If you’ve read more about me, you know that there is more to me than selling used panties and used underwear (although I love it!). One of the other things you should know about me is that I am passionate about helping animals, especially cats! Perhaps the reason for this is that I have a little ragdoll Stewie (c’mon, google ‘ragdolls’ up, see how cute they are!). Why ‘Stewie’? Well, if you watch Family Guy, you don’t need further explanations. If you don’t well, start! My Stewie is a little bit like the one in the cartoon – he too is spoiled and can be a bit naughty (I hope though he is not planning to enslave the entire human race! LOL) – OK, enough Family Guy references. See how cute my Stewie is with his blue eyes and long soft hair.

But enough about my Stewie. I consider myself a sensitive person who cares about the fate of animals in need and if I could, I would help them all. I know it’s beyond my reach to help them all, but I can help some of them. Recently I spent a wonderful day in my local animal rescue centre where I donated food for cats and dogs. I also had the chance to play with some of the adorable kittens there, which mad it a very touching day for me. I am in fact thinking of adopting another cat in the near future! I hope my little Stewie will welcome his new pal.

By the way, it would be much more difficult for me to help those animals if it wasn’t for you: my used panties and used underwear Lovers! Thanks to you, I can help those animals on a more regular basis. Isn’t it great? You are fulfilling your sexual fantasies while at the same time you’re helping animals in need. Here are a few photos. By the way, post a comment below if you can spot my Stewie on the picture with all the food!