Just to warn you: this post will be about my lesbian sex experience and fantasy (that’s me on the picture with one of my girlfriends). Keep reading at your own risk! Oh yes, and it will also be about my used panty fetish.

Today I received a very nice email from my best girlfriend. I have a few girlfriends but this is the one I really like. I will explain why in a second. She confirmed that she wants to visit me soon. Great surprise!

We haven’t seen each other for a long time, but we know each other from school days. She is a very attractive woman. I love her amazing long hair. This is my fetish, other than my used panty fetish, of course: I adore when women have long and straight hair. I’m a bit taller than her, but she likes to wear high heels – well you know that I also have used shoes fetish.

So good for me – she looks really hot in her high heels. She is definitely my type. I’m excited because I really want to see her. Recently she broke up with her boyfriend so she seems to need to talk to me and she’s looking for some ‘friendly hugging’.

You know I like lesbian shows

I’m sure that I can give it to her… and more! You should know that I’m really not bisexual. I love sex with men, but I must say that I had a few really amazing experiences with girls in the past. That would make me bi-curious, you could say. As I wrote in my profile:

Another part of my job which I truly adore are Lesbian Shows. I have a few girlfriends who turn me on, so when we perform show together, I sometimes honestly wet my underwear a little bit, which of course is hot as fuck as I have used panty fetish. It’s a pleasant mixture of warmth, faster heartbeat and the feeling of getting a bit wet in my intimate area.

Admittedly, I couldn’t be with a woman in a serious relationship. But who needs that when I only want to have some fun! Woman’s body is so sweet, so delicate and smooth. I love it! I like firm and big boobs, long legs, slim body and long hair. Also, I like sexy red nails, when she’s touching me everywhere. What about lips? Should be sexy, juicy and hot! Definitely! Oh yes, my girlfriend is absolutely in my type! She’s gorgeous!

She’s gorgeous and also has used panty fetish!

She is blonde, I’m a brunette, so we make a very good team together like Angel & Devil 🙂 We fit each other! Of course, as you can figure from my website, I like sexy lingerie on a beautiful body. To satisfy my own used panty fetish I have a lot of sexy lingerie, quite big selection of used panties like briefs, boyshorts, thongs or g-strings, but I still need more!

I feel like I need something special, I want to look amazing for my girlfriend! And she likes to dress up nicely as well. She has a bit of a used panty fetish herself! When I have sex I like look perfect, hot and sensual!

Part of it is also wearing heels. I also like it when my girlfriend has heels in bed. It’s my second fetish. My girlfriend is coming soon, but I can imagine already now what will be happening. Would like to find out? Here are a few likely details of what will happen

We’ll take a hot and scented bath with candles. Then we will dress in a sexy lingerie and wear our heels, drink something and we will start having fun. Since we both have used panty fetish, we will pay special attention to the panties. I will then start to kiss her hot lips, her neck and touch & squeeze her firm boobs. I want to hear her breathing and moaning – and she always does that when I touch her with my lips.

Then, I will go down close to her tights. Then will I start to lick her legs inside towards her pussy. I’ll swirl my tongue around her clitoris and I’ll push my thumb into her, hitting her g-spot every time, harder and harder, faster and faster, making her more and more wet for me.

I know she will squirt and I’ll move down licking up all the mess, which makes her cum again… Oh yeah, since we both have used panty fetish, I will suck dry the wet panties too!

If I want to give her another cum, I’ll grab one of my toys and my favourite-magic wand! It’s a really good toy. I usually use it when I’m masturbating. I know that she had always wanted to be tied up – perhaps we should try that! I’ll give her what she like. Sounds good? Well, that’s it for now…

Here is PART 2 of the story: My Private Lesbian Video with My Friend


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