Here is my list of things I learned while selling used panties and used underwear on-line. Prepare to be surprised – I know I was!

  1. The picture of money is not real money

    The picture you see above is not taken from the Internet. One guy e-mailed it to me, claiming to be from Dubai and being very wealthy. He said he wanted to buy so many things from me, but… Well, he didn’t. I knew he was fake, but it doesn’t mean the experience wasn’t funny!

  2. There are more men with panty fetish then I thought

    When I started selling used panties, I thought it was a really niche market, but over time I’ve discovered there are so many enthusiasts of used woman’s lingerie! Remember: the more personal, the more universal! The more you think you are alone with your fetish, the more likely it is there are many more just like you.

  3. There are more types of panties than I imagined.

    Get this: I am a woman who loves her lingerie, and loves variety. But before I actually started selling used panties, I had no idea how many types of panties there are, different fabrics and styles!

  4. And so many men are actually experts on panties!

    This came as a surprise to me: There are lots of men who know so much more about panties than most of my girlfriends – at least those not involved in selling used panties – that means almost all of them.

  5. My sister’s panties must be as hot as mine.

    There was this one guy who asked me to steal my sister’s panties, wear them for a few days and sell them to him. He did not even ask if I have a sister – in his fantasy I had one and that’s all that mattered. Did I do it? Well…

  6. Cheaper does not mean more popular.

    Another thing that I learned is that a lot of men appreciate good quality. Some of the used underwear I offer is more expensive – it belongs to my Exclusive Series category. And there are men who only want these higher quality items!

  7. There are special ways to preserve the scent of panties.

    When I started selling used panties, I didn’t know what gusset was. Now I know, and I also know how to make sure the scent is preserved for the best effect!

  8. My mom’s panties are as hot as mine.

    Different guy, similar story: I was asked to steal my mom’s panties because they are surely as hot as mine!

  9. You can make some good friends while selling used panties!

    This is interesting: I would never have fought that I can actually get to meet genuinely interesting people while selling used panties. How wrong was I. And this makes the whole effort so much more fun!

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