Here is a puzzle: How come there are plenty of websites giving advice to girls on how to sell used panties, but almost no advice for men on buying used panties? I think this situation is unhealthy, because it gives advantage to girls by offering them informed advice, but leaves guys relying on their instincts and prior experience.

But what about a large group of men who have never experienced buying used panties in their live? I also think this situation is a bit unethical, because it emphasises the ‘money making’ part, whilst totally neglecting the question of how to spend money wisely – the part which is most relevant to men!

Perhaps there is a natural assumption that selling is more difficult than buying used panties. I mean how difficult is it to contact your preferred panty seller and order a pair of white cotton briefs with one day wear and masturbated in?

Very easy, it seems. But if this is the case, then why do guys tell me over and over again that they had this or that problem while making an order? A recent example:  Can’t believe how quick you reply to my emails – my last seller took ages and on the odd occasion I had to send  a couple of reminders!

This is why I came up with the idea of compiling a list of things to watch out for when buying used panties. This list is based on my own panty-selling experience, but mainly it comes from men who have been sharing with me their expectations, experiences and sometimes frustrations. So here it is:

1. The seller has no personal website for buying used panties

This does not have to be a big deal, but it’s really about long-term commitment. If the girl is serious about what she does and would like to do it for the foreseeable future, she SHOULD have a personal website with all the relevant information. Websites are not just for advertising products – this can indeed be done on various panty-selling sites and auctions.

But the personal website also allows to introduce oneself properly, elaborate on the way the products are sold, shipment methods, etc. It’s a way of saying: welcome to my world of used panties, let me show you around, it’s my place and this is how I arranged it!

2. The seller has no presence in social media

Why is this important? It’s important so you know how active the girl is at the moment. Did she post something today or in the last few days? If yes, it means she is active and is likely to respond to your message relatively quickly. Most importantly, however, it means she is likely still in the business. You won’t believe how many websites for buying used panties out there are ‘ghost’ sites, abandoned long time ago but still giving false hopes to those who would actually like to buy something from it. Twitter is the most popular platform among panty sellers.

3. The seller takes a long time to respond

‘Long time’ is, of course, subjective. We live in a fast-paced world and we sometimes want to treat email as a real-time chat. This may not always work. On the other hand, however, if the seller takes a week to respond, this is not a good sign, unless there is a good reason for this. But when there is one, her auto-responder should be ON so that you know what to expect.

4. You don’t feel like you can tell her about all your fetishes & fantasies

This one is about trust, empathy and being open-minded. Experienced and professional used panties seller should never make an impression that she judges you for your fetishes and sexual fantasies. Being open-minded is really a necessary quality in the world of selling and buying used panties.

Of course it helps a lot if the girl has a great sense of humour, is easy going, friendly and approachable. The bottom line is this, however: you must feel comfortable at all time and you must not feel like you have to hold back some of the things you would like to tell her.

 5. The seller said she would do something but changed her mind after you paid

By this point you probably know that something fishy is going on and that you may not want to return to this seller in the future. Well, you are right. A deal is a deal and you should always get exactly what you’ve agreed on when buying used panties, no less and sometimes even more!

6. There are no photos of the panties or the photos are bad quality

You would not buy a pair of shoes on-line without knowing exactly how they look like, would you? Then why should you have to buy used panties in that way? If there are no pictures on the website for a particular product you are interested in, or the pictures are bad quality, don’t be afraid to ask for a better image. It’s your money, so you should know what you are getting. Of course the girls does not have to use DSLR and extra lighting (great if she does though!), but you should still be clear about the product you get.

7. There are no discounts or bonuses

This one is really about good practice than anything else. Of course, there is no rule that every seller should offer discounts and bonuses, but I believe that should be the case! This is particularly true when you are buying used panties in larger quantities – you should expect a bulk buy discount or simply ask for one!

8. The seller can’t explain exactly how the parcel will be discreet

Selling and buying used panties is a peculiar type of business – one you may not necessarily want your neighbour, postman or parents/partner to know about. This is why discretion is so important. How can it be ensured?

Well, this is something which ideally will be explained on the website (see point 1 – the importance of having a website). If it is not, don’t hesitate to ask how exactly the panties will be shipped in a discreet manner. In short, the envelop should always be unmarked (no logos or hand-written red hearts) and look as normal as possible.

9. The seller does not take responsibility if you are unhappy

Again, by this point you probably know that you won’t be returning to this seller when buying used panties in the future. That’s what separates an unprofessional panty seller from a professional one – the latter takes responsibility for the products she sells. You should always be completely satisfied with your purchase.

If you are not for any reason (and sometimes there may be objective problems with an order), the seller should still take responsibility. While returns may not be possible due to the nature of this business, the seller should always find ways to make things right and leave you a happy panty lover!

Is there something else I should add? Or did you have an experience you would like to share with other? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment.


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