The author of this story is Jakladd

A few days before Lance was to head back to college for the second semester he was walking out of the mini mart when saw Becca filling her SUV with gas.

He walked up to her and she was elated to see him. She finished filling up and she and Lance made small talk by the pump. Becca looked ravishing.

She had on high heeled cowboy boots; jeans that were painted on, a crisp white blouse open tantalizingly enough to where as Lance was talking to her he could see in enough to view a crisp lacy bra.

Her hair was done up and with just the right makeup and jewelry she was a goddess to Lance.

Becca invited Lance into her vehicle and as they were driving to her house she informed him that her husband Mark was at a professor’s conference and would not be home for a few days.

Once inside the sexual tension was growing and Becca again brought out the whiskey and they did a few shots with Lance offering to get her high.

They smoked a bowl of absolute killer weed and soon the pair had incredible buzz going. Becca made no pretenses and led Lance down the hall to the master bedroom.

They kissed hungrily by the bed as Becca hurriedly helped Lance remove his clothes. With Lance naked and his huge cock in her hands Becca looked incredible there in her jeans and her blouse off only wearing her lacy white bra.

Bikini tight wet panties

Lance pawed at her as she pulled on his cock as they kissed by the bed. She removed her jeans and boots revealing to Lance that she was wearing a white garter belt, stockings and a pair of silky white string bikini tight wet panties.

Her ass was so fine in them as Lance pawed and played with it and the silky material.

Becca had noticed now and before Lance’s interest in her used tight wet panties. She also had a kinky urge to throw at Lance.

Seductively Becca whispered in his ear that she wanted to tie him up. With his cock ever so hard and under the spell of this feminine goddess how could he refuse?

With some of Mark’s silk ties she tied Lance’s arms to each of the head posts but left his legs free, she had plans for Lance.

Going to her panty drawer she pulled out an exquisite pair of white flowered string bikini used tight wet panties and began rubbing them on Lance’s cock, who moaned and shuddered to the wondrous sensation.

Becca draped a tittie into Lance’s mouth for him to lick and suck on as he lay there tied to the bed. Again she rubbed the used tight wet panties on Lance’s cock and he moaned in pleasure.

With a sly smile Becca then opened the panties and began sliding them over Lance’s feet & pulling them up his legs.

Soon she had them in place on Lance over his throbbing cock & slender ass. Becca rubbed on Lance’s panty clad cock sending waves of pleasure throughout Lance’s body before crawling up and draping her titties back in his mouth and then kissing him again fiercely.

Becca’s discovery about boys and tight wet panties

Returning to her delicates drawer she took out a pair of sheer white stockings and carefully pulled them in place over Lance’s legs.

Becca in high school had made a discovery about boys and their fascination with girls’ undergarments.

It was late one morning and she had ditched class and came home, being quiet in case her parents were around but they were both at work. As she walked to the open door of her bedroom she was floored by what she saw.

Her brother Sammy, one year younger, was lying on her bed wearing a pair of Becca’s stockings and a silky pair of her used tight wet panties. He was oblivious to everything, thinking he too had the house to himself.

Becca was aghast as he lay on her bed with his hard cock in his had, furiously masturbating. Not only was he furiously masturbating his teenage cock he had a pair of her soiled used tight wet panties up to his face sniffing them as he jacked on his cock.

Becca stood there trying to register the whole scene when Sammy began breathing heavier as he pulled faster & faster on his cock when huge gobs of warm white jizz shot out of his cock all over himself.

Sammy was panting and gasping from the mind blowing orgasm as Becca slyly stepped away & went back downstairs. Now it all made sense to her.

She had been noticing strange occurrences with her undergarments; her panty drawer would seem to have been rifled through, panties were missing only to show up days later where they should have been, other items out of place.

Becca knows the secret

Knowing this little secret, Becca smiled to herself and acted like she knew nothing to Sammy.

The erotic scene perplexed her but deep down it stimulated her sexually in a bizarre way. Like any girl she was fascinated by cocks and sex and had just broken up with her boyfriend.

With Lance laying there helpless tied spread eagle on her bed Becca then slipped off her own used tight wet panties and found the soiled cotton patch that had been rubbing on her pussy all day.

Becca held them open and pressed the fragrant material against Lance’s nose, forcing him to sniff her lovely used tight wet panties.

Lance was powerless to resist and his cock had never been harder as this intense torment continued; he was unable to touch his aching cock as it rubbed against the silky used tight wet panties and his stimulation grew as Becca continued to force him to sniff her pleasantly soiled tight wet panties, panties not soiled of urine but of the pure pungent essence of pussy.

Relenting a little Becca gave some relief to Lance by rubbing on his cock through the silky flowered used tight wet panties sending waves of pleasure through him as his handsome penis dripped a huge stream of clear pre-cum.

She continued fondling his cock and balls in the used tight wet panties and reached under to grab his buns and slyly finger his tight hole.

Becca herself was aroused out of control and she soon pulled away the used tight wet panties from Lance’s face and climbed over him sinking her lovely slit onto his mouth.

Riding his face Becca began to moan as a series of intense orgasms rifled through her body with Lance enjoying the taste and scent of her luscious pussy.

Becca’s relief for Lance

After grinding her pussy on his eager tongue to some of the most intense orgasms she could remember she thought she might give Lance a little relief. She found her soiled used tight wet panties lying on the bed and rubbed them again in Lance’s face.

She titty fucked his aching cock with her soft titties and deftly slipped his cock into her mouth, craving the taste of his huge teenage cock.

Becca was soon again possessed with cock lust and she pulled Lance’s used tight wet panties down and climbed on top of the helpless boy impaling herself with his cock and continuing to rub the patch of the soiled used tight wet panties across his nose.

Lance was gasping in pleasure and with the intoxicating scent he was forced to smell his massively hard cock deep inside Becca’s tight pussy simply blew and he moaned as his orgasm jizzed up into her.

His torment was finally relieved as Becca collapsed onto his kissing him with a passionate yearning.

The handsome young man was gasping in pleasure and exhaustion but Becca was still possessed by horniness as she continued to thrust his cock deep into her pussy.

Becca was herself still shaking with lust when she at last climbed off his cock, but she was not done with him as her clitty still ached for release.

She pulled the used tight wet panties back up over his cock and climbed on top of Lance’s face and thrust her cum laden slit onto his mouth, forcing him to taste his own cum intermingled in the fragrant essence of her femininity.

The cock grew in her tight wet panties

Lance tasted his own cum as it dripped down with her juices and he licked at it and sucked on her clitty as Becca began breathing heavier again and another series of orgasms shook her body.

When she finally climbed off of Lance and snuggled next to her captive lover she noticed his cock had grown hard again in her used tight wet panties and she began to stroke it.

Soon she was jacking on it furiously and she reached in to finger his tight hole. Lance humped up his cock to meet her jacking on it not believing how horny this whole sexual episode had become.

Gasping and wheezing with Becca jacking him off and finger fucking his tight hole Lance moaned as a pleasantly painful orgasm blasted cum out of his cock all over his stomach and her hands.

They rested together for a while when Becca got up, put on the soiled used tight wet panties she been forcing Lance to sniff and left the room.

He thought he heard Becca on the phone with someone. When she returned Lance asked Becca if she was going to untie him. She told him that they would be having “company” shortly and that she would untie him long enough to use the bathroom and get a drink.

Lance was intrigued about a visitor and used facilities and got a drink of water. She brought in the whiskey and they took a few more swigs and smoked another bowl.

Becca told Lance he would have to be tied up again before their guest arrived. This time she brought in some rope and tied his hands together over his head and tied them to the center head rail, this way he could be turned over on both sides.

Lance in Becca’s stockings

Lance still had Becca’s stockings on and she again pulled the used tight wet panties in place up his legs over his cock and ass. They both had a huge buzz going and Lance was in a sex, drug and booze induced stupor.

Becca kissed him forcefully and bit him on the earlobe, fondling his cock at the same time. She then turned Lance over, pulled the used tight wet panties down revealing his cute butt cheeks and she started to spank him, not too hard but enough to redden his lovely ass.

Between swats she would finger his tight hole. Finally she turned him back over revealing his throbbing hard on. It soon got even harder as she pulled the used tight wet panties back up over it and just then the door bell rang. Becca got up, put on a silky robe and went to the door.

Lance was very curious who the guest might be, thinking it might be one of Becca’s hot girlfriends. In walked Becca into the bedroom with a slender but stocky & muscled guy who she introduced as Michael, her stylist.

He had very short blond hair and smiled profusely when he saw the handsome, tender young Lance tied up and in lingerie. Michael as her gay hairdresser had long been one of Becca’s closest friends and confidante.

For the longest time Michael had teased Becca about wanting to seduce her handsome husband Mark.

She had told Michael about their little tryst previously with Mark and Lance and how much it turned her on to see Mark and Lance sexually involved with each other.

Playfully Becca stated that Lance had been a “bad boy” and that she was certain he was sleeping with her husband.

Michael’s hard cock

Michael grinned as he sat down next to Lance and softly rubbed his cock through the used tight wet panties. He then got up and started taking his clothes off. His cock was instantly hard just thinking about the captive boy.

Michael’s cock was not long and handsome like Lance’s or Derek’s or Mark’s; it was much thicker & shorter, somewhat stumpy with a smallish head, but it was tremendously hard.

With a captive boy toy at his disposal Michael ran his hands all over Lance’s luscious body be fore kissing him firmly. Gathering himself on all fours over Lance, Michael danced his hard cock over Lance’s face.

Lance licked and sniffed the fat brute before wholeheartedly suckling on it as Michael humped it in and out of the handsome young man’s mouth. Becca was enjoying the show sitting in a chair, smoking a cigarette and taking swigs from the whiskey bottle.

Michael pulled his cock from Lance’s mouth and slid down the bed. He pulled Lance’s used tight wet panties down and rubbed his own face over the princely penis, soon engulfing it in his mouth, loving the taste of the boyish cock.

Deep throating it with gusto Michael’s cock sucking made Lance grimace in pleasure. This torrid sex scene was stimulating to Becca as she sat in the chair watching Michael play with his captive boy toy.

She began to rub her pussy through her used tight wet panties as she watched Michael release Lance’s cock from his mouth and begin to rub his cock onto Lance’s hard, wet cock.

Michael cock fucked Lance, hard cock rubbing against hard cock for a while before stopping and turning Lance over.

Lance and Michael’s adventure

He marveled at Lance’s tender young ass and Michael caressed it and slid a finger along the crack of the sweet boyish buns. Without hesitation Michael pressed his face between the checks and slid his hard wet tongue into Lance’s tight hole.

Lance was tired and stoned and a little weary of being tied up but this felt great and his hard cock chafed against the bed as Michael continued to rim his ass.

This went on for a little while longer before Michael could not control himself and he pulled his hard fat cock up to mount the boy.

Holding on to Lance’s hips Michael’s cock easily slid into the tender boy pussy and he began to firmly butt fuck his luscious captive.

Michael was possessed with gay lust and very worked up by the gift Becca had provided for him and he pistoned his cock rapidly into the sweet young ass.

In no time Michael began to breath heavier and faster and in one long loud moan he came into the boy forcing his fat cock as deep as it would go into Lance, who was beside himself from the combination of pain and pleasure.

Finally Michael’s lunges up into the boy came to a halt and he removed his still hard cock from Lance’s ass with the stumpy beast coated in cum and cum dripping down the boy’s leg.

Michael wiped up as best he could, thanking Becca for the treat as he dressed saying he had to run. He kissed Becca on the cheek slipping a hand inside her robe fondling a titty, telling her she looked fabulous and then letting himself out.

Becca’s tight wet panties

Becca told Lance “you poor dear, let’s untie you” as she finally released Lance from the rope. Lance sighed and stretched lying on the bed with Becca pulling off her robe.

They embraced and kissed softly as Lance roamed his hands all over her lovely body; her round little ass, slender tummy & beautiful little titties.

They began jacking on each other; Becca pulling on Lance’s throbbing cock and Lance firmly fingering Becca’s slit through her silky used tight wet panties.

Lance still hand on the silky stockings and it felt incredible as his legs rubbed against Becca’s stocking clad legs.

As Lance moved his hands up to fondle her titties again, Becca pulled down her used tight wet panties and took them off. With Lance on his back she draped her titties onto his cock titty fucking him and then engulfing his cock in her mouth before climbing back in his arms for another hungry kiss giving Lance a taste of his own cock on her lips.

In her lust she repeated her earlier method of satisfying her aching pussy by climbing on top of Lance’s face and grinding it onto his mouth.

Lance eagerly licked the fusty slit as Becca came quickly from all her excitement of the day’s activities.

Sliding off of Lance Becca lay next to him & nuzzled and kissed him, her fine body close to the handsome blond boy whose magnificent cock was harder than ever. He played with her titties as she pulled on his cock.

She saw her used tight wet panties lying on the bed so she picked them up and pressed the soiled cotton patch onto Lance’s face.

Becca loves the semen

If they were fragrant before now they were doubly so now with her wearing them after their first sex bout and sticky with Lance’s cum and her moist slit as she rubbed her pussy in them while she watched Michael have at Lance.

He was intoxicated again by the scent of the luscious used tight wet panties and he held them against his face as Becca jacked on his cock. This went on for a little while till Becca could tell he was getting close.

She pulled him up over her and with Lance still sniffing her used tight wet panties she watched in amazement as he came if ragged spurts all over her lovely titties, rubbing his throbbing cock into them as he collapsed on to her.

She loved feeling his warm semen running all over her pretty little titties. After their incredible afternoon & evening of sex they fell asleep together in pleasant slumber.

In the morning Lance was awakened by the sensation of feeling his hard cock being sucked on by the ever horny Becca. They made wonderful love without out any kinkiness before Lance took off.

Later that week with Lance soon returning to college, he came over to spend some time with Mark and Becca. Without any hesitation they were all in the bedroom, with Becca in stockings, garter belt & used tight wet panties and Mark & Lance both out of their clothes.

With a glass of wine in her hand she whispered “I’ll just watch for a while” as Lance and Mark fell naked onto the bed together.

Becca was steamed as she watched them make gay love; kissing, nuzzling, pressing their naked male bodies together, humping cock on hard cock, sucking on each other’s cocks before settling in to a hot gay 69.

Becca rubbed her pussy through her tight wet panties

Mark and Lance were a stunning sight for Becca who found watching two handsome hard males make love a stimulation like no other from a woman’s view.

As Lance and Mark sucked on each other’s cock Becca sipped her wine and rubbed her pussy through her used tight wet panties.

Finally she could stand not more and climbed in to join them as they eagerly continued their gay 69.

Becca ran her hands through Mark’s hair and whispered in his ear as Lance’s cock slid in & out of his mouth. Shortly after he broke the 69 and pulled Lance back in his arms kissing and nuzzling his hot boy lover.

With Lance on his back Mark rose over him and pressed his body onto the boy. Lance loved this and spread his legs allowing Mark to press his huge cock against his tight hole.

Becca played with Lance’s cock as Mark got some lube and then resumed poking his penis up into Lance’s tight hole. He firmly pressed deeper into Lance as Becca kissed the boy and ran her fingers through his hair as he played with her titties.

She loved watching her husband penetrate the handsome boy and rubbed herself through her used tight wet panties as Mark fucked Lance in firm, even thrusts.

Lance’s cock was hard and dripping pre-cum as he received Mark’s hard phallus up his ass. Then in a rush Mark humped faster & faster into the boy as he started to cum in an excited thrusts into the boy.

Becca was moaning too from fingering herself and Mark collapsed on top of Lance, kissing him passionately.

Lance whispered something into Mark’s ear and as he pulled his cock from Lance’s as he smiled and gave Lance’s hard cock a firm caress.

Becca gets tied

Mark returned with some rope and he took Becca’s two wrists and tied them together before tying them to the center rail on the bed. Now Lance could return the favor to Becca as he then danced & humped his massively hard cock over Becca’s luscious soft body.

He titty fucked her and then pressed his cock into her face. Becca licked & sniffed the hard brute and soon Lance was face fucking Mark’s gorgeous wife.

They both enjoyed this and after a while he pulled out, played with her titties a bit before fingering her through her used tight wet panties.

A light went on in his head and he pulled off Becca’s luscious silky string bikini used tight wet panties. He took a big whiff of the soiled cotton patch, its pungent essence making his cock ever so much harder.

Lance then with a wry smile pressed the soiled used tight wet panties against Becca’s nose, forcing her to sniff her own used tight wet panties as she had done with Lance when she had Lance tied up the time before. She was beside herself with arousal, as was Lance.

Lance went down spreading her legs, leaving the used tight wet panties open and draped over Becca’s face. Lance assaulted her pussy with his tongue, and then slid lower licking her tight hole between her tender cheeks.

Mark caressed and fondled Lance’s young ass as the boy licked between his wife’s legs. With a gleam in his eye Lance then turned Becca over on her stomach with her sweet ass facing up.

The teenage boy went to town licking her tight hole & also her moist pussy. Then in a fit of horniness he pressed his hard cock between her cheeks against her tight bung hole.

Lance’s anal sex with Becca

Mark assisted with a little lube and Lance had the pleasure of starting to butt fuck the lovely lady. He pressed firmly and slid his cock ever so deeper into her nether regions.

As he humped her ass he found the soiled used tight wet panties and took a long whiff, increasing his stimulation before pressing them against Becca’s nose and forcing her to sniff them as he butt fucked her tight ass.

She was moaning and gasping as was Lance and after many long minutes Lance finally was getting close. He humped faster & faster and in a huff he fucked his cock rapidly into the sweet ass cumming in a torrent inside the lovely woman.

Mark and Becca were sad to see Lance head back to college and Lance jacked off often thinking about all the sex he had during the summer with Mark and Becca.

Then Lance began an affair with one of his college professors. They kept it cool at school but Lance was over at Ed’s as often as he could be when Lori, Ed’s wife was not at home.

They loved getting naked in the master bath, admiring each other’s handsome physiques in the mirrors and pulling on each other’s cocks.

This one time in particular as they kissed and felt each other’s cock’s Lance crumpled to the floor as Ed began to suck on his cock. As he lay on the carpeted floor with Ed’s mouth bobbing over his cock Lance spied a basket of laundry on the floor next to him.

Hanging over the edge was a scintillatingly silky pair of Ed’s wife’s used tight wet panties. Lance reached for them and as Ed continued to suck him off he stretched the soiled cotton panel over his nose.

Sniffing the soiled tight wet panties

Lance’s hard cock became harder and felt even more luscious in Ed’s mouth as the intoxicating scent of pussy wafted into his nostrils.

This little unexpected treat for Lance pushed him over the edge in a matter of moments and as he continued to sniff the pleasantly soiled used tight wet panties he fingered his ass as Ed sucked on his cock.

A mind blowing orgasm ensued as Lance’s cock discharged huge blasts of cum into Ed’s eager mouth and Lance was moaning and huffing as he came with the sultry fragrant scented used tight wet panties pressed against his face.

Ed sucked and licked Lance’s cock clean and finally rose up to kiss is charming lover. Gathering himself on all fours Ed straddled his cock into Lance’s mouth for pleasant reciprocation.

Daggling over Lance, Ed’s huge penis filled the boy’s mouth as Lance sucked, licked & sniffed the beast.

Ed loved having his balls and the underside of his cock licked and Lance eagerly accommodated as Ed danced his massive penis & balls across the boy’s tongue & lips. Soon Lance was again whole heartedly sucking on Ed’s cock.

Both males were captivated by their bisexual affair and nothing seemed more exciting than this. Ed’s cock was so hard it ached and he really felt like fucking his boy lover.

He grabbed some lube and spread Lance’s legs, moving his face down between them. Ed rimmed Lance’s tight hole making his lover squirm before pressing his hard cock against the tight hole.

Ed slides up into Lance

Slowly but forcefully Ed slid up into Lance who rolled his eyes in pleasure. As Ed built a rhythm humping into the boy, Lance picked up the soiled used tight wet panties beside him on the floor and took a big whiff, exhilarating his senses and making his teenage cock hard again.

Then in a whim he pressed the fragrant used tight wet panties up to Ed’s nose as he fucked Lance. The intoxicating scent made Ed harder than ever and Lance switched the pussy scented panty from nose to nose inciting them both to higher levels of sexual arousal.

Ed humped madly into the boy and he began to moan. Lance had the used tight wet panties glued to his nose with one hand and was furiously jacking off with the other.

Ed’s cock erupted a huge flood of cum up into the boy as Lance jacked faster & faster on his luscious cock.

With the sweet pussy-scented used tight wet panties glued to his nose and Ed’s hard cock still deep inside him Lance feverishly pulled on his cock till he began to moan and cum splattered out of his cock all over himself.

Ed smiled and then kissed his boy lover, the sticky cum smearing all over them before they got up to shower together.


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