Have you heard about them? Used panties vending machines really exist and they are apparently quite popular in Asian countries, most notably Japan. This is what Wikipedia tells us about it:

Burusera is a Japanese word, coined by combining burumā, meaning bloomers, as in the bottoms of gym suits, and sērā-fuku, meaning sailor suit, the traditional Japanese school uniforms for schoolgirls.

Burusera shops sell used girls’ gym suits and school uniforms, including Catholic school uniforms. They also sell other goods procured from schoolgirls, e.g. undergarments, school swimsuits for physical education, socks, stationery, sanitary napkins, tampons, saliva and urine.

Are they really used?

But what about used panties vending machines. Do they really sell used panties? Apparently, this has become a bit of a legend among foreign tourists, as J.T. Quigley explains here:

While many of the machines advertise the contents as used, anyone who can read Japanese knows that this isn’t the case. (…) Kakou, in this case, means that the panties were manufactured to appear used – kind of like the Abercrombie jeans that are sold with holes and frayed edges straight from the factory. The addition of those two kanji characters makes it instantly apparent to a native speaker that the panties are not, in fact, used. Perhaps an enterprising gachapon machine salesperson realized that they could trick non-Japanese into believing the urban legend by slapping a single English word on the sign.

If you now feel a bit disappointed and think that it would in fact be nice to buy used panties from a used panties vending machine, I can help you!

Of course, I don’t own vending machines and even if I did, I don’t think I would sell used panties using them. Here is a bunch of reasons why, I think, used panties vending machine is not as great an idea as it may seem:

  1. When buying such panties using a used panties vending machine, you can never be sure if it was the Japanese schoolgirl on the picture which really wore them (provided they are in fact properly used panties)
  2. Of course, you would first need to find a used panties vending machine, which may not be so easy, especially outside Asia.
  3. Selling schoolgirl panties using a used panties vending machine is illegal, you would partake in breaking the law.
  4. Your privacy is not very well protected when using used panties vending machines in public.
  5. If the machine has an error, you may in fact loose quite a lot of money – the panties are definitely more expensive than soda drinks.
  6. You can’t really customise your order. You only get what’s advertised on the poster.

You get the idea. But if you ever have a chance of buying used panties in a used panties vending machine, then please let me know or leave a comment below – I would love to hear about your experience!

Angie’s Used Panties Vending Machine

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