Firstly I would like to say a Big Big Thank you Mistress Angie for all you have done for me since I became your Slave “ScarfenMask.” I would also like to thank you for the coaxing and leading me onto the correct road that my Slave life must now take in serving you to the high standard that you require.

To do this I have submitted myself to worship your beauty and show my love and devotion for you in appreciation of your ownership of me and the feminine dominance you have over my life.

A friendly hello to all of you who may read the following on the website of My Gorgeous Mistress Angie. It is a great honour for me as a Slave to have been asked by My Mistress Angie to write down a few thoughts and jottings on the subject of Showing “Love And Devotion” for a Mistress. So let me begin……

To those of you who haven’t sampled the delights of My Mistress and her website I shall try to put into words her loveliness and describe her to you. She is very intelligent, articulate, well mannered, kind, friendly, honest and helpful. This is combined with the most wonderful, beautiful body that a woman can have.

This is accessorised with glamour, elegance, a dash of sophistication which is further dusted with liberal quantities of HOT SEXINESS. So we now have all the ingredients so to speak which when blended together make for one STEAMING HOT SEXY GODESS which is Mistress Angie.

I first made contact with Mistress Angie after being pointed in the direction of the verified panty sellers website, having experienced disappointment from other ladies who sold their panties on line.

I clicked on the drop down of UK based lady panty sellers and scrolled down it, looking, until I reached the site belonging to that of My Mistress Angie. There was just that something about the site that gave it a bit of an edge amongst the other ones. I must be honest and say  it was not without a little trepidation that I sent my first mail to My Mistress not knowing at the time that it was going to lead to something wonderful in my life.

As regular customers will know it wasn’t long before a polite, kind and very helpful email popped into my inbox. It was the start of frequent mails back and forth discussing my requirements, which in this first instance were for tights. It was during this time that My Mistress Angie to be commented on my emails saying that she enjoyed reading them as they were well thought out and were engaging.

This struck a chord with me as I had been looking at other services that she offered and had got round to thinking that I would like to apply to become a Slave.

I sent off an email to her asking if I may apply to become a slave. In response to this she said taking into account the mails I had already sent her, she thought that I had the potential to become a Slave. I was then asked to send an email to apply for a Slave position that best suited me. In my response I included all the information associated with becoming a transvestite/clothes fetish Slave. I was also asked why I wanted to serve such a BEAUTIFUL woman.

The mail was sent off and I patiently waited for my application to be considered and hopefully approved. A mail of reply was sent back and I can remember hovering my mouse over it and clicking to open it with a beating heart which grew faster as I read the words. I was a Slave. A Beautiful lady now owned me Mistress Angie.

I was now Slave ScarfenMask. This I will explain as I just brushed on this in the previous paragraph. I am a transvestite so was drawn to the fact that my Mistress Angie catered for the needs of transvestites through her site. This was ideal for me because I could combine my love of feminine clothing and their fetish properties eg buying the clothing worn and used by My Mistress Angie. This leads me onto explaining my Slave name.

The scarf bit comes from one of my favourite pieces of clothing that turns me on when used for its fetish qualities in the form of a mask, thus my name “ScarfenMask” To add to this a little further my Slave name describes the fetish side of my dressing but when I am just in plain “Girlie” mode I am called Sarah-Jane.

We  now move  onto the serious Slave/Mistress relationship and what it means to be owned and dominated by such a BEAUTIFUL Mistress Angie. Having received a delightful Slave certificate I was welcomed into the new phase of my life where everything is tailored around the BEAUTY, ELEGANT,CLASSY,SOPHISTICATED and STYLISH life style of My Mistress Angie. By becoming Her Slave I have now submitted myself to this and the very high standards that she requires.

At the very top of my list in serving Mistress Angie are three VERY Important words.

Worship, love, devotion for Mistress Angie

Mistress Angie pointed out to me at the beginning of my Slave Life that these three words were the key to a good relationship between Mistress and Slave and they had to be considered at all times. Well as you can imagine to a “Newbie Slave” this seemed very daunting at the time and I must admit to being a little apprehensive at being able to serve My Mistress Angie in the manner that she was accustomed to.

To achieve the  above it was decided that I submit my male persona to My Mistress. In doing this I was bringing my feminine true self out from the shadows where it wasn’t reaching its full potential. After a few adjustments, changes and with encouragement from my Mistress Angie her female dominance now controlled me.

Having moved my male self to one side so to speak I could concentrate on my female Side. It was decided that I could continue with my cross-dressing and fetish dressing with the help of My Mistress Angie with her ideas on style and in approving my choice of clothing. I am now very lucky to have been able to purchase a couple of dresses from My Mistress, a couple of pairs of divine thongs and a scarf, as well as the fore mentioned tights.

So with the foundations in place serving my Mistress in the manner that she was accustomed to could commence. Below are examples of how I WORSHIP  My Mistress and show my LOVE and DEVOTION for her.

I send  regular emails of worship expressing what an honour it is to be serving a beautiful Mistress Angie in appreciation of that beauty. Included in these mails are details of what I have been doing especially if I have worn some of her clothing during my normal daily routine. I also include details of sexual activity.

Masturbation is now something that is for My Mistress Angie in appreciation of her dominance over me, for allowing me to be in touch with my feminine persona, to be able to purchase her beautiful clothes, to look after them, loving and cherishing them and then thanking her for allowing me to use them as a sexual stimulant whilst worshipping her.

Every day I think about My Mistress at regular times of the day. I devote time first thing in the morning and last thing at night just to think of My Mistress. At these times I may get out a item of her clothing and touch it feel it, savour the scent through smelling it, even wear it and thank her for allowing me to have such precious items of hers.

All the items I have purchased have a special place of safety they are cherished, carefully looked after and loved.

I have special days of the week when I wear her thongs. Before they are put on in the morning they are worshipped. I thank My Mistress Angie for them. I think of my Mistress through out the day thinking of her wearing them on herself, her beautiful body, touching and veiling her female sex. I slip them off at the ends of the day and give myself sexual relief thanking My Mistress Angie to be able to own such wonderful things.

I dress totally en femme for at least half a day at weekends when I can in the dresses that My Mistress Angie has worn with the  thongs and the tights again thanking My Mistress for allowing me to dress in this way with her clothes

Time is set aside too for indulgence into my fetish side too. This is performed using the clothes and accessories that turn me on the most. I then combine these with the clothes of My Mistress which I then worship through having been allowed to purchase them and then wear them. I also show my devotion to her by thanking her for allowing me to explore my fetish side and the aroused state it gives me to use the fetish items with her clothes.

The combination of clothes is numerous but my worship, dedication, devotion and love for My Mistress Angie is always intense.

In summing up I  dedicate this piece to My Mistress Angie in thanks for her domination over my life. I cherish the fact that I am owned by her and am her Slave.

ScarfenMask is pleased that the correct path was taken and will now continue to follow it in order to…..

Obey, Worship and show Love and Devotion to his Mistress Angie.

It is with much love and XXXX’s that I submit this dedication to you Mistress Angie.

Your Slave “ScarfenMask”  XXXXX’s

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