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One evening I was in my room. Then I heard my sisters and their friends come barreling up the stairs to the girls rooms. That’s how the story of my sister’s dirty panties began.

Mom wasn’t home. And the girls had been drinking a bit & were probably a bit high too.

I knew it was best to leave them alone. Just bid my time in my room trying to ignore the noise, contemplating turning out the lights and going to bed. And to masturbate in a pair of stolen dirty panties.

I was rummaging in my secret stash of my sisters frilly under things. Then I heard the door start to open and I quickly tried to hide my activities.

In walked Heidi and oh my goodness, did she ever look hot! She looked like a rock goddess from the 80’s with black stockings on and a black leather miniskirt.

She had on a shear long sleeve top with a black leather vest. Also, she had studded black leather bracelets and a black velvet choker. Her blond hair was teased & wild & I don’t think I’ve ever seen a foxier chick in my life.

I could smell a bit of alcohol on her breath as she started talking to me:

“So is it true you wear your sisters’ dirty panties” she giggled. I stammered and was a bit embarrassed. I didn’t know what to say and still stunned by her ravishing magnificence.

“Come on” she said. “I think its wild. Why don’t you put some dirty panties on & let me see you”. I was flabbergasted & embarrassed. But totally turned on by her & the whole kinkiness of the situation.

She really made me put my dirty panties on

After a little more coaxing she got me to put on a pair of dirty panties. Then she pushed me up against my door to close it. She started feeling my cock I stood there in only my dirty panties. My cock grew so fucking hard as she played with me.

Heidi stopped for a sec and opened up her vest. Her lovely little titties showed through her shear black top. She lifted my hand to feel her titties -oh were they ever soft and exquisite with pointy little nipples.

Then she zipped down her miniskirt and it fell to the floor and she kicked it aside.

She took my other hand and put it between her legs. Then she placed my finger along her crease, which was sheathed in a pair of shear black dirty panties.

We then began jacking on each other and I fondled her titties as my cock leaked pre-cum to her feminine touch.

I began to slip my finger inside her dirty panties to feel her pussy. But as I did it she slapped my hand hard and said “only touch from the outside”.

We kissed a bit. The whole kinky scene was so fucking horny and unexpected that I was in shock to be naked in my fem dirty panties and playing with such a fine ass horny little bitch like Heidi.

She moaned at my fingering of her panty covered clit. Then she bit my ear hard as I fondled her titties through her shear top.

She whimpered and seemed to be cumming as I fingered her firmly and she rolled her eyes back and was breathing very heavy.

Rubbing her pussy through her dirty panties

As I continued to rub her pussy though her dirty panties she pulled harder and faster on my cock with her soft feminine hand.

She jacked me off faster with her soft hand. Then my cock spasmed and began to spew cum all over her hand.

She stood back a bit so I wouldn’t mess cum on her clothes. She jacked me off as I shuddered and quivered. I was a mess of cum on her hand and my dirty panties and over the floor.

She wiped her cum soaked hand over my nipples. Then she lifted it to my face for me to lick a few drops of my own cum off as she giggled.

She wiped the rest of the cum off on the dirty panties covering my ass. I moved my hands and began to feel her fine little round ass.

I copped a feel of her lovely silky soft round panty-covered ass. She let me continue for a while when she slapped my hand again. Then she said, “that’s enough for you, Liz’s queer little brother”.

She bit her lip seductively and left nearly as fast as she had entered. That left me in shock over the incident and shaking at being tossed like that by such a hot fucking little hottie babe.

I fell into bed wearing the dirty panties still. I finally fell asleep. But I woke up and jacked off remembering the kinky little scene with Heidi and me in the dirty panties as she jacked me off as she let me feel her up.

Heidi in my room

Heidi seemed to really enjoy her kinky little game she played with me that night. She came on to me again in the same manner one day when her and my sisters were going to the beach with my mom.

Leaving on an errand and to pick up Karen, Heidi offered to stay at the house and wait. She slipped into my room wearing shorts and a button down shirt over her bikini.

She shed her shirt and unsnapped her shorts letting them fall to the floor.

Fuck she was hot in her skimpy yellow string bikini and she told me we had to be quick and to get some dirty panties on.

My cock grew so hard seeing her there with her blond hair cascading down her shoulders. Her firm little titties pressed against her bikini and nearly falling out of it. And her tiny waist and defined hips barley held the string bottoms on.

I pulled a pair of my favorite panties on as she fondled my cock through them.

Heidi smiled as I reached up to touch her titties. I groped them through her top for a bit as she played with my cock. She undid her top and her soft titties looked and felt fantastic.

I leaned into them to taste their precious feminine flavor. She threw her head back as I kissed, licked and sucked on her sweet little breasts.

We stood there a bit and as I kissed and nuzzled her fantastic titties I reached behind and started feeling her sweet round little ass.

My sister’s tasty pussy

I copped a luscious feel of that hot little ass and my cock grew hard in the silky sting bikini panties I had on.

She threw me on my bed and started to rub her magnificent titties all over my panty-sheathed cock.

She tittie fucked me like that for a bit and then rose over me as I reached up to play with her titties some more. Heidi took one of my hands and placed it on her bikini-clad pussy.

I fingered it firmly through the thin fabric and was surprised when she undid the ties at the sides. It fell off, leaving her completely naked hovering over me.

Rising up over my face she planted her well-trimmed bush in my face, sinking the sweet smelling pussy onto my willing tongue.

I plunged my tongue all along and deep into her moist slit and she writhed in pleasure as she rode my face.

Fuck, that was the tastiest pussy I had ever tasted. The pure gratification of licking the horny cunt of such a little hottie made my cock swell in the silky dirty panties I had on.

I played with her lovely titties as I ate her out and Heidi moaned and whimpered her delight all over my face, cumming in short bursts.

My face was all wet and covered in fresh smelling pussy juices as she climbed off my face and draped her soft titties over my hard cock, pulling the dirty panties down a bit to feel the naked ecstasy of flesh on flesh, hard aching cock on soft tender titties.

Jacking off in the dirty panties

As she tittie fucked me from above with her soft titties and perky hard nipples I humped my throbbing cock up against the warm flesh of her titties.

Her bikini bottom was right there so I pulled it to my face for a whiff as Heidi fucked my cock with her hot little titties but I could take no more.

I began to cum all over her titties as she rubbed them into my cock and huge jets of thick, warm jizz spewed onto her charming breasts.

Her titties were coated with my sticky warm jizz and Heidi smiled, moved her face over my cock for a quick suck on the cum coated rod.

She wiped herself off with my sheets and then got off gathering her bikini and hurrying to get it back on and dressed just as we heard a car pull up.

She was dressed and composed in a flash and slipped out of my room liked nothing ever happened before the others got into the house.

My face stank pleasantly of pussy and I jacked off a couple of times in the dirty panties while they were all at the beach.


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