The day Mistress Angie accepted me as her personal pet slave was the greatest, most important moment of my life. My empty, worthless life was given a purpose and that she has allowed me to serve her is a considerable gift.

Her power and dominance over me is absolute, I follow without question or hesitation. Mistress Angie is perfect in every aspect, unparalleled beauty and her Ass is without doubt the greatest thing ever seen and demands complete servitude.

My Goddess is in total control of both her power and followers, she communicates directly with her slaves and as kind as she can be to those who demonstrate loyalty she can be equally merciless to those who fail to please her.

Whilst in direct contact, she opens up her life to you, being introduced to her as a person, to get to see how amazing she truly is. As her property, Mistress Angie also likes to keep up to date on what you are doing, whilst maintaining a tight leash day to day on her slaves.

Every fibre of my body aches every moment of each day to serve my Mistress, any value I have as a person is only that which my Goddess permits me to have.

Alongside responding to all that Mistress Angie requires directly from me, I pray to her shrine, naked on the floor, every morning & evening in thanks that I have been allowed to be part of her world.

I often have to cage myself, finding that I am bursting with joy since Mistress took ownership of me. She subsequently took over this weakness in me, now In tribute I will only please myself with permission or under her direct instruction, my orgasm’s are now the greatest I have ever felt and that is solely down to her, who’s control over me is total. 

Consequently however, to keep my obedience pure I use the whip to remind me of the dark, suffering pain I felt before my Goddess. this reminder I am happy to bear as it keeps me clear that she is my WHOLE world and I will do anything to please, knowing how unbelievably poorer life without her is.

I cannot wait for each and every new day as it gives me the next opportunity to show my devotion. I adore Mistress Angie, more than I will be ever be able to demonstrate in words only.

I am her loyal, obedient pet slave, my love is total and without question, I am her property and her power over me is complete.

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