So what is it that excites me so much about dirty used panties? Oh where to start…lets start with all the pretty colours & styles, so many to choose from. Just holding a pair of panties in my hands really gets me excited! I absolutely love holding satin panties in my hands & feeling them all over, so smooth & sexy!

I love wearing dirty used panties on my face, taking in the wonderful scent while thinking about everything the sexy lady did while wearing them in the run of a day. I think about what kind of thoughts the lady might have while wearing panties, knowing they’ll be in my hands & on my face. I have slept while wearing panties on my face until the moment I wake up. Waking up with panties on your face, gets the day started on the right foot!

I’ve only started buying worn/dirty used panties from many sexy ladies late 2014 & have well over 100 pairs in my collection. I love taking them all & dumping them on me when sitting down or in bed, being buried in a pile of dirty panties really excites me! I hold onto them as if my life depended on them.

So fun to just pick a pair out of the pile & run your hands inside & out of them. I also love rubbing them all over my face, both inside & out while I reach down my pants for my cock & stroke away until I cum!

I eventually discovered Angie on twitter & scheduled a purchase date with her for 2 pairs of dirty used panties. I was extremely happy & it was such a great experience & an absolute pleasure to do so as I was absolutely hooked on her scent! I love using my tongue on the gusset of her panties, getting a taste of all those juicy stains!

I love sitting back while wearing Angie’s pretty, sexy panties on my face. I would have her gusset over my nose, knowing that’s the closest I’ll ever get to this gorgeous woman’s pussy & breathed in the lovely aroma as my hand would find it’s way down my pants & stroking my cock!

I would also spread the backside of Angie’s dirty used panties over my face knowing that’s the closest I’ll ever be to Angie’s gorgeous booty & rubbing them all over my face to get as much ass aroma as possible! I love stroking my cock with Angie’s panties on my face, wishing she was still in them & that she is sitting on my face! 

It wasn’t long before I needed another dose of Angie & made another purchase. I took advantage of just one of her many great deals, the Panty Pack Essence offer where you get 3 pairs of panties + video clip + photo set = £35.

For anybody that is quite serious about dirty used panties, it’s a hell of a deal if you ask me! I own 5 pairs of Angie’s lovely scented panties & that number will only continue to grow as long as she continues selling!


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