The following story is by W., my dear panty friend.

This was not the first experience with wearing panties.

But after having worn a pair while out for dinner with friends and an afternoon of going shopping in Angies used panties, I was quite certain I wanted to wear panties again. When a full day of fun with just men presented itself I knew that would be a perfect opportunity. Men don’t usually pay too much attention to wardrobe, so I felt a bit surer that I would likely not get caught.

But because it was a full day, and due to lots of alcohol, there would still be plenty of risk. Part of that risk is also good because it continuously reminded me that I was wearing Angies used panties. A fun detail of course is that the panties arrived just in time 😉

Before my night out in Angies used panties…

Now I wasn’t just going to wear your panties, but your dirty panties at that. That felt really naughty Angie, thank you so much. Last Friday I got home really late, so it wasn’t until Saturday morning that I unpacked the Angies used panties. I was happy to smell your perfume on them, and like I said, when I saw you already had some fun with them I got very aroused.

Still not fully awake, I decided to take a shower and in the shower I shaved my behind and also my cock and balls. I figured why not try to get the best experience from this. Most if it I already kept trimmed anyway. Once out of the shower I put on the panties and was amazed at how well they fit. And they felt so good, so soft and smooth. I also liked the lace part in the back that gave the panties an even more feminine look.

Over to my friends

After a cup of tea I went over to my friend’s house to enjoy our day together. In total we were about 12 guys, but some could only make it in the morning/afternoon, and some others only for the evening. The day was perfect, and I was enjoying our little secret so much. Just before noon I figured it was time to check on the Angies used panties 🙂

I went to the bathroom and dropped my pants. The scent of your perfume still present. I ran my hands over the panties, so perfect. Rubbing the panties on my butt and in the front was fantastic. But I did not allow me much time and soon pulled up my pants again, checked if I was decent and went out to the party again.

Almost exposed!

It was decided to go outside a bit and do a bbq for lunch. After the bbq some of the guys started playing a bit of soccer and soon everyone joined in. We had fun, but at one point one of the guys tripped and fell, and took me with him to the ground.

When I got back up I noticed my shirt was no longer tucked into my pants and I had a bit of a scare. I quickly tucked it back in, and no one said anything, so I guess none of them saw any part of the Angies used panties peek out 🙂

Well after about half an hour we all felt warm and thirsty and went back inside. It was a bit of a waiting line for the bathroom 🙂 Once inside I noticed the panties were damp from my sweat and their scent was much more noticeable now, which worried me a bit, but there was nothing I could do now. It felt naughty.

Once home again, it was about three in the morning and I was pretty drunk. I went straight to bed and this morning I woke up, still wearing the panties. I had an amazing time yesterday!

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