Crazy things always happen in college, like someone stealing your dirty used knickers.

Sometimes things happen due to fraternity or sorority hazing, sometimes because of drunk students.

Everyone has stories of the “crazy thing” that happened to them in college. I never really thought I would have a story, until this past weekend.

My alarm screamed at me at 8 am on Monday morning, I looked at the time and hit snooze.

I didn’t have class until later that afternoon, but I had some cleaning, laundry and homework to do. I lived in an apartment with my best friend Jessica.

dirty used knickers

Jessica was always my second alarm clock on my particularly lazy mornings. This morning was no exception. After hearing my alarm, Jessica came in and smacked my ass.

“Get up! You’re so lazy!”

I moaned loudly in protest. My ass was muscular and firm from all of my years playing soccer, but it still stung when Jessica smacked my ass.

Jessica was the goal keeper for our soccer team, so she trained her arms regularly. It was a mistake to end up on the other end of her back hand.

“Now I’m gonna have your hand print on my ass!” I exclaimed

“You’re such a baby!…  Oh! Are those dirty used knickers new? I haven’t seen you wear them before. I like them!”

Honestly, I didn’t realize that in my protest I uncovered the blankets to show my toned ass. I was wearing my new black satin hip huggers I bought last weekend.

“If you like these, you should see these new thongs I got. They have rainbows!” I said as I pulled myself out of bed.

“You should show them to me later! I’m late for class.” Jessica practically yelled as she was running for the door.

I decided I should probably wash them before letting Jessica see them anyway. I was wearing them yesterday when our friends came over.

We were sitting in close quarters as we watched a new Netflix series. As they rubbed up against me, my pussy got really wet imagining them fucking me.

I got so horny I had to sneak off and finger myself before continuing the marathon. This normally wouldn’t be a problem, but I just get so damn wet when I’m horny.

My dirty used knickers were practically soaked. I had to ditch the panties in the bathroom before continuing the marathon.

Those dirty used knickers needed to be washed

It wasn’t really a problem though, I could just change into pajamas anyway. I left them on the floor of the bathroom in my pants and shirt.

They definitely needed to be washed. I didn’t want Jessica smelling my pussy. While she was my best friend I always thought she might be bi.

I smiled to myself, thinking about the possibility of Jessica being bi. While I was not gay, I would be lying if I said I never thought about having an evening with Jessica.

To me, she is the one exception to me being straight. We all have that one person, right? I always imagined Jessica and I having dinner one night after class, drinking wine.

After we both got a little drunk, enough to let our guard down, we get close and rub against each other.

After laughing about some joke one of us told, we would find ourselves face to face. Then one of us would lean in and begin kissing the other.

After kissing for a while, one of us would show a bit of hesitation, not knowing if we should cross this line or not.

“Fuck it!” I would think to myself as we started to undress each other. We would take time to kiss every inch of each other’s flesh, making this moment memorable.

Leaving each other only in our bra and underwear, we would feel one another. I would begin rubbing Jessica’s pussy outside her dirty used knickers, unhooking her bra so I could suck on her nipples.

Suddenly the birds chirped outside my window, waking me from my day dream. I moved my legs a bit, noticing my pussy was wet.

I grabbed my dirty used knickers

Damn, I thought, I can’t believe my daydream about Jessica just turned me on. I’ll have to remember to masturbate later.

God, it’s been so long since I’ve had someone fuck me really good.

As I stood up from my bed, I yawned and rubbed my eyes, trying to wake up. I gathered up the rest of my laundry and headed to the bathroom to grab my dirty used knickers.

I moved my pants to grab them, but to my surprise, they weren’t there. Maybe I had just kicked them off somewhere, or someone moved my pants the dirty used knickers were moved too.

I checked all over the bathroom, and even in the shower. No luck! I couldn’t find my panties anywhere.

dirty used knickers

Also, I checked my bedroom, and everywhere else in the apartment. Still no luck! Maybe Jessica took them? I did have my reservations about her.

Then I admitted to myself that I secretly wanted her to steal my dirty used knickers. I always imagined her masturbating in my panties and placing them back in my drawer.

I would wear the dirty used knickers, not knowing that her wet pussy had cum on them. Again, I had to pull myself out of my daydream.

I went into her room and looked all through her panty drawer. Pair after pair of panties, but not mine. She did; however, have some really cute pairs that I may have to steal.

Recalling the night, there was only one other person who used the bathroom besides me that night. John.

But that can’t be, John totally had a thing for Jessica. I didn’t know how I would feel if John was getting off with my dirty used knickers. I was torn.

My sexiest dirty used knickers

I would be upset because he was totally betraying Jessica, but god damn I’ve just been so horny this morning. As if John knew I was thinking of him, I got a text.

“Hey Angie! I forgot to get the homework for class last night, can I come by and get it?”

“Sure, you can! I’m not in my room, but it’s unlocked. Just grab the homework, it’s on my desk!”

“Thanks! You’re the best!”

Things were working out perfectly! All I had to do was set a trap for him. I ran to my room and opened my panty drawer.

Then I pulled out some of my sexiest dirty used knickers: frilly, silky, thongs, all the best. I lay them over top of the drawer, as if I had quickly rummaged through the drawer.

Then I close the drawer slightly, and run into my closet. I pull out my phone and leave the door cracked enough to record what might happen.

No sooner, I heard a knock on my door. John announced himself:

“Anyone in here?”

John paused. After no response, he walked over to my desk and looked at the homework.

What was that? I swear I saw his eyes glance at the dirty used knickers hanging from my drawer. He turned around and put the homework in his bag.

Then John paused again. John slowly made his way over to my drawer.

He reached his hand up and felt the satin dirty used knickers hanging, then slowly brought one of the frilly pairs up to his nose.

John inhaled deeply and slowly exhaled with a sigh. John was clearly longing for the smell of my pussy. I started recording on my phone.

There were my dirty used knickers!

As John finished running his hands through my dirty used knickers, he put his hand back in his backpack. He was fishing around for something. His arm stopped.

He pulled his hand out of his backpack but kept his fist bawled.

John slowly opened his hand. There were my dirty used knickers! I was furious that he was the one who took my panties! He was supposed to be into Jessica!

I never considered him as one of the guys that I could fuck. John put them up to his nose, smelling my day-old scent.

After a deep inhale, he exhaled with a sigh again. He slowly brought his hand down to his cock and rubbed himself.

After rubbing for some time, he undid the belt on his pants. John let his pants fall around his ankles.

He grabbed his hard cock and began to stroke as he inhaled the sweet smell of my pussy. I began to feel a warm feeling between my legs.

Now I lowered my hand and felt I was already wet. I might have to reconsider him being on my no-fuck list.

“That’s right Angie. You wanna fuck me?”

John was playing out his fantasy right in front of me. I couldn’t help it anymore. I stopped recording on my phone and put it back in my pocket.

Then I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit over top of my black stain dirty used knickers.

As I rubbed my clit John took my dirty used knickers from his face and slowly moved it down to his hard cock. John then began to stroke his cock with my dirty panties.

I my hands inside my dirty used knickers

I couldn’t help it anymore and put my hands inside my dirty used knickers, and plunged my finger inside my wet pussy.

As I watched John stroke his dick with greater intensity I began pounding my pussy with my finger. I quickly moved my hand over my mouth to stifle my moans. John then moaned:

“I’m so close Angie, do you want me to fill you with my cum?”

John started to stroke with greater intensity, soaking my dirty used knickers with his precum. I take my fingers out of my pussy and open the closet door.

I walk over to him before he can realize I’ve left the closet. Now I grab him by the dick and demand:

“Fill my dirty used knickers with your cum”

“Jesus Angie, I, uhm, I can explain” stammered John

He was begging for mercy from the look in his eye. I could feel how wet my dirty used knickers were from his precum.

I loved that I had complete control over him. John could not go anywhere without my permission.

I loved the way my panties felt wrapped around his hard cock, but I couldn’t tell him that yet. Honestly, I have never controlled a man this way before and I love it.

I wanted something out of this experience. I want a pantyboy, also, I might be able to manage some free homework out of this.

“Do you like how my dirty used knickers on your cock?” I whispered in his ear

“Do I like what?!?” John asked clearly still confused about the situation

“I asked you…” as I whispered his ear seductively, taking my time to enunciate every word “do you… like my dirty used knickers… on your hard cock?”

“Y-y-yes” stammered John

“You know, I could tell everyone we know that you love the smell of my soiled panties.”

“Please, I’ll do anything”

He stroked his cock with my dirty used knickers

His eyes were pleading with me. I knew he would do anything I asked him to do. So I ignored his continued stammering and slowly started to stroke his cock with my dirty used knickers.

“I won’t tell anyone if you do my homework for the rest of the semester”

“Okay, you’ve got a deal!” exclaimed John

“Do you promise?” I asked

“Of course!” John stammered as I started to stroke his dick harder and faster

“Well I need one more thing”

“Anything!” John exclaimed

“I need you to fuck me with my dirty used knickers on” I said as I pulled him into a kiss, letting our tongues intertwine

After breaking apart our kiss, I demanded:

“I want you to fuck my pussy John”

I start kissing John again. As our tongues intertwine, he picks me up and moves me over to the desk. He lays me down on the desk and begins to massage my boobs.

My nipples are already rock hard and dying to be touched. I love when a guy massages my breasts. John then kicks his pants off his feet.

As he kicks his pants from around his feet, he rubs his dick on my black satin dirty used knickers. Rubbing my clit with the head of his dick through my panties.

John has me so wet my dirty used knickers start to get soaked. My dirty used knickers are sticking to my wet pussy while his cock pushes up against it.

He rubs his cock back and forth across my clit while we kiss. I can’t take the teasing anymore:

“Just fuck me now John, fuck me my little panty boy”

I love your dirty used knickers, Angie!

John peels my wet panty aside. As he pulls my panty aside, he teases my pussy with his fingers. Running his finger along my slit.

John brings his mouth up and kisses me. John then slowly slides his fat, hard cock inside me. I can feel the walls of my wet pussy squeeze around him.

I didn’t give a fuck about a condom, I wanted him to pound my pussy.

“God, you feel so good Angie!” John exclaimed

I lifted my dirty used knickers up to his face and shoved them under his nose.

“Do you like the smell of my dirty panties, you little pantyboy?”

“I love your dirty used knickers, Angie!”

Now I whisper in his ear “Then fuck me harder because I want to feel your cum inside me”

I felt so dirty talking to him this way, but I couldn’t help it. I was just so horny! John pounded my pussy over and over.

The scent of my dirty panties driving him crazy. I was practically screaming at this time. I felt a shake begin in my legs and slowly radiate through my body.

“I’m gonna cum…” warned John

My fingers dug into his back as I felt my pussy explode. My juices were squirting all over his hard cock.

John’s thrusts were hard and long, keeping pace until I felt his cum fill my pussy. I felt satisfied as he finally pulled his cock from my dripping pussy.

It started with John stealing my dirty thong to fulfil his fantasy; his fantasy had come true. I pulled my still soaking dirty used knickers back, and rubbed it over my leaking pussy.

I sat back silently as John got dressed, continuing to rub my black satin panties over my pussy.

He put the dirty used knickers in his backpack

The little pantyboy had become my fuck toy. I was definitely going to enjoy the time we’re going to spend together.

John picked up his backpack to leave. And turned to me:

“We have a deal, right?”

“Yes, but I expect the homework to be on time, John.”

John nodded and headed for the door. I called to him:

“Hey, John.”


I took off my black satin dirty used knickers and threw them in his face. He moved his hands just in time to catch them.

“Those are to motivate you, I’ll see you in class tonight.”

John smiled and put the dirty used knickers in his backpack.

“Oh, and John, next time you need some dirty panties… just ask.” I said as I winked at him

As John left, I lay back on my bed, exhausted. I smiled to myself. I had no idea that I would find a new play thing.

No one would believe me if I said anything, but good thing I didn’t have to. I now have a panty thief as my personal sex slave.

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