Men desire Me all the time. They turn their heads on the street, whistle from their cars and the bravest try to chat me up. I don’t blame them – I am extraordinarily beautiful, sexy and very sensual. Men tell me I don’t have to do much, because it’s just who I am.

I know that men are crazy about me and they should be. I deserve to be worshipped and adored, won’t you agree? Men have been glorifying beautiful women for ages and I am one at the very top – your perfect “10” if you like.

I am fit, curved in all the right places, I have a fantastic ass, big juicy boobs, long dark hair, gorgeous face, long, long legs. I mostly wear high heels, dress glamorous and enjoy every second of attention which I get all the time.

In that sense, I am not the ‘girl next door’ type of woman. I am better. I am luxurious, very high-maintenance and I always want the very best in life. That means I also want the most submissive males to worship me.

At the same time, however, I am very real and very friendly. You can get to know me by reading my website and my Twitter. You can also see what other men are saying about Me in the feedback I receive.

I interact, I respond to the messages from my worshippers. I am intelligent and sophisticated. I love cats and I love to help them.

Admit it, you would do everything just to be near me, smell my scent and listen to my voice.  I am aware of how rare and valuable I am.

It’s simple evolutionary biology, really, so you don’t need to be ashamed of yourself. Everything you feel is natural. It’s natural that you feel less confident around me and that you want to surrender your power to Me.

So how can you become my personal slave and bask in My sensual energy?

You need to show me your devotion, your admiration and your submission. You also need help me meet My financial needs. Do you need to ask why? Look at me. Do you think it all comes cheap? Do you think I use cheap hairdresser, cheap perfume or spend little on clothes? And that’s only part of it – remember I also have to pay my bills and feed my cat.

You get the idea – I have needs which you, my submissive male, must help me to fulfil. You know you want to, so don’t fight it. Treat it as your privilege. Let the idea of serving me give you more motivation at work. You know you need to work hard to give me what I deserve. Admit it to yourself: you actually, deep down inside, want to pay me the tribute.

It would give you genuine satisfaction to know that you have demonstrated Me your respect, devotion and adoration. It would make you feel better about yourself. And it should – you know I deserve your money more than you do.

Again, this is nothing to be ashamed of. For ages men have been supporting financially their wives and their mistresses. This is very natural. And who are the women receiving most of the gifts, money and attention? You are correct: the most powerful and most beautiful women, the ones which are most desired and praised for their looks and charisma. You know I am that woman, right?

You know you need My approval, my attention and my closeness to feel better about yourself and your life. And you know you won’t meet another woman like me on your way to the grocery store or from work. So don’t suppress your needs and follow your instinct: help me and I will help you.

Become my Slave

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