym suits and school uniforms, including Catholic school uniforms. They also sell other goods procured from schoolgirls, e.g. undergarments, school swimsuits for physical education, socks, stationery, sanitary napkins, tampons, saliva and urine.

Are they really used?

But what about used panties vending machines. Do they really sell used panties? Apparently, this has become a bit of a legend among foreign tourists, as J.T. Quigley explains here:

While many of the machines advertise the contents as used, anyone who can read Japanese knows that this isn’t the case. (…) Kakou, in this case, means that the panties were manufactured to appear used – kind of like the Abercrombie jeans that are sold with holes and frayed edges straight from the factory. The addition of those two kanji characters makes it instantly apparent to a native speaker that the panties are not, in fact, used. Perhaps an enterprising gachapon machine salesperson realized that they could trick non-Japanese into believing the urban legend by slapping a single English word on the sign.

If you now feel a bit disappointed and think that it would in fact be nice to buy used panties from a used panties vending machine, I can help you!

Of course, I don’t own vending machines and even if I did, I don’t think I would sell used panties using them. Here is a bunch of reasons why, I think, used panties vending machine is not as great an idea as it may seem:

  1. When buying such panties using a used panties vending machine, you can never be sure if it was the Japanese schoolgirl on the picture which really wore them (provided they are in fact properly used panties)
  2. Of course, you would first need to find a used panties vending machine, which may not be so easy, especially outside Asia.
  3. Selling schoolgirl panties using a used panties vending machine is illegal, you would partake in breaking the law.
  4. Your privacy is not very well protected when using used panties vending machines in public.
  5. If the machine has an error, you may in fact loose quite a lot of money – the panties are definitely more expensive than soda drinks.
  6. You can’t really customise your order. You only get what’s advertised on the poster.

You get the idea. But if you ever have a chance of buying used panties in a used panties vending machine, then please let me know or leave a comment below – I would love to hear about your experience!

Angie’s Used Panties Vending Machine

I said I think I could help you if you would still like to buy used panties in a used panties vending machine. While I cannot offer you a physical machine, I would like to invite you think about my website as a one big used panties vending machine. Seriously. If this is your fetish, what is there to stop you?

Have a look at my used panties. Look around. There are a few more advantages of buying here rather than on the street. Most importantly, I am Angie – a real person, and you get a personalised experience. I can wear your panties for more than one day, I can masturbate in them, and I can even make a custom video for you playing in your panties. It’s all possible here, in Angie’s Used Panties Vending Machine.


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5 Facts About Used Panties For Sale On Craigslist

You may be surprised about what I am going to tell you here about the used panties for sale on Craigslist. Craigslist seems like a legitimate way to buy used panties. Moreover, there are quite a few used panty sellers out there who use this website for selling used panties. And I know for a fact that there are numerous men who try to buy the panties from Craigslist as well!

Let me start with assuring you that I really like Craigslist as a platform for buying stuff. In fact, I have used it on few occasions to buy some quality furniture – it was indeed very useful. However, is a good idea to search for used panties for sale on Craigslist There is something about used panties business which attracts people who do not always have honest intentions – both men and women. So this post is really about those people, rather than Craigslist as such.

So why should YOU be careful about searching used panties for sale on Craigslist? The main reason is really your safety, and particularly the safety of your transaction. You often hear about how you should keep safe when doing transactions online. There is a good reason for it – it’s your money which is concerned! And there are other, more ‘tailor made’ venues for buying and selling used panties.

First, and this is something many people may be unaware of: selling dirty clothing on Craigslist is prohibited! Have a look here. Among prohibited items are ‘unsanitized bedding/clothing’. Panties constitute clothing and ‘dirty panties’ means ‘unsanitized’. Unless you are looking for used washed panties fresh out of the laundry? I didn’t think so.

Second, you can never be sure who is REALLY on the other side – is it really a legitimate panty seller with established experience of selling used panties? It’s possible, of course, that there is. But that’s exactly the key problem: it’s possible. You can never be certain of that!

Third, you can never be sure if the offer is legitimate. Did you get to see the pictures of the panties that are offered? Are you sure that you will receive the panties exactly as described? How do you even know that these panties exist and that you will get them the way described? Again, it is possible you will receive the item as described, but you are taking a huge risk.

Fourth, who will you complain to if you are not happy with your order, or you did not receive your order at all? Who is the person to contact? You don’t know, I don’t know. And there is no way to find out.

Fifth, what are the specific terms and conditions? What about your privacy? How will the parcel be packaged and handled? What is the seller’s commitment to you? These are some of the important questions. If you don’t know the answers, this means your transaction is at risk and you should think twice before transferring any funds.

Again, I am not saying here that every used panty offer on Craigslist is a fraud. But are you willing to take the risk? You need to ask yourself this question before reaching for your wallet, especially that there are other, much safer ways to buy used panties from the sellers with established reputation and a long line of satisfied customers. Get in touch if you have any questions!


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The Truth about My Used Workout Panties

Many of you compliment my body and ask what I do to look so fit. I believe I have good genes, but I don’t believe this is the main reason. The most important factor for me is regular workout – five times a week! And yes – that results in a fresh pair of used workout panties each time.

Here are a few words about my used workout panties

my used workout pantiesMy adventure with working out started two years ago without any particular reason. It was simple: I like to be in motion and feel healthy. I’ve never been a big fan of going to gym or attended fitness classes. I prefer working out in the comfort of my own home. There is no crowd and I have access to all the stuff I need. I have my own small gym in a garage, but very often I just work out in my living room on the mat.

Sometimes it’s difficult because my cat likes stretching on the mat too so I must wait until he stops! I do have some great fitness programmes on DVD, which makes me feel like I have my own personal trainer. Roughly each month change my programme. Each session takes me about 30-40 minutes, typically from Monday to Friday.

It’s a total body burn! I think that it’s enough for me because I don’t really need to lose any weight, I just want to keep fit. Every workout I start with a warm-up, then comes the main part, followed by the cool-down. I use all my muscles, but I especially focus on my belly and bum – can you see the results?

After the workout…

used workout pantiesAfter my work-out I’m wet and my sports clothes are also wet. I always wear one of my special outfits. I like to look sexy even during my exercises so my clothes are nice and tight. Typically, I dress in my yoga pants and pink blouse, it’s a set. The yoga pants are longish but sometimes I like to expose my legs so I pick one of my casual cotton shorts.

About legs – I like wearing my cotton colourful socks and white light snickers. I also use a variety of sports bra – they keep my bust well when I jump. I’m sure you want to know about my underwear – which used workout panties do I wear?

Sometimes I use special sports underwear, sometimes I wear normal daily panties or I don’t use any of them, just shorts or yoga pants. Often I work out wearing panties which were purchased with the ‘work out’ extra option. Yes, you can add “worked out in” to your panties for only £6.

When you choose this option you can be sure that you’ll get all of my juices, not only my creamy pussy juices. As I said, after my workout all my clothes and my underwear are wet. You can buy one of my panties and add workout option to them or I can even offer one of my sports clothes! Just ask me if you like used workout panties

I believe that we all want to look healthy and fit. Granted, it’s sometimes difficult to keep our diet and workout regularly. This is because of our busy lives or we’re just plain lazy. We live in a hurry all the time and we have a lot of excuses. But here is the truth: everyone should find the time for working out! I hope you can find a spare time for your good workout! Stay fit!


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How Long Can I Wear Used Knickers?

I often get asked how long I wear my used knickers before shipping. 24 hours is my basic option, included in the price of the panties. But what if you like them to smell extra strong? Here is my answer: I can wear them as long as you like!

Typically guys would ask me to wear my used knickers for 2, 3 or sometimes even 7 extra days – it’s always fun to do that. If you have a look at my extras, you will see that extra days wear is really inexpensive. So if you like panties to smell more intensely, you can get them that way.

But that’s not all. You can see that I have even more extra options. First, I can wear your used knickers as long as you wish. Every additional day will make them absorb even more of my juices. Typically, I change my underwear every day, but I can wear your panties longer of course.

You should also know that there is lots of stuff I do every day, and my used knickers are there with me at all time. They are touching my pussy when I sleep, when I shop, when I work, when I do housework or when I met up with my girlfriends. What makes it extra fun for me is that no one knows about my little secret.

Other extras for my used knickers

But what if you want to smell my orgasm juices? No problem, I can masturbate in them which is another one of my extra options. It’s a good deal for the both of us: you get my extra juices and I get to masturbate and cum thanks to you. How do I do it? Typically I lay in my big bed, get comfortable, dress sexy and get one of my toys. I have several dildos, but my favourite is the magic wand.

Playing with my finger is fun as well, especially rubbing my clitoris. I even like to imagine that it is your hand and finger touching me down there, which gives me extra strong sensations. I also watch porn to spice things up. The end result is that all that hotness stays on my used knickers.

Stuffing, working out, ass-flossing, peeing

Here is something else I offer: stuffing the used knickers in my pussy. I insert your panties deep inside myself. I sometimes like to imagine that the panties is your hard cock. How about that? It turns me on. When I stuff the knickers inside my pussy, you can be sure that all of my juices will be on them. The panties are literally soaked with everything what’s inside my vagina.

One of my hobbies is working out. It keeps me fit and healthy. When I work out I’m dressed in sports underwear but when you pick up the workout extra option I’m then wearing your panties. After my workout, I’m wet and your knickers are too. If you want to smell my panties after one of my working out session, you can take the work out extra and my used knickers will be wet as me.

Are an ass-lover? Then I also have something for you: I can floss my ass with the used knickers of your choice. It’s very pleasant for me to do that, something different. It’s a nice extra option if you are ready to get something more, to move to the next level if you like!

Another more advanced option is my golden nectar: would you like to taste it? There is an extra option for that: I can pee in the used knickers, package them and ship them to you so you get all the liquid. Angie’s golden nectar – how does that sound? As you know, in the urine there is a lot of hormones so you can smell all of them.

And more!

Are you curious what my favourite perfume is? I have my number one, but I keep it a secret. That is unless you get my ‘perfumed in’ extra option! I think it is really nice because in addition to my juices and the scent of my pussy (or ass), you also get to smell my favourite perfume. It makes it more personal, I think. Would you agree? Let me know if you like it and I will gently spray the used knickers of your choice with my perfume.

So there you go. As you can see, there is plenty to choose from. It’s always your choice depending on your preferences and desires. You can pick up one of the extras or you can combine them together. Of course you can order more than one of my used knickers and get extras on each of them. And last but not least: if there is something you have in mind which is not mentioned – please let me know and we will see what we can do!


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10 Reasons My Custom Porn Videos Are Better Than Free Porn

Nowadays you can get as much free porn as you want. And the kind you like. But chances are you are already bored with it. Perhaps you’re looking for something different, more exciting. I’m here to help! How about custom porn videos?

Here is my 10 reasons why my custom porn videos are a better alternative than your standard free porn.

1. You can be a porn director and I, your own Porn Star, will do everything you like.

2. I can be your very own Porn Star, you don’t have to share me with anyone else.

3. You can be sure that I’m a real person, a girl next door if you like.

4. You will have direct contact with me, we will stay in touch, you can be sure I will reply when you write to me.

5. My custom porn video is much more personal. I can say your name or write something for you on my naked body. I can talk directly to you and say whatever dirty things you like.

6. You can dress me however you like. I can wear sexy lingerie, sexy tight dress, skirt or wet-look leggings. I can wear a sexy nightie, high stripper heels or flats if you prefer. I can dress up as you naughty secretary or maid – your choice!

7. You can purchase the lingerie I use in the video and I can ship it afterwards! Imagine smelling my used, dirty panties while you watch me giving them a good work out in the video!

8. You can manage the time of the clip – it’s up to you how long it will be. You can also tell me what you would like me to do in each part.

9. I can use your favourite prop, such as my dildo, magic wand, sex machine, cucumber, bottle of wine, my fingers, lingerie etc. Let me know your fantasy!

10. My cum is totally real! I don’t fake my emotions and my orgasms. You can totally see how I enjoy masturbating. I can show you the close-ups of my pussy and every part of my body. You can feel I am really with you!

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