I know it may sometimes seem like I brag about the service I offer. Well, it is just that I believe so much that you will be happy with the items you order from me, including of course my used panties for sale, that I try to use every way possible to convey this message to you. But not this time.

This time, I will let others speak. Here is a selection of my recent testimonials – genuine, real people, my glam friends. Here is what they have to say about my used panties for sale.

1. Comment by Vic on Thursday, 18 February 2016

Well, what can I say about Angie? I’ve made a few orders with this beautiful women now and every time she is very helpful, emails are replied very promptly and every order is very smooth, with no hiccups.

Angie can’t do enough to please her panty pervs and I’ll tell you her scent is just amazing. Each and every order I’ve made had been a little different upon request and I just couldn’t get enough. So intoxicating, filled with her juices, I was in heaven.

I haven’t used other sellers as when I found Angie, I didn’t need to look any further. Everything I need is right here. A very sexy, very friendly and very professional women. Uou have 1 happy customer here Angie couldn’t ask for any more highly highly recommended.

2. Comment by Gary on Wednesday, 06 January 2016

Angie’s communication is absolutely beyond reproach; every question you have, she will answer, and made every effort to accommodate my requests. The pricing is superb, and the quality of what you will receive is, frankly, mind-blowing. Please do not hesitate for a second to order from this marvellous lady. She is a pleasure to deal with, with much more pleasure after your dealings!

3. Comment by Jason on Monday, 04 January 2016

Angie . . . sweet beautiful seductive Angie. Buying from Angie is like nothing you will have encountered before. Her items are professionally & DISCREETLY packaged; whilst her videos and pictures are nothing short of intoxicating. Angie will soon become your addiction: your drug of choice!

4. Comment by Kevin on Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Well, I made my first purchase from the very sexy Angie & am very happy with her used panties for sale I received! Her scent is amazing & addictive & she tastes delicious, felt like I was in heaven when her panties found their way over my face! Angie cums highly recommended, pervs that haven’t purchased from her are really missing out! A true professional! I know I’ll be back for more Angie down the road!

5. Comment by Matt on Friday, 04 December 2015

Angie is very hot, replies quickly and is excellent at all she does. Her used panties for sale came in the post so quick and well packaged and so sweet smelling and fresh, all at a great price. I was so looking forward to the custom pics she did for me with her sexy wet glossy lips. They made me happy, thank you so much. I recommend Angie highly, you will love all her stuff she does.

6. Comment by Julian on Sunday, 22 November 2015

Angie provides such a wonderful service, fantastic pictures wonderful videos and of course delectable panties. Great care is taken with each order with a great personal photo with each pair of panties. Angie is also such a wonderful and caring person, but also so naughty 🙂 I have quite a few of her panties now and with each one it feels like you have a little piece of Angie with you. You will not go wrong if you order from this lovely lady.

7. Comment by Michael on Monday, 09 November 2015

Angie, Angie wonderful Angie, I think I’m in love (or lust perhaps) Fantastic pictures, you have a real talent for creating just the right classy images. And the video wow! It’s everything I asked for and much more. You look great in the red satin panties and dress, they suit you. Not everyone dares to wear red. You know all the sexy moves that turn me on. Then there was the black G-string, I have it here in my hand right now, mmm.

I can hardly believe how erotic you are for me. When you wrapped the panties around your toy and started to fuck from behind I was cumming, with the smell of your pussy in my face, it was exquisite. But I can normally keep going much longer. So I started the video again and soon I was hard and ready for more.

Now I know why your used panties for sale’s scent is so good. By the way I love your voice too, you make English sound beautifully sexy. Big, big thank you for creating these things for me. I will treasure them for ever.

8. Comment by Bri on Saturday, 07 November 2015

Angie is a real sweetheart, I received her used panties for sale on Thursday evening. WOW I’m loving the smell and taste of her juices, so horny and intoxicating. Enjoying them with her video clips and trying to last as long as possible 😉 I’ll be in touch again when I need some more ‘Essence of Angie’ to warm me up in the cold nights ahead.

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