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What a hottie little sissy bitch I have become.

Our phone sex is always so hot; you egg me on in so many ways. My wife has no idea how much I wear her used damp panties not to mention her lingerie, stockings and dresses. We talk about what I’d wear when we get together as I suck your cock. You always have me send you pictures of me dressed in panties, stockings and high heels, telling me how perfectly stunning my penis looks in silky panties and you tell me what a hottie little sissy bitch I have become. I tell you when I’m lucky and find a perfectly fragrant pair of her worn panties in the laundry hamper and how exciting it is to sniff them as I jack off in another pair of her panties.

Then you tell me you want me to jack off onto the panties, onto the pussy soiled cotton panel, and send you the pictures. I can’t ever remember being harder. So there I am in high heels, stockings and white panties with pink trim kneeling on to the edge of the bed my cock in one hand, my wife’s fragrant soiled sexy pink silky string bikini panties pressed to my nose with the other. Really it doesn’t take long and I feel myself close to cumming.

Taking one last long sniff of the other worldly sweet scent of my wife’s used damp panties I lay them on the bed, cotton panel up and take aim. Pulling furiously on my cock, silky panties cupping my shaved balls I feel it cumming. A big rope of cum jettisons out half on the panties half all over the sheets of the bed. The next few spurts hit the mark plopping cum all over the soiled cotton panel.

I am shivering in sexual excitement as the last few drops of cum hang from the tip of my cock in a string onto the used damp panties. My oh my! What a stunning sight! The soft cotton panel on the pink panties is coated in big shiny gobs of cum. I snap photo after photo of my handy work making sure to have my sticky penis in some of the shots. I send you the photo shoot and almost immediately my phone rings; you are thanking me and telling me you are taking off work early, you’ll be there in forty-five minutes.

By the time you arrive the gobs of cum have soaked into the panel but the panties are still very damp. Left in place on the bed, I have taken a few liberties to bend down and savor a few sniffs. The aroma of cum intermingled with the scent of pussy is overwhelming. I meet you at the door in my

silver strappy high heel sandals, white stockings, pink and white panties and a cute little white demi- bra plus fully decked out in a blond page boy wig, full make-up with hot pink lipstick…pretty fucking gay…you love it!

You admire your femme lover fondling my hottie little ass and my hard cock tenting the panties. You have other things on your mind however.

“Where are they?” you ask.

Leading you up the stairs you enjoy the view looking up at me. We get to the bed but I turn around and block access.

“First things first,” I tell you as I start to take off your tie.

This drives you wild and you grab me and kiss me hungrily. Soon your shirt is off, your pants are down and I am on my knees helping you out of your shoes. I reach up for your cock, it is so hard! You reach over to the bed and snatch up the treasure, my wife’s cum soaked pussy scented pink used damp panties. Your cock is already deep in my mouth as you press the panties to your face and savor the tangy scent of my cum intermingled with the sweet pungent scent of my wife’s pussy.

As you drink in the intoxicating aroma of the panties your cock may never have been harder as I gnaw greedily on it. You moan and hum softly as my sucking your cock coupled with the nasty scent of the damp pink panties sends you to a nether world.

As the damp erotically scented panties release the sex pheromones it reels your senses, your cock involuntarily gyrates in and out of my mouth. In a fit of unselfishness you place the panties to my nose for me to sniff as I suck your cock. Taking them in both hands your cock slips out of my mouth while I greedily sniff the wonderful dampness of the cotton panel reeking pleasantly of my cum and the scent of my wife’s pussy.

While I continue to sniff the panties your cock is agitated and stabs at my face for a return to my mouth. In an exasperated huff you snatch the panties back and easily work your penis back into my cock hungry mouth. The used damp panties smell so divine and the pleasure I am bestowing on your penis makes you feel a little guilty as it just is such a naughty, indulgent sensation.

As I continue to lap lovingly on your cock the scent of the damp cum and pussy scented pink used damp panties is too much. You are intoxicated by their sultry aroma coupled with getting your cock sucked by such a horny little sissy bitch, decked out in his wife’s sexy lingerie. You feel it build, you are getting close.

Inhaling the scent deep into your nostrils with the warm wetness of my mouth on your penis the dam bursts……you ejaculate many forceful spurts of warm tasty cum into my mouth as I hungrily lap it down. Your cock pulsates cum into my mouth as my own cock drips pre cum in their own pretty silky panties. Your breathing is heavy, ragged. You are dizzy from the sensational pleasure like no other you have ever known.

It takes you a little while to come down from this remarkable high and you have trouble collecting your senses, then realizing I am still sucking hungrily on your cock, you pull me up. We kiss again passionately, both exasperated in sensory enjoyment. I take the used damp panties from you and press them to my nose as you chuckle and play with my cock through my panties.

“Fuck! That was hot,” you tell me as you continue to fondle my penis. “I want to see you cum in them again.”

We take turns drinking in long sniffs from the fantastic panties. My cock is so hard. You pull my pink and white panties down and fondle my cock with the now barley damp pink panties. That sends me. We kiss again and again as you jack me off with the panties. Then just standing there, my breath becoming agitated signaling the impending event, we watch together as you jack me off with the magic panties. I started to huff and moan. Then in waves of cum my cock ejaculates mess after mess into the panties and all over your hand.

Wow! That was hot! It’s a half an hour after you’ve left and my wife won’t be home for another three hours. I’m still hard. I’m still in high heels, panties, wig and make up. I feel so femme and faggy, like I could suck five more cocks today and get fucked up my ass. The now damp again panties smell heavenly, though only a trace of pussy scent remains predominated by the aroma of my semen.

Lying on the bathroom floor I have a lubed vibrator humming in my tight hole and the damp panties draped over my nose as I fuck myself with one hand and jack off with the other. It’s so all consuming; I’m such a horny little sissy. I’m infatuated with the scent, the damp cum on the used damp panties smells so good and a few strong traces of pussy scent come wafting through. Yeah, fuck I’m so hard, yeah fuck this feels so good – it takes a little longer but I cum again all over my belly. Naturally I wipe up the cum with the panties, and admire the cum soaked garment.

Wifey will be home in less than forty-five minutes. I’m hard again, watching a little porn. My boyfriend loves shemale porn but it’s too much for me, too big of fake boobs, not that real or exciting. Guess lady boys and twinks are more my turn on. Yeah twinks…pure exciting homosexual activity. Corbin Fischer and Bel Ami are very hot too…. Just one…more…jack off…till…wifey…gets….home….there!

Fuck! Yeah, wipe up the cum for perhaps another jack off sniff after she goes to bed. Will have to hide ’em and wash em before she does laundry.

The best laid plans……

“Honey, we have to talk” she tells me as she walks down the stairs with the laundry basket. “Something is going on and you have to tell me the truth, I mean it. This isn’t the first time this has happened” she continues.

“What honey?” I meekly reply.

“My favorite pink panties were on top in the laundry basket when I went to work. Now they are nowhere to be found. Care to explain this one to me mister?” she says sternly with more than a little bitchyness in her voice. “Let me guess. You’ve been jacking off in them all day while I’m at work. I hope you’re not gay”…..Bingo!

“But, bbbuttt, but honey,” is all I can manage as all I can think about is another sniff of those delightful panties……


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