In my recent post about my lesbian sex fantasies with one of my girlfriends I promised you a continuation of my erotic story. Many of you asked me if I could somehow record a private lesbian video with my friend. Well, I thought I would not be able to do it, but I did! I was very excited and couldn’t wait for my sexy girlfriend to finally visit me.

My whole body was waiting on her and my mind couldn’t stop thinking about her and our date. The day has come. Everything was prepared: my new sexy lingerie was waiting in my drawer ready to dress up and the bottle of champagne was cooling down in the fridge. I looked and felt sexy and wonderful. I thought to myself: a perfect scenario to make a private lesbian video.

Bad news for Angie….

I was lost in my thoughts when my cell phone started ringing. After picking it up I heard her sad voice. I had bad feelings about this and I was right. My expected guest couldn’t come because her plans have changed and she was stuck at work. What a bummer. I was sad and disappointed – our plans were ruined. It seemed that I would spend the evening alone with the bottle of champagne, but suddenly my phone rang again.

It was my other girlfriend, Brooke. She was bored at home and decided to call me to see if I wanted to come by. I agreed, because I really needed a companion for this night – I was still sexually excited. Brooke is a women who looks a bit similar to me, she has long and black hair as well. We’re a good team.

Excited to see Brook, will we have sex?

I arrived to her as soon as I could. She was very happy when she saw me. I know that I was her type. We sat on the sofa and discussed the deep intimate feelings that can only be discussed between two dear friends or in the presence of a great deal of liquor. This was the turning point in our friendship that would change us forever.

It was this very moment. I told her how pretty she is. She laughingly said she knew and changed the subject quickly. However, I was persistent. I was drunk. I told her how I have always loved looking at her neck which seemed to beg to be kissed.

Yes we did, and recorded private lesbian video!

Alcohol made me more courageous. In addition, of course I was so horny after so many drinks. She didn’t stop me when I starter caressing her neck. Initially I didn’t look her in the eyes, but I noticed she was staring at me. That was turning me on even further! I came up with the crazy idea to actually make an a private lesbian video and record our sex.

To my surprise and relief, she didn’t protest and was quite enthusiastic!I initially thought that I would keep the video just to myself. I wanted it to truly be my private lesbian video and I thought I would be playing it whenever I feel extra naughty and there is no one around! But then, after we have made it, I thought that this is too good to keep it to myself. I told her that I would like to share this video with my Panty Lovers, and she only asked me not to show her face.

Fair enough, I edited the video accordingly. She was also speaking in the video so she asked me to edit her voice out. Fair enough – I put a nice erotic music as a background. So anyway, the rest of the night is history and you can watch us having fun on the amateur lesbian video that we made.

There is a lot of fingering and pussy licking – you can see we truly enjoyed our time! OK, so here is some more information about my private lesbian video, which in the end is not so private any more. As you can see from the images, the action was hot. Oh, and of course in the video you can totally see my face. I only distorted it for the image so that it’s not all over the internet.

Duration: 41 mins; Resolution: 1280×720; Audio: erotic background music; Price: £20

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