Over time, thanks to you all, I have accumulated a rather big collection of sexy video clips. This makes for a solid used panties compilation! All of them are with me as your main porn star, of course! You have all responded really well to my invitation on my website:

How would you like to direct a movie with me as your main star? It will be in full HD (1080p) and you can see me in full, including in most hardcore scenarios! Let me know your fantasy and I will make it come true.

It seems that many of you have decided that it was not that much fun to watch generic porn any more, and instead opted for something more personal. This is great, because with generic porn you just watch what someone has prepared for you according to their own script. Here, you are the producer, script writer and director!

How did I come to have such a big used panties compilation? I have enjoyed your initiative and many of you are really taking your roles seriously! Here is just a random passage from one of the many scripts I have had a pleasure enact for you:

Set the tray aside on the bed and sit down next to it (making sure your cameltoe is visible through the panties). Begin by picking up the fruit and putting them into your mouth seductively while similing, occasionally taking dips into the ice cream and chocolate syrup and eating them. After a few moments, purposely drop the ice cream and chocolate syrup mixture between your cleavage and say, “Oopsie, I should clean this up right away.”

Slowly pop out your boobs over the maid costume and lick them with your tongue to clean up the mess. As you’re doing this, spread your legs so that the cameltoe is even more noticeable. As you continue licking, glance over and say, “Want to see more, sweetie?” while winking.

So as you can imagine, I ended up having a large collection of video clips. They make for a solid used panties compilation. Then I thought to myself: how about making a single video compilation so that you can get a better idea of the fantastic work you have prepared for you!

So here it is: my first used panties compilation. I say first, because there is a chance I will make the second part at some point in the near future if you would like. Drop me a comment below if this is something you would be interested in. Either way, I had lots of fun making this one for you.

It brought back lots of memories, because each and every of the video clips I have created was special in its own way. Hopefully you can see that I put a lot of heart to making them as hot as hell. If you would like to see the full version of any of the video clips, just let me know which part you fancy. They all cost £6 individually and they are cheaper if you purchase more.

Anyway, enjoy!


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