Many of you compliment my body and ask what I do to look so fit. I believe I have good genes, but I don’t believe this is the main reason. The most important factor for me is regular workout – five times a week! And yes – that results in a fresh pair of used workout panties each time.

Here are a few words about my used workout panties

my used workout pantiesMy adventure with working out started two years ago without any particular reason. It was simple: I like to be in motion and feel healthy. I’ve never been a big fan of going to gym or attended fitness classes. I prefer working out in the comfort of my own home. There is no crowd and I have access to all the stuff I need. I have my own small gym in a garage, but very often I just work out in my living room on the mat.

Sometimes it’s difficult because my cat likes stretching on the mat too so I must wait until he stops! I do have some great fitness programmes on DVD, which makes me feel like I have my own personal trainer. Roughly each month change my programme. Each session takes me about 30-40 minutes, typically from Monday to Friday.

It’s a total body burn! I think that it’s enough for me because I don’t really need to lose any weight, I just want to keep fit. Every workout I start with a warm-up, then comes the main part, followed by the cool-down. I use all my muscles, but I especially focus on my belly and bum – can you see the results?

After the workout…

used workout pantiesAfter my work-out I’m wet and my sports clothes are also wet. I always wear one of my special outfits. I like to look sexy even during my exercises so my clothes are nice and tight. Typically, I dress in my yoga pants and pink blouse, it’s a set. The yoga pants are longish but sometimes I like to expose my legs so I pick one of my casual cotton shorts.

About legs – I like wearing my cotton colourful socks and white light snickers. I also use a variety of sports bra – they keep my bust well when I jump. I’m sure you want to know about my underwear – which used workout panties do I wear?

Sometimes I use special sports underwear, sometimes I wear normal daily panties or I don’t use any of them, just shorts or yoga pants. Often I work out wearing panties which were purchased with the ‘work out’ extra option. Yes, you can add “worked out in” to your panties for only £6.

When you choose this option you can be sure that you’ll get all of my juices, not only my creamy pussy juices. As I said, after my workout all my clothes and my underwear are wet. You can buy one of my panties and add workout option to them or I can even offer one of my sports clothes! Just ask me if you like used workout panties

I believe that we all want to look healthy and fit. Granted, it’s sometimes difficult to keep our diet and workout regularly. This is because of our busy lives or we’re just plain lazy. We live in a hurry all the time and we have a lot of excuses. But here is the truth: everyone should find the time for working out! I hope you can find a spare time for your good workout! Stay fit!


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