“Publish/Re-publish on Angie’s Blog for free and get hundreds of additional readers”

What to publish:

  • Adult fictional and non-fictional stories
  • All kinds of fetish-related articles
  • Get in touch if you have an idea but you are unsure
  • No posts which are essentially ads
How to publish:

  • Submit only your own work and to which you have 100% copyrights
  • Submit your post directly to me at glampanties@gmail.com
  • Make sure that your post is at least 400 words long
  • Include at least one picture to which you have copyrights; if you don’t have one, I will use one of my own
  • Try to include at least one link
  • Try to divide your post into two or more subheadings
Why publishing on Angie’s Blog?

  • Free exposure to hundreds of new readers
  • You can re-publish stuff you already published on your blog
  • You can include link to your blog/website
  • I will give you full credit so there is no confusion as to who is the author of the post
  • It’s free

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