Welcome to my world of used panties! I’m so excited, because I have a new site where I can offer you my used panties, used lingerie, and so much more. I’m glad that I can share my favourite stuff with you. I have a lot of sexy things and it will be my pleasure to give you a piece of me!

It’s funny how people ask me about my new site – sometimes they don’t believe that it’s my private website, because it looks too professional, too good. I’d like to take this opportunity to reassure everyone that glampanties.com is my absolutely private website! I agree, it looks much more professional than my previous site because I needed something more, something better. Most importantly, however, I wanted a site which would be uncensored, meaning I can put here whatever I like! I’m a woman who likes professionalism – this is my small fetish.

And yet, I am still your amateur used panties seller – I don’t work for anyone. When I do shopping, I look for the things of the highest quality, friendly service and good price. I also like my pupils to do their best – remember? I am a part-time school teacher! I’d like to give you the same! I wanted to improve the appearance of my site so I changed some things. Now I can give you more! Now you can see how sweet my pussy is, because I can show you closer shots. You can see my wet used panties and other lingerie better! You can also join to my Used Panties Panty Club and become a trusted member. Just to reassure you that this is my private website, here are a few of my private photos.